Posted Nov 27, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

In a recent interview with Eric Metaxas, Rev. Franklin Graham stated that the constant attempts to undermine President Trump were “almost a demonic power,” concurring with Metaxas that, ““It is a spiritual battle.” Is Rev. Graham right, in which case the impeachment hearings would be the latest manifestation of this “demonic power”?

As expected, the media has responded scornfully to this suggestion.

A Washington Post headline asks, “Who but a demon could impeach God’s chosen one?”

The article, by Dana Milbank, rightly notes that “if politics is a spiritual battle between God and demons from hell, who cares what statistics from the Commerce Department say — or what any of the impeachment witnesses say?”

Milbank continues, “On Fox News on Sunday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry reported that he told Trump he was God’s choice: ‘I said, “Mr. President, I know there are people that say you said you were the chosen one and I said, “You were.”’”

This led to Milbank’s question, “Who but a demon could vote to impeach God’s chosen one?”

Over at the Atlantic, the headline to the article by Peter Wehner asked, “Are Trump’s Critics Demonically Possessed? Two of the president’s prominent evangelical supporters are literally demonizing his opponents.”

As Wehner writes, “It isn’t enough for Franklin Graham and Eric Metaxas, two prominent figures within the American evangelical movement, to lavish praise on President Donald Trump. They have now decided they must try to demonize his critics.


At New York Magazine, the headline reads, “Christian Right Leaders Suggest Trump Critics Are Possessed by Demons.”

In the article, Ed Kilgore writes forcefully, “In Evangelical-speak, ‘spiritual battle’ or ‘spiritual warfare’ means a test of power between God and Satan (or his demonic minions), with human souls and the fate of all Creation in the balance. Describing one’s opponents as on the wrong side of a ‘spiritual battle’ is simultaneously an expression of the most extreme hatred available to a Christian, and a rationalization for it on grounds that the object of demonic possession is not entirely responsible for becoming the devil’s workshop (it’s a variation on the old conservative Christian dodge of ‘hating the sin but not the sinner’ when it comes to, say, being gay).”

And he adds that Graham and Metaxas “are suggesting that the moral and spiritual superiority — nay, necessity — of Trump and his party are so resplendently obvious that only a turn to the darkest side imaginable can explain it.”

To be sure, I fully understand these critiques and concerns. And I recognize how this all sounds to a watching, often hostile world.

And I agree that it’s dangerous to label all opposition to Trump as demonic.

Is Trump really “God’s man” so that all who oppose him are of the devil?

Is the Republican Party the Party of God and the Democrat Party the Party of the Devil?

Of course, some conservative Christians would respond by saying, “Just look at their platforms! That should answer your questions about who is of the Lord and who is of the devil.”

But, in fact, Rev. Graham and Eric Metaxas were not talking about opposition to the Republican Party but rather opposition to Donald Trump.There’s quite a difference between the two, and it’s unlikely that if someone other than Donald Trump had been elected president the opposition would be quite so fierce.

Had it been a strong conservative like Ted Cruz who won the election, I believe that the opposition from the left would still be intense. Just not as intense as the opposition to Trump.

Some of this is to due to the fact that he is a streetfighter, constantly on the attack and engaging in a no-holds barred strategy. That certainly provokes more opposition.

And of some of this has to do with his failings and shortcomings. He has been far from perfect as a leader, often playing fast and loose with the truth and sometimes reckless in his decision-making.

Is it “demonic” to criticize him fairly? Is it “demonic” to take issue with his policies? Is it “demonic” to be offended by some of his comments and actions?

So, again, I understand why the secular media takes issue with the Graham-Metaxas interview, and I share those concerns about demonizing all opposition to the president. It can make Christian supporters of Trump look bad and it can take voters’ eyes off of relevant issues and put the emphasis on the unseen realm.

At the same time, I fully understand what Graham-Metaxas were saying.

As Tucker Carlson noted, “The Democrats have been talking about impeachment since the very day that President Trump was inaugurated.” Trump must be ousted!

And, as I pointed out months ago, had Trump been a liberal politician, the left would be celebrating his success and his feistiness.

Not only so, but some of the opposition to Trump has been demonic.

For evidence of this, I point to the level of anti-Trump hatred in the Women’s Marches, the clawing of the doors of the Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh hearings, and the coalition of witches who regularly seek to hex the president. That sounds demonic to me. (See here for more.)

So, on the one hand, I believe that everyone needs to be guided by truth and righteousness, and when that means differing with Trump, we do so, with respect. That also means that we vote our conscience, rather than vote based on alleged demonic or divine activity.

At the same time, if the ongoing attempts to remove a duly elected president are based on lies or exaggerations or misinformation spread by a dishonest media and driven by partisan politics, then I would characterize those attempts as “demonic.”

What’s your take?


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B.W. posted a comment · Dec 10, 2019
All this talk and focus on evangelicals! What about other Christian faith groups I personally know some and they vote democrat consistently How about What about Catholic bishops who ask Catholic politicians who publicly support abortion to not partake of Eucharist why do they ask them to abstain from communion! There is a battle going on ! I remember when the novel written by author Frank Peretti This present darkness , In this book it gave a duel reality as the story unfolded you could see what was happening simultaneously in both realities humans and demons two realities. scripture tells in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Reading that novel helped me imagine what goes on around us in this world!
user profile
A._catholic posted a comment · Nov 29, 2019
What is "demonic", is the evangelical Christian endorsement of a servant of mammon/wealth/profit, a lover of money who boasts of greed, and a liar.
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words2yz posted a comment · Nov 29, 2019
It's all about accountability and responsibility. Trump does not want to be held accountable for his misuse of the office of President. Isn't it about time Christians held him accountable for his words and deeds ???
Ruth posted a comment · Nov 29, 2019
I think it's pretty clear that many people were not expecting Donald Trump to win, and their first thought was how to make sure it never happens again. They've thrown everything they can at him and they have no intention of stopping. On the one hand, they (being the Democrats primarily, as well as all others in strong opposition to major conservative planks like pro-life legislation and defense of traditional marriage) look desperate, enraged and hate-filled, Trump has given them plenty of fodder to work with. I personally like some policy moves he's done, such as bills in support of the churches (nevermind that I don't like aspects of his personality), and some I just don't. The Republicans need to step up their environmental moves and soon, but alas, I don't see them doing that. Encroaching on protected lands? And knee-deep in water and still saying climate science is all a hoax? Really? That's their strategy forward? I see both parties as flawed - both have some good ideas and some terrible ones. I feel bad for Americans having to choose one of the two when either way, no matter who takes the oath, we lose big time on key issues. If the Devil is having a gloat, it's over how he still manages to get some of his way no matter who wins the election.
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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Nov 27, 2019
Maybe someday Christians who support Trump will read the Bible and see where it talks about not respecting persons or not being a respecter of persons, which means to judge people fairly. Even if you support Trump, you should be honest about how he acts. He is being investigated for 100 reasons because he doesn't follow the rules. It is not because people are out to get him. He just does things that could be done legally in a way that is not legal. For example, he has ambassadors and a Secretary of State who could have legally requested investigations in Ukraine, but instead he sent his own lawyer and other unusual people, who may or may not be involved in illegal activities. He didn't have to cut off military aid to Ukraine, they would have happily done whatever he wanted them to do because they desperately need America's help and support. If he would just simply follow the rules, so many of his problems would never have happened. His supporters are ignoring reality. You have to judge everyone fairly, including people you like a lot. Trump keeps messing up things because he doesn't seem to know any of the rules or care about them.
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neptune posted a comment · Nov 27, 2019
Oh, here's something else to think about. If there is a demonic element to the attacks against Trump, what are we Christians supposed to do about it? Should we "bind" (to use some popular Charismatic terminology) any demons that we think are orchestrating the attack? Well, there's no record in the Bible of anyone ever "binding" a demon—binding and loosing (mentioned in the Bible) has absolutely nothing to do with spirits. So, what should we do then? Here are a few suggestions: 1) We can pray that any demonic forces will clearly manifest themselves for everyone—even the undiscerning—to see; 2) We can pray that God will send His mighty power and holy angels to quell any demonic attacks; 3) We can ask God to send His panic to the enemy camp, as He often did in the Old Testament (see 1 Samuel 14:15); 4) We can pray that the truth will come out about what Trump did and did not do, and that all the devious schemes of the Democrats will be revealed; 5) We can pray for God's will to be done in this situation, and that He will work out all things according to His purposes; 6) We can pray that the more Trump gets attacked, the more Independents will get turned off by the impeachment proceedings and the more Trump's approval rating will rise (as happened with Bill Clinton). Of course, I'm sure there are many other things one could pray as well, but these seem like a good start. Now, for the record, I'm all for honest, constructive criticism of the President—he has many flaws (don't we all?), and they should be pointed out in a fair, balanced fashion. But unfortunately, most of the criticism of Trump coming from the Left is unjust, hypocritical criticism. In a nutshell, they're only criticizing him because he's a Republican.
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neptune posted a comment · Nov 27, 2019
The Left only cares about power and money. Yes, if Trump were a Democrat, they along with the media would be singing his praises, just like they did with Bill Clinton. Are the impeachment hearings demonic? Well, just about *everything* the Democrats do is demonic. Why would this be any different? ;) The mainstream media is also controlled by evil forces. Eph. 6:12 comes to mind.
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Swkh310 posted a comment · Nov 27, 2019
“And, as I pointed out months ago, had Trump been a liberal politician, the left would be celebrating his success and his feistiness.” What revisionist nonsense! The so-called “Christian” conservatives and the GOP started their plotting against President Obama before he even took office. They continued to try and thwart his every move. Now they claim that the critics of this monster are somehow Satanic? Nice try.