The Madness and Irrationality of Antisemitism

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For more than three decades, I have stated that not only is antisemitism the world’s longest and most widespread hatred, but it is also the world’s most irrational hatred.

The events unfolding since the horrific slaughter of Israeli Jews on October 7 only underscores the madness and irrationality of antisemitism, which often finds even greater focus and intensity when centered on the state of Israel itself.

That’s why, as inconceivable as this is, people from all backgrounds, including both Muslims and non-Muslims, began to voice their support for Hamas before Israel fired its first retaliatory strike. And that’s why, as news of the atrocities emerged, many were quick to blame the victims – yes, the slaughtered and decapitated and raped and tortured and maimed and burned alive – and exonerate the barbaric terrorists.

Is this not madness?!

In response to this, I have been posting comments on X (formerly Twitter), seeking to expose this pervasive and irrational hatred of the Jews. And what kind of responses I have received to my posts? They are as ugly and irrational as you could expect, confirming the very point I was making....

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