Posted Mar 23, 2020

Old Lives Matter

We hear it all the time these days: “Almost all the people who are dying from the coronavirus are old.” But what is this...
Posted Jun 27, 2022

5 Reasons to Rejoice for the Overturning of Roe

As pro-life believers across America are shouting for joy and giving thanks for the overturning of Roe, others are saying, “...
Posted Jun 21, 2022

Trump Has Too Much Baggage

According to a new poll, a majority of Americans do not want either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to be their presidential...
Posted Jun 20, 2022

The Clintons Predict the End of Democracy in America If Republicans Win

In separate interviews conducted in separate settings, former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton both issued...
Posted Jun 12, 2022

The European Parliament Condemns Itself by Condemning the Supreme Court’s Expecting Overturning of Roe

Even though the Supreme Court has not yet released its decision to overturn Roe v Wade, the European Union’s Parliament...
Posted Jun 10, 2022

No Matter What the Midterms Bring, It Is Still Revival Or We Die

Every day, there are examples of Americans pushing back against the agenda of the radical left. And every day, there are...
Posted May 25, 2022

When It Comes to School Shootings, America Really Has a Deeply Tragic Problem

Something is fundamentally wrong with our nation when, year after year, our children are gunned down in cold blood right...
Posted May 22, 2022

From Russian Nukes to Monkeypox, Fear Is in the Air

The headlines can be jarring and unsettling, creating an atmosphere of fear and dread. What on earth is coming next? Front...
Posted May 20, 2022

When a Misguided Pastor Makes Threats About a Violent ‘Christian’ Insurrection

According to his website, Greg Locke is the “Founding and Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet,...
Posted May 18, 2022

Baseless Hatred Is Destroying Our Nation

This past Saturday, an 18-year-old white man went on a murderous rampage in a market in Buffalo, motivated by hatred towards...
Posted May 15, 2022

The Buffalo Shooter Wanted to Murder Blacks and Jews, Especially Jews

America is reeling again at the news of yet another mass shooting, this time resulting in 10 people dead and 3 injured. In...
Posted May 09, 2022

Fentanyl Is Killing Our Young People

The statistics are shocking, even devastating. In 1968, in the thick of the counterculture revolution and the heyday of “sex...
Posted May 03, 2022

Is Roe v. Wade About to Be Overturned? And If So, What Are the Implications?

According to an exclusive story on Politico, the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade when ruling on the Dobbs v...
Posted May 01, 2022

Elon Musk’s Stick Figure Graphic Illustrates What Happens When Our Nation’s Moral Standards Shift

What can we learn from Elon Musk’s apparent shift to the right in his politics? From his perspective, as illustrated in his...
Posted Apr 27, 2022

This Straight, White Christian Supports CRT in Schools

Posted Apr 26, 2022

It Is Much Easier to Condemn Past Generations Than to Judge Our Own

It is very easy for us to condemn the moral actions (or, inactions) of past generations. “If only we had been there,” we say...
Posted Apr 23, 2022

Donald Trump, the Media, and the Principle of ‘Don’t Trust, Verify’

When it comes to media reporting today, the saying, “Don’t trust, verify” has never been more relevant. Quite literally, you...
Posted Apr 22, 2022

Mask Mandates and the Power of Fear

As a frequent flyer, I was thrilled to hear the news that a federal judge had overturned the CDC’s travel mask mandate. Many...
Posted Apr 21, 2022

On University Campuses It Is ‘Free Speech for Me But Not for Thee’

It takes a lot for a tenured professor to be fired, but it recently happened to Frances Widdowson. As reported by Fox News,...
Posted Apr 18, 2022

Should We Love Our Enemies Even During a Time of War?

Recently, some Christians in Ukraine came under fire for putting up billboards in their city with verses from the Bible, one...
Posted Apr 17, 2022

From Time’s “Is God Dead?” in 1966 to the New York Times’ Call to “Give Up God” Today

On April 8, 1966, the pictureless front cover of Time Magazine asked a bold and direct question: “Is God Dead?” This was...
Posted Apr 06, 2022

When a Despicable Human Being Teaches Us a Lesson in Courage

Have you ever read an inspiring quote from someone whose beliefs or morals or character you abhorred? It might be a deep...
Posted Apr 05, 2022

Did the People of Hungary Reelect a Pro-Putin Hyper-Nationalist?

Judging by reports from the left-leaning media, the people of Hungary showed their true colors by electing Prime Minister...
Posted Apr 02, 2022

The Difference Between a Righteous Boycott and Cancel Culture

On April 2, my media team posted a meme on our Facebook page declaring, “The moment we take hold of this reality—that by...
Posted Apr 01, 2022

Christian Conservatives You Cannot Put Your Trust in Fox News

For those who have watched Fox News over the years, it is no surprise that they announced the hiring of Bruce “Caitlyn”...
Posted Mar 24, 2022

Why Did SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Refuse to Define the Word "Woman"?

Posted Mar 20, 2022

Let’s Not Get Morally Confused When It Comes to Russia and Ukraine

I do not believe that Ukrainian President Zelensky is a perfect saint and that Russian President Putin is Satan incarnate....
Posted Mar 13, 2022

Who Is Vladimir Putin and What Makes Him Tick?

When it comes to our president or to many prominent world leaders, we have a pretty good idea of who they are and what makes...
Posted Feb 24, 2022

Are We on the Edge of World War III?

What are the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Could it be that we are on the edge of a massively costly, truly...
Posted Feb 21, 2022

Russia, China, Canada, and a Reminder of Why So Many of us Voted for Trump

In the aftermath of the events of January 6, 2021, the narrative is becoming more and more fixed. Simply stated, it claims...
Posted Feb 18, 2022

Enough Already with the Swastika Comments

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comment to a Jewish MP that, “Conservative Party members can stand with people who...
Posted Feb 16, 2022

Is China Using TikTok to Control the Minds of Our Children?

Alex Marlow, News Editor-in-Chief at the rightwing website Breitbart.com, recently made the claim that “TikTok is Chinese...
Posted Feb 15, 2022

‘This Is [Expletive] America’: Dana White Pushes Back Against Cancel Culture

In doing research for my forthcoming book The Silencing of the Lambs: The Ominous Rise of Cancel Culture and How We Overcome...
Posted Feb 09, 2022

CNN Sex Scandals, Religious Hypocrisy, and the Words of Jesus

The Daily Wire recently ran an article by Tim Meads titled “Perverts, Predators And Adulterers: 7 CNN Employees Forced Out...
Posted Feb 07, 2022

Time to Cancel Dwayne Johnson (the Rock)?

The plot thickens as our contemporary cancel culture gets into a feeding frenzy. Who will the next victim be? First, there...
Posted Feb 06, 2022

A Suggestion for Joe Rogan that Could Educate the Masses

The ongoing controversy involving podcast giant Joe Rogan and his Spotify platform is playing out like a soap opera and...
Posted Feb 01, 2022

Does ‘Affirmative Action’ Have a Place in Nominating Supreme Court Justices?

What if all nine Supreme Court justices were white women? Or black men? What if they were Hispanic? Or Asian American? Or...
Posted Jan 31, 2022

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over: A Lesson in Inspiration and Determination from Tennis Great Rafael Nadal

Is your back against the wall? Are the odds stacked against you? Does common sense tell you it’s time to throw in the towel...
Posted Jan 24, 2022

COVID, Fear, and Demons

Is there something to COVID-19 that is beyond physical? Is there an additional assault on the mind and emotions, producing...
Posted Jan 16, 2022

Thoughts on Australia’s Decision to Deport Tennis Star Novak Djokovic

On Sunday afternoon, Sydney time, the Australian courts backed the Australian government’s decision to deport tennis icon...
Posted Jan 13, 2022

Totally Candid Reflections on the COVID Vaccinations

Although I myself have not been vaccinated (more on that shortly), I have never been remotely anti-vax, nor have I ever...
Posted Jan 05, 2022

A Tragic Day in American History, But Not an Insurrection

Now that one year has passed, what can we say about the jarring events of January 6, 2021? If you watched the FBI Most...
Posted Jan 04, 2022

2022 the Year to Take Back Ground

I write these words as a declaration rather than a prediction, as a proclamation rather than a prophecy. Put another way, I’...
Posted Dec 31, 2021

2021: The Year of Mistrust and Suspicion

Although there are many things that characterize the year 2021, perhaps nothing is more conspicuous than the deep lack of...
Posted Dec 29, 2021

An Important Reminder from Booker T. Washington

In these days of prevalent “Doublespeak” (and, we could say, “Doublethink”), it is good to be reminded of this famous quote...
Posted Dec 27, 2021

Let’s Pray for Brandon

Now that you clicked on this article, I have a confession to make. It has nothing to do with the “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant...
Posted Dec 26, 2021

The Bible’s Message of Light and Hope vs. the Government’s Message of Darkness and Despair

It is quite ironic that, at the very time hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide are celebrating hope and life because...
Posted Dec 22, 2021

Trump Says that Jesus, Not Him, Is the Savior that America Needs

Preaching for Pastor Robert Jeffress at First Baptist Church in Dallas this past Sunday, former president Donald Trump said...
Posted Dec 13, 2021

No, Not ‘Everyone’ Knows the 2020 Elections Were Stolen

Some of my most respected ministry colleagues are absolutely convinced that the 2020 presidential elections were stolen....
Posted Dec 12, 2021

Trump Knocked the Door Down; Let Someone Else Walk Through It

Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment as president may not have been the policies he enacted or the justices he appointed....
Posted Dec 09, 2021

Once Again, the Greek Word Pharamakia in Revelation 18:23 Does Not Refer to Big Pharma

As often happens on radio, I unintentionally stir up a hornet’s nest by giving a straightforward, factual answer to a...
Posted Dec 06, 2021

Do Not Gloat When Your Enemy Falls

If you are on the political right, you might view TV commentators like Chris Cuomo or Rachel Maddow as “the enemy.” In the...
Posted Dec 05, 2021

Is It True that the Book of Revelation Indicts Big Pharma?

Speaking of the fall of “Babylon the Great” in the 18th chapter of the Book of Revelation, verse 23 states that “all nations...
Posted Nov 30, 2021

The ‘Masters of the Universe’ Are Humans, Not Gods

With today’s internet giants having so much power, to the point of influencing what we think, what we buy, how we vote, and...
Posted Nov 26, 2021

Is There Blood on the Hands of the Leftist Provocateurs?

On April 18, 2019, I warned a Catholic antisemite that his rhetoric could lead to the shedding of Jewish blood, despite his...
Posted Nov 23, 2021

Where Was God When a Speeding SUV Mowed Down Grandmothers and Children at a Christmas Parade?

As I write these words late Sunday night, the details of this tragic story are still emerging. What we do know is that there...
Posted Nov 22, 2021

Do You Become a ‘Closet Liberal’ the Moment You Question a Single Conservative Talking Point?

What does it take to merit being called a “closet liberal”? I’ve been trying to figure that out after reading some comments...
Posted Nov 20, 2021

The Tragic Racial Politicizing of the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

As soon as the “not guilty” verdict was announced in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, I posted the news on Facebook and...
Posted Nov 13, 2021

Whatever Happened to Trump Being Restored to the White House This Year?

The purpose of this article is not to mock, ridicule, or insult. Nor am I here to gloat or say, “I told you so.” Instead, I...
Posted Nov 12, 2021

If the Democrats Want to Lose Badly in 2022 Here’s the Strategy to Follow

If the Democrats want to suffer catastrophic defeats in the 2022 midterms, they need to follow one simple strategy: blame...
Posted Nov 11, 2021

Does God Give a Rip About America?

In response to one of my social media posts stating that it was either revival or national collapse in our nation, a reader...
Posted Nov 03, 2021

The Obvious Lessons from the Virginia Elections

At 9:18 PM on Tuesday night, long before the final Virginia election results were in, Townhall tweeted, “Larry Sabato: ‘It’s...
Posted Oct 28, 2021

No, Mr. Obama This Is Not ‘Fake Outrage’

Former President Obama made a terrible mistake when he said earlier this week in Virginia, “We don't have time to be wasted...
Posted Oct 26, 2021

We Must Not Capitulate to China

What are the real intentions of China’s President Xi? How nefarious are his plans? And how should the west respond? When I...
Posted Oct 21, 2021

Why the Heavy-Handed Mandate Bullying?

I am not an anti-vaxxer, and plenty of my friends and colleagues have been vaccinated. And, from the perspective of those...
Posted Oct 20, 2021

We Must Never Get Used to the New Cultural Craziness

In their landmark 1990 book After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's, gay...
Posted Oct 18, 2021

Amazon Prime and the Latest Example of Advertising Hype

Many years ago, someone pointed out to me that, with most Americans having what they need for daily life, advertisers needed...
Posted Oct 15, 2021

The Joylessness of Cancel Culture

By its very nature, cancel culture is joyless and lifeless. It is built on negativity, criticism, and fault-finding. In the...
Posted Oct 13, 2021

Is There Redemption for Jon Gruden?

Jon Gruden was a highly respected figure in the National Football League for more than 20 years, both as a coach and a...
Posted Oct 09, 2021

When Parents Became the Enemy

With all the ominous things taking place in America – and there are certainly quite a few – perhaps none is more ominous...
Posted Oct 08, 2021

Never Underestimate the Power of Greed

It remains true to this day that “money is a root of all kinds of evil” (Paul, writing in 1 Timothy 6:10), which is why...
Posted Oct 02, 2021

When 350 Faith Leaders Endorsed Candidate Joe Biden to ‘Restore the Soul’ of the Nation

On August 28, 2020, A Fox News headline announced, “Hundreds of faith leaders endorse Biden to ‘restore the soul’ of US.” A...
Posted Oct 01, 2021

Did You Hear About the Latest Moral Outrage from California?

With so much happening in the news every day, from the congressional hearings on our withdrawal from Afghanistan to the...
Posted Sep 29, 2021

Why YouTube’s Banning of Anti-Vaxxers Is So Ominous

The September 29 lead headline on Drudge Report was even more apocalyptic and alarming than normal, featuring a giant...
Posted Sep 28, 2021

May I Offer a Word of Wisdom to the God-Evoking Governor of New York?

More than 20 years ago, I was part of a ministry team conducting a large event in Ohio. At the outset of the meeting, the...
Posted Sep 27, 2021

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Proclaim ‘Trump 2024’ in the Midst of a Religious Celebration

The scene was unforgettable. Thousands of ultra-Orthodox, Hasidic Jews holding hands and dancing fervently in the streets....
Posted Sep 24, 2021

Now That the Left Has Rewritten Ruth Bader Ginsburg, What’s Next?

When the words of the iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg have to be rewritten to satisfy the latest cultural craze, you know you are...
Posted Sep 24, 2021

Will American Jews Abandon the Democratic Party?

After House Democrats, under pressure from their radical left wing, voted to remove Israel’s defensive Iron Dome funding...
Posted Sep 22, 2021

Analyzing the Election Results in California and Canada, and the Attitude of Faith vs Fear

Americans are not happy. We do not like all the COVID restrictions. We resent the latest lockdowns. We plan to resist the...
Posted Sep 20, 2021

From ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ to ‘Let Them Wear Masks’

As I’ve said before, if I was convinced that wearing a mask in public would protect or even save my neighbor’s life, I’d...
Posted Sep 18, 2021

Political Hypocrisy, the War on Churches, and COVID

At no time in memory have we seen more glaring examples of double standards, blatant hypocrisy, and attacks on religious...
Posted Sep 16, 2021

When the Larger Culture Abandons God and Biblical Values

For the last several decades, it has been common to hear America described as a “post-Christian nation.” This does not mean...
Posted Sep 15, 2021

‘Tax the Rich’: When Have We Heard That Before?

There’s no need to pile even more scorn on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” dress worn to a $35,000 per head...
Posted Sep 14, 2021

A Reminder That You Cannot Believe Everything You Read Online

Over 15 years ago, a friend of mine was speaking with his mother about a controversial item in the news, disputing her...
Posted Sep 06, 2021

The Real Attack Against Our Children

This article is not meant to attack young people struggling with deep-seated gender confusion. To the contrary, it is meant...
Posted Aug 29, 2021

When Harvard Hired an Atheist to Be the Chief University Chaplain

Harvard University was founded as Harvard College in 1636. Its stated purpose was: “To train a literate clergy.” Among its...
Posted Aug 27, 2021

Afghanistan as the New Inspiration and Expanded Staging Ground for Islamic Terrorism

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has implications far beyond the borders of that nation. That’s because the Taliban...
Posted Aug 17, 2021

10 Reflections on the Afghan Disaster

The story of almost 20 years of American involvement in Afghanistan has ended in unmitigated disaster. In fact, it would be...
Posted Aug 10, 2021

The Supreme Court Case that Could Upend Roe v. Wade

On Friday, May 14, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a Christian activist who has been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for...
Posted Aug 09, 2021

With Full Appreciation for the Good Trump Did, He Is Not Being Reinstated on August 13

According to a prediction made last month by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, as a result of the irrefutable revelations of voter...
Posted Aug 06, 2021

How CNN Helped Created the ‘Cult of Trump’

There’s no question that President Trump knew how to push people’s buttons. And there’s no question that many of his...
Posted Aug 05, 2021

Thoughts on Reparations, Righteousness, CRT, and Justice

For some time now, friends have been asking me to weigh in on the controversies surrounding CRT and the larger questions of...
Posted Jul 23, 2021

Is Facebook Really Suppressing Conservative Christian Websites Like the Stream?

Do you remember watching Hannity and Colmes on Fox News? I personally loved the format, since it allowed each viewpoint to...
Posted Jul 22, 2021

The Incredible Incoherence of Ben & Jerry’s Capitulation to the BDS Movement

The iconic, famously woke ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, announced on Monday that it will no longer sell its product...
Posted Jul 21, 2021

Yes, Twitter Actually Blocked Me for This

On Tuesday morning, when I went to use my Twitter account, I was greeted by a different screen than normal. It contained one...
Posted Jul 16, 2021

A Significant Apology from the UK

As the ominous tide of cancel culture continues to rise in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world (such as...
Posted Jul 13, 2021

Americans Have Good Reason Not to Trust the Media

According to a recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, “58% of Likely U.S. Voters at least somewhat agree that the...
Posted Jul 08, 2021

America, If You Want to Know What’s Coming Next, Look to Canada and Be Forewarned

In some respects, Canada has been a step ahead of America in terms of moral and cultural decline. That means that what...
Posted Jul 04, 2021

What I Love Best About America

I’m quite aware of America’s many sins, shortcomings, and faults. In fact, I’ve written whole books calling our nation to...
Posted Jun 29, 2021

Why Defunding the Police is a Crazy Idea

Posted Jun 28, 2021

Newsflash: Trump Will Not Be Reinstated to the Presidency This Year

It is very possible that Donald Trump will continue to have great political influence in the years to come. It is also...
Posted Jun 23, 2021

The Fable of the Belly and the Members, and the Defunding of the Police

Have you ever heard the Aesop’s Fable about the belly and the rest of the members of the body? It is reminiscent of...
Posted Jun 21, 2021

What the IRS Got Remarkably Right in the Midst of a Terribly Wrong Ruling

Just type the words IRS, Christian, and Bible in your search engine and you’ll get a flood of results, most of them starting...
Posted Jun 15, 2021

The Moment of Silence Heard Around the Nation

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 529 into law, mandating between one and two minutes of silence to start...
Posted Jun 13, 2021

Are We Really That Much Better Than Countries with State-Controlled Media?

I’m deeply thankful that I live here in America rather than a country like North Korea, and I truly appreciate the freedom...
Posted Jun 05, 2021

What Kim Kardashian and the Book of Proverbs Can Teach Us

Kim Kardashian has been called the most famous woman on the planet, with more than 200 million Instagram followers and a...
Posted Jun 02, 2021

Leah Sharibu: Say Her Name

Do you know the story of Leah Sharibu? Do you know why a song has just been released in her honor? Do you know about her...
Posted May 29, 2021

Facebook Apparently Terminates a Leading Cultural Commentator

If you live outside of Australia, you might not be familiar with the name Bill Muehlenberg. But he is undoubtedly one of the...
Posted May 27, 2021

Let Us Never Forget the Outrage of Social Media Censorship

Whether you are on the left or the right politically, this should concern you. And under no circumstances should any of us...
Posted May 15, 2021

The Q Great Awakening vs. God’s Great Awakening

There are many Christian leaders and believers in America who believe that another great awakening is our only hope. They (...
Posted May 15, 2021

Did President Biden Forget About God?

Posted May 09, 2021

To Sean Hannity: Please Do Not Make ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner into a Hero

I had just started writing this article, urging my conservative colleagues not to make Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner into a hero,...
Posted May 07, 2021

From the Peaceniks of the 1960s to the Social Justice Warriors of the 2020s: Some Cultural and Spiritual Insights

Are there parallels between the anti-war, hippies of the 1960s and today’s social justice warriors? Are there valuable...
Posted May 07, 2021

The Trump Reelection Prophecy That You Never Heard About

To this moment, there are “prophets” claiming that Trump is the legitimate president in God’s sight and that, very shortly,...
Posted May 06, 2021

Snow White’s Kiss and Further Proof that the Left Has Lost Its Mind

In the midst of the constant flood of national and international news, you may have missed this story. There is a problem...
Posted May 04, 2021

Senator Josh Hawley Gets the Last Laugh on Cancel Culture

Last October, Simon & Schuster, a giant in the publishing industry, announced it would be releasing Senator Josh Hawley’...
Posted Apr 30, 2021

Why Is the Left Allowed to Be ‘Transphobic’ and Racist?

Last week, I asked why there was no uproar from LGBTQ activists when Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner was “misgendered” and mocked by...
Posted Apr 23, 2021

What’s Good for LeBron Is Good for Trump

Were you upset with the “You’re next” tweet of LeBron James, targeting police officer Nicholas Reardon? Did you find it...
Posted Apr 21, 2021

The Chauvin-Floyd Trial and the Pursuit of Justice

Guilty on all three counts. That was the sentence heard across America, as former police officer Derek Chauvin was found...
Posted Apr 19, 2021

Guns Are Not the Real Issue

In the last few weeks, it seems as if, almost every day, there has been a mass shooting in America. That’s why this headline...
Posted Apr 19, 2021

Boundaries, Borders, and Blessings

God is a God of order, and that means that means that He is a God of boundaries. Without boundaries in our world, we would...
Posted Apr 17, 2021

The Latest from California (I Am Not Making This Up)

Have you heard the latest news regarding the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom and the potential candidates who will seek to take...
Posted Apr 14, 2021

The Sword of ‘Fear Sells’ Cuts Both Ways

Have you seen the Project Veritas, undercover video footage exposing CNN’s extreme anti-Trump animus (see here and here)?...
Posted Apr 13, 2021

The Bad News in the Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling on Behalf of Religious Liberty

It was good to see the Supreme Court rule yet again in favor of religious liberty in the latest California case to reach the...
Posted Apr 11, 2021

The Biden Administration, the Worst Case Scenario, and How We Should Respond

Joe Biden has been President of the United States for less than three months, but already, the fears of many conservatives...
Posted Apr 05, 2021

A Bipartisan Proposal for Voter Integrity and Photo ID’s

At the risk of sounding Pollyannish, I believe most Americans want our elections to be fair. I believe they want all...
Posted Apr 01, 2021

Obama the Oppressor

“Obama is another oppressor.” Those are not my words. Instead, they are the words of activist Julie Contreras, who “works...
Posted Mar 29, 2021

Is There No Introspection Among Left-Leaning Journalists?

For years I have pointed to media bias on the right and on the left, calling for equal weights and measures. And, as a Trump...
Posted Mar 25, 2021

Sorting Out the Israeli Elections

Do you have your scorecards ready? We’re going to do our best to sort out the results of this week’s elections in Israel,...
Posted Mar 24, 2021

When Don Lemon Lectures the Church About Homosexuality

Posted Mar 24, 2021

Should We Pray Imprecatory Psalms On Our Political Opponents?

Posted Mar 23, 2021

The Whole Problem with the Christian Call to Take Up Arms Against the Government

It is true that our national freedom came at the cost of a bloody war, the Revolutionary War. And it is true that the...
Posted Mar 22, 2021

Don’t Trust the Safety of Your Own Echo Chamber

It’s nice to have our own convictions affirmed. It’s encouraging to have our personal positions reinforced. But it’s...
Posted Mar 15, 2021

Six Biblical Lessons From Andrew Cuomo’s Sudden Fall From Grace

One moment he was one of the brightest lights in the Democratic Party, a likely pick to be the future President of the...
Posted Mar 11, 2021

OK Children, Let’s Chant to the Aztec Gods

How do you undo the sin of “theocide,” which the colonial settlers allegedly committed when they “killed” the gods of the...
Posted Mar 11, 2021

The Difference Between the Political Spirit and the Christian Spirit

Writing for The Atlantic on March 10, Shadi Hamid opined that in America today, “As Christianity’s hold, in particular, has...
Posted Mar 09, 2021

How Utterly Absurd that So-Called Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden Now Feel Betrayed and Used

To be totally candid, it was hard for me to believe the headline was real. “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden: ‘We feel used...
Posted Mar 09, 2021

Are You Addicted to Political News? A Personal Challenge from Dr. Brown

Posted Mar 03, 2021

God Forbid That We Pray Curses on the Grandchildren of Democratic Leaders

On February 28, I posted this comment on Facebook and, in slightly shortened form, on Twitter: “My prayer for President...
Posted Mar 01, 2021

This Is What Idolatry Looks Like

I write these words on Sunday afternoon, February 28. This is just hours before former President Trump is scheduled to...
Posted Mar 01, 2021

Rand Paul Stands Up To Radical Healthcare Nominee

Posted Feb 24, 2021

She Lost Her Husband To QAnon

Posted Feb 23, 2021

Amazon Engages in ‘Digital Book Burning’

On July 5, 2019, I posted an article titled, “Will Amazon Ban the Bible Next?” That’s because  Amazon had removed the books...
Posted Feb 22, 2021

The COVID Vaccine Is Not the Mark of the Beast

On March 2, 2020, I wrote my first article about COVID, asking the question, “Is the Coronavirus an End-Time Biblical Plague...
Posted Feb 22, 2021

Spoiler Alert: There Will Be No Change of Power on March 4

In case you haven’t heard, some QAnon conspiracy theorists believe that Trump will be inaugurated on March 4. In fact, there...
Posted Feb 16, 2021

It Is Time to Take Our Focus Off of Trump

I don’t know what former President Trump’s future may hold or what his political aspirations may be. But I do know this: I...
Posted Feb 13, 2021

No Human Being Is Perfectly Good or Evil

When Kyrsten Sinema won her Senatorial seat in 2018, there was great fanfare, and not simply because she was the first...
Posted Feb 11, 2021

The Hypocritical Canceling of Gina Carano

The reaction was as sweeping as it was swift. In a moment of time, TV and movie star Gina Carano was fired by Disney from...
Posted Feb 11, 2021

Gina Carano and the Cancel Culture Hypocrisy

Posted Feb 10, 2021

How the Cancel Culture Stifles Creativity

We saw it during the Super Bowl on Sunday, as many of the commercials fell flat. We saw it with the cancelling of the...
Posted Feb 08, 2021

We Must Be Better Than the Cancel Culture

It happened in a moment of time, and the fall was swift and severe. One day, Morgan Wallen was a famous country music star....
Posted Jan 30, 2021

How Did the US Elections Affect Christians in the UK?

As defined by the Scriptures, a fool is not someone who is uneducated or a person with a low IQ. Rather, a fool is someone...
Posted Jan 30, 2021

To Christians Who Voted for Biden: Did You Not See This Coming?

For the last four years, those of us who voted for Donald Trump and who identify as committed followers of Jesus have been...
Posted Jan 27, 2021

If Obama and Trump Were Not Political Saviors, Surely Biden Is Not

You would think Americans would have learned the lesson by now, but it appears we have not. Instead, every four (or 8) years...
Posted Jan 26, 2021

Can Christians Handle Political Power?

It’s the perennial question going back to Constantine in the fourth century of this era. How much power can Christians...
Posted Jan 24, 2021

Locked Out by Twitter for Telling the Truth

After preaching at my home congregation Sunday morning, I got into my car in the church parking lot to check my voicemails...
Posted Jan 23, 2021

Whatever Happened to Nuance?

It’s true that the Bible often speaks of completely polar, opposite concepts, including: God and Satan. Light and darkness....
Posted Jan 22, 2021

When Hypocrites Pray in Jesus' Name

Posted Jan 21, 2021

A Strong Appeal to Those Who Prophesied Trump’s Reelection

January 20th is past, and Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, is the President of the United States. To all those who prophesied...
Posted Jan 20, 2021

Joe Biden, President of the United States by the Sovereign Will of God

On November 9, 2016, I wrote an article titled, “Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention...
Posted Jan 19, 2021

The Left Wants to Eliminate Competing Ideas

It was President Dwight Eisenhower who once wrote that “in a democracy debate is the breath of life.” Today, it seems as if...
Posted Jan 19, 2021

When Christians Become Delusional

Posted Jan 16, 2021

Why a Biden Presidency Could Be Good for the Church

(Please note: I wrote this on December 11, 2020, during a one-week prayer retreat alone in Texas, but I have waited to...
Posted Jan 15, 2021

It Is Not the Kingdom of God vs the Democrats

It’s one thing to take strong exception to many of the goals of the Democratic platform or to have grave concerns about...
Posted Jan 14, 2021

No, It Was Not Jesus-Loving Evangelicals Who Vandalized the Capitol

In an important, probing article, David French claimed that, “A violent Christian insurrection invaded and occupied the...
Posted Jan 14, 2021

Callers Weigh In on Trump, Idolatry, and Partisan Politics

Posted Jan 13, 2021

Neither Never Trump Nor Forever Trump

We’ve heard about the “Never Trumpers” for years, referring to conservative Republicans who, in good conscience, could not...
Posted Jan 12, 2021

The Pushback Against the Tyranny of Big Tech

If there’s one thing Americans love, it is freedom. And if there is one thing Americans are known for, it is being a freedom...
Posted Jan 12, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger, There Is a Massive Difference Between Kristallnacht in 1938 and the Storming of the Capitol in 2021

In a powerfully narrated video on his Twitter account, Hollywood icon and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Posted Jan 11, 2021

Did We Sell Our Souls by Voting for Trump?

As things are ending very badly for Donald Trump’s presidency and some of his close associates are abandoning him, the...
Posted Jan 10, 2021

Cooler Heads Must Prevail

We are beyond the boiling point right now in America. We are seething. We are furious. We are terrified. We are shocked. And...
Posted Jan 09, 2021

We Were Waiting for the Kraken But Got the Crackdown Instead

For weeks we have been told to wait for the release of the smoking gun. The Kraken is about to be revealed. Everything is...
Posted Jan 08, 2021

To Former First Lady Michelle Obama: No, Trump Should Not Be Banned from Social Media for Life

It’s one thing to debate whether Twitter and Facebook were right to block President Trump’s account in the immediate...
Posted Jan 07, 2021

Is There a Cult of Trump?

All of us have witnessed what is called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” where the media basically loses their mind in...
Posted Jan 07, 2021

It Is Very Bad News, But It Is Not Yet the End of America

Like many of you reading this article, I am terribly disappointed with the outcome of the Georgia Senate races. The worst...
Posted Jan 07, 2021

The Power of Faith vs the Danger of Delusion

There is nothing more powerful than faith in God. Faith can move mountains, because it trusts in a mountain-moving God....
Posted Jan 04, 2021

Congress Has Officially Gone Gender Crazy

In case you haven’t heard, House Democrats want to remove all gendered language from their legislation, while the prayer to...
Posted Jan 02, 2021

A Practical Suggestion for the Biden Team If Unity Is Your Goal

As a Donald Trump voter in 2016 and 2020, I was disappointed in the results of the election. At the same time, that’s the...
Posted Jan 01, 2021

My Wish List for 2021

If you could wish for anything in 2021, what would be at the top of your list? I don’t mean millennial-type wishes, such as...
Posted Dec 30, 2020

2020: A Crisis of Trust and a Crisis of Truth

If there is any one thing that strikes me looking back at this calamitous and difficult year it is that we are experiencing...
Posted Dec 29, 2020

Is QAnon Actually Helping Pedophiles More Than Hurting Them?

On October 15, President Trump was interviewed at length by NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, covering a wide range of subjects in...
Posted Dec 28, 2020

There Is No Mercy and No Redemption in Today’s Cancel Culture

It is one thing when, as an adult, you are held accountable for the life you choose to live, especially if you are...
Posted Dec 28, 2020

Why I Reject the ‘Christian Nationalist’ Label

Perhaps it is my background as a Jewish believer in Jesus. Perhaps it is my calling as a preacher of the gospel first and a...
Posted Dec 22, 2020

Sorry, But the American Flag Is Not Directly Related to the Banner of Christ

It is one thing to be a patriot, even a Christian patriot. It is another thing to conflate the American flag with the banner...
Posted Dec 21, 2020

What Do We Mean When We Say ‘Trumpism’ and ‘Christian Nationalism’?

Posted Dec 17, 2020

Do Not Put Your Trust in Princes

What comes to mind when you hear that the title of one my articles is, “Don’t Put Your Trust in a Political Savior”? For...
Posted Dec 16, 2020

Local Churches as Centers of Resistance

It is true that our elected officials help determine the direction of the nation. That is why we emphasize the importance of...
Posted Dec 14, 2020

Was Beth Moore Right to Sound the Alarm About Christian Nationalism?

This past Sunday morning, Beth Moore tweeted, “I do not believe these are days for mincing words. I’m 63 1/2 years old...
Posted Dec 12, 2020

Can America Survive This Perfect Storm?

Before I set the stage and lay out the most prominent dimensions of our current crisis, let me answer the question I ask in...
Posted Dec 11, 2020

From Gulag to Google

It is true that Google is not imprisoning dissenters in a vast network of prison camps, similar to what Alexander...
Posted Dec 09, 2020

White Evangelical Support for Trump Was Not About Whiteness

According to a lengthy new article and a recent book, a driving force behind white evangelical support for Donald Trump was...
Posted Dec 04, 2020

Is Loyalty to Trump the New Test of Conservatism?

In my book Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?, I devoted a chapter to the question, “Since when...
Posted Dec 03, 2020

My Official Position on Election Fraud

I am not writing this article because my opinion here carries special weight. And I am certainly not writing because I have...
Posted Dec 03, 2020

The Contested 2020 Elections and the Arc of History

Right now, most Americans are not thinking about 2024 and the next presidential vote, let alone 2028 or beyond. They are...
Posted Dec 01, 2020

Have We Completely Lost Our Minds and (Our Souls)?

What has become of the Church? How is it that followers of Jesus can condone reckless calls for murder? Have we lost both...
Posted Nov 29, 2020

Christian Friends, Remember: There Is Only One Messiah

Although millions of Christians zealously support Donald Trump, none of them think that Trump died for their sins and rose...
Posted Nov 26, 2020

My Response to an Olive Branch from Alyssa Milano

Among the many Hollywood celebrities who hotly opposed Donald Trump, Alyssa Milano has been one of the most consistent. Now...
Posted Nov 26, 2020

Can We Please Stop Exaggerating About the Elections?

It is one thing to dispute the outcome of the elections, as many educated and informed people are doing. It is another thing...
Posted Nov 20, 2020

The Only Way Out of the Current Crisis

Allow me to state the obvious. Barring divine intervention, which would include the miraculous changing of the hearts of...
Posted Nov 20, 2020

To Rep. Madison Cawthorn: Keep Preaching Jesus

Posted Nov 18, 2020

To Compare Trump to Hitler Is to Insult the American People

If we are to believe that Donald Trump has used the same tactics that Adolf Hitler used, then we must also believe that...
Posted Nov 15, 2020

The Essence of the Spirit of Prophecy

There is a tremendous focus on prophetic words today. Did charismatic prophets really predict a Trump victory in 2016, even...
Posted Nov 15, 2020

We're Missing the Real Issue

Posted Nov 14, 2020

Why We Cannot Simply Walk Away from Politics

As Christian conservatives, it’s easy to become disillusioned with politics. After all, the political world can be quite...
Posted Nov 12, 2020

Lessons from the Church Under Caesar

We have been blessed with many liberties here in America, many of them unknown throughout human history. And we should...
Posted Nov 10, 2020

Will Christian Conservatives Be Prosecuted and Removed from Society?

I want to assure you that the title to this article is not click bait. Rather, it reflects the very open sentiments of the...
Posted Nov 07, 2020

The Presidential Election, Corruption, and Deception

We are living in an unprecedented season in American history, one of massive consequence for the nation as a whole and for...
Posted Nov 06, 2020

God, the Elections, and 4-D Chess

As a boy, I remember “watching” the epic chess battle between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer. It was aired on channel 13,...
Posted Nov 05, 2020

An Urgent Appeal to Christian Supporters of President Trump

We are living in one of the most critical times in American history, and I write these words with a real sense of urgency....
Posted Nov 04, 2020

What We Know So Far

A little before 11:00 PM last night (November 3), in anticipation of Trump’s possible reelection, I started writing an...
Posted Nov 03, 2020

I Believe the Will of God Will Be Done

There are many conditional promises in the Bible. God will do this if we do that. God will relent if we repent. God will...
Posted Nov 02, 2020

A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Security in Israel and the Middle East

As we are watching history unfold before our eyes with the progress of the Abraham Accords, we should remember that...
Posted Nov 02, 2020

My Prediction On The Presidential Election

Posted Nov 02, 2020

Citizens of A Heavenly Kingdom

Posted Nov 02, 2020

The Case Against Trump and Why He Still Gets My Vote

I do understand the case against Trump, and I documented it thoroughly in Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the...
Posted Nov 01, 2020

Do Not Take Your Foot Off the Pedal of Prayer

All over America, there is a great outpouring of prayer for the nation and for the elections. Believers are gathering...
Posted Oct 30, 2020

We Should Be Very Concerned About Censorship

When people as disparate as John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, journalist Piers Morgan, and Intercept co-founder Glenn...
Posted Oct 29, 2020

Millennial Caller Changes Mind About Voting For Trump

Posted Oct 29, 2020

Chuck Schumer’s Massive Misstatement About Amy Coney Barrett and the Unborn

During the confirmation hearings for Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made this remarkable...
Posted Oct 28, 2020

The Intersection of the Gospel, Culture, and Politics

Is the American church today too caught up in the culture wars and politics? Is this a distraction from our real gospel...
Posted Oct 27, 2020

When 100 Percent of the Democrats Vote Against Amy Coney Barrett

What should we think when every single Democrat voted against the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett? What does...
Posted Oct 23, 2020

Dr. Brown Responds to Pastor John Piper on the Elections

Posted Oct 23, 2020

Pastor John Piper and the 2020 Elections: A Respectful Response

John Piper is one of the most respected Christian leaders in America, and I personally hold him in high esteem. Yet I differ...
Posted Oct 22, 2020

Is Trump Gaining More Voters Than He’s Losing?

Although my polling is anything but scientific, representing a very specific sampling of the general voting public, the...
Posted Oct 20, 2020

When Antifa’s Barbarism Offends Worshipers of the Hindu God Kali

For months we have been saying that the spirit behind the violent protests and riots is not from above but from below. It is...
Posted Oct 20, 2020

Why Do the American Majority of Jews Vote Democrat?

Posted Oct 17, 2020

My Message Will Not Change on November 4

I am not trying to hedge my bets or play both ends against the middle. To the contrary, I have made my own political...
Posted Oct 17, 2020

Mr. Biden, Do You Really Advocate Sterilizing Children?

Based on presidential candidate Joe Biden’s answer to a townhall question on Thursday night, it is only fair to ask: “Sir,...
Posted Oct 15, 2020

Sorry Netflix, But You Don’t Get to Lecture Americans on Moral Understanding

Rather than apologize for the scandal caused by the Netflix movie “Cuties,” the company’s CEO, Ted Sarandos has dug in his...
Posted Oct 09, 2020

What If Biden-Harris Win?

Although many of my friends with spiritual intuition remain confident that Donald Trump will be reelected, looking at things...
Posted Oct 06, 2020

My Message to ‘Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden’

In a period of less than 10 minutes on Monday, I read an article about candidate Joe Biden’s extreme pro-abortion views and...
Posted Oct 05, 2020

Reflections on the President Contracting COVID-19

I truly hope that by the time you read this article, President Trump will be well on his way to a full and healthy recovery...
Posted Oct 05, 2020

Once Again, Why So Many Evangelical Christians Strongly Support Trump

The massive groundswell of prayer support for President Trump as he battles COVID-19 reminds us of just how strong his...
Posted Sep 30, 2020

Dr. Brown Unpacks the First Trump Biden Debate

Posted Sep 30, 2020

The Presidential Debate Was a Snapshot of America

Things got ugly fast and they stayed ugly until the end. That’s why headlines from both the left and right spoke of “chaos”...
Posted Sep 29, 2020

Reverend Patrick Mahoney and the Amy Coney Barrett Nomination

Posted Sep 27, 2020

Tens of Thousands of Christians Converged on DC and Trashed the City

Did you hear about the large Christian gatherings in Washington, DC this weekend? Did you see the news reports about the...
Posted Sep 25, 2020

The Outrage of Comparing Trump to Hitler

Posted Sep 25, 2020

When MSNBC Compares Trump to Hitler

This past Wednesday morning, Donny Deutsch, a frequent guest on MSNBC and a former program host, claimed that there was “‘no...
Posted Sep 23, 2020

Justice Ginsburg's Final Wish and the SCOTUS Seat Battle

Posted Sep 20, 2020

Reflections on the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The news came as a shock in the midst of a year of unrelenting shocks, yet another jolt of massive proportions. Justice Ruth...
Posted Sep 18, 2020

You Do Not Exploit Children to Teach That Exploiting Children Is Wrong

The Babylon Bee headline is satirical, but, based on the logic of Netflix, it might as well be true: “New Netflix Movie...
Posted Sep 15, 2020

Why Politics and Sports Do Not Make for a Good Mix

It’s true that many sports fans take their sports very seriously. But to watch sports is to watch people play a game. It is...
Posted Sep 08, 2020

Pastors John MacArthur and Andy Stanley Disagree, But I Agree with Both of Them

Two of the best-known pastors in America have offered very different (and very public) responses to governmental...
Posted Sep 05, 2020

How Fake Headlines Mislead and Misinform

During the Democratic National Convention, some rightwing websites drew attention to the large viewership drop from 2016....
Posted Aug 29, 2020

What Christian Conservatives Can Learn from the Islamic Revolution in Iran

In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini became the Supreme Leader of Iran, riding in on a tremendous groundswell of public support. The...
Posted Aug 25, 2020

Hope Motivates Better than Pessimism

The November elections may come down to one main question: whose base is more motivated? The answer to that question may...
Posted Aug 21, 2020

Outrage for the Children

At what point does this stop? At what point does our society say, “Enough is enough” when it comes to the assault on our...
Posted Aug 20, 2020

We’re on the Eve of Destruction Again

It was 1965 when Barry McGuire’s #1 hit song, “Eve of Destruction” was released, and I heard it as a 10-year-old boy. As I...
Posted Aug 18, 2020

Does the Church Need a ‘President Kamala Harris’ in Order to Fully Awaken?

I certainly hope I’m wrong. I certainly hope it doesn’t come to this. And yet I am concerned. Will Christian conservatives...
Posted Aug 14, 2020

Do Evangelical ‘Always Trumpers’ Exist?

For the last 5 years we’ve heard a lot about evangelicals who identify as Never Trumpers, and they are often contrasted with...
Posted Aug 12, 2020

Some Illuminating Content in the Biden-Sanders ‘Unity Plan’

The 110-page, Biden-Sanders “Unity Plan” was released last month, but I failed to review it until just this week. Some key...
Posted Aug 04, 2020

The Devastating Explosions in Lebanon and the End of the World

The scene was absolutely shocking as massive explosions rocked the city of Beirut, Lebanon. One moment, life was totally...
Posted Aug 03, 2020

Is the PC Culture Dictated by White Elites?

In today’s woke culture, it is politically correct to expose white supremacy everywhere in our culture. But wouldn’t it be...
Posted Jul 31, 2020

Must Christians be Pacifists?

Posted Jul 31, 2020

The Sickening Hypocrisy of the NBA

I am not speaking about individual NBA players or their motivations (although some players, to be sure, could be called out...
Posted Jul 28, 2020

Let the President Do His Part and the Let the Church Do Its Part

As a Trump supporter, I’ve said repeatedly that four more years of Donald Trump will not solve America’s problems. Not even...
Posted Jul 26, 2020

‘We Are Not the New York Times’

Do you remember when the New York Times was the most prestigious publication in America? When a positive story from the...
Posted Jul 19, 2020

Sin is the Problem in America, the Gospel is the Solution

Barring another unexpected calamity, the next four months will be dominated by news about Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden....
Posted Jul 09, 2020

5 Ways to Conquer the Cancel Culture

As expected, the cancel culture is already out of control, now devouring itself. One day it’s the statue of Teddy Roosevelt...
Posted Jul 09, 2020

What You Don’t Know About Donald Trump and the King Cyrus Prophecy

As if the person and presidency of Donald J. Trump have not been controversial enough, there is an unusual twist that adds...
Posted Jul 08, 2020

Chris Cuomo, We Do Need Help From Above

Posted Jul 08, 2020

The BLM Movement and the Spirit of Jezebel

Posted Jul 06, 2020

Is Donald Trump a Spiritual Danger?

It’s one thing when the leftwing media bashes Donald Trump, seeing him as a menace. But how should we respond when 30...
Posted Jul 06, 2020

Can Trump Be Reelected Without Divine Intervention?*

Things are not looking good right now for President Trump. He is trailing Joe Biden in the polls by double digits. He is...
Posted Jul 05, 2020

Time to Cancel Darwin

As much as I despise the cancel culture, if there is any cultural icon who deserves to be cancelled for racist attitudes, it...
Posted Jul 04, 2020

It’s July 4th, and I’m Not Ashamed to Be an American

In today’s upside world, you display your patriotism by hating America. You show your loyalty to your country by being...
Posted Jul 01, 2020

The Mayor of Seattle Has a Rude Awakening About CHOP

Do you remember when Seattle Major Jenny Durkan told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that the takeover of a portion of her city could turn...
Posted Jun 30, 2020

What Are You Going to Do When They Come for You?

To all the wealthy, liberal elites who are cheering on the protests and riots, a word of warning is in order. The same holds...
Posted Jun 29, 2020

When Ann Coulter Wrote In Trump We Trust

Do you remember when Ann Coulter shocked Bill Maher’s audience in 2015, announcing that Donald Trump was the most likely of...
Posted Jun 27, 2020

From Woke to Awakened

According to Merriam-Webster, in African American Vernacular English (sometimes called AAVE), “awake is often rendered as...
Posted Jun 27, 2020

Why the Riots Now?

There is no denying the national grief and outrage following the killing of George Floyd, captured in agonizing detail on...
Posted Jun 26, 2020

Instagram Brands Christian Worship ‘Harmful’

The headline to this article is not sensationalistic. It is not click bait. It is truth. Shocking truth. Yes, Instagram has...
Posted Jun 24, 2020

Fake News Illustrated Before Your Eyes

Posted Jun 24, 2020

When Fake News Becomes Canonized

I rarely use the term “fake news” in my writing. In fact, out of the nearly 2,000 op-ed pieces I have written, I can only...
Posted Jun 23, 2020

Race Is Not What Is Dividing Us

My fellow-Americans, we are being sold a bill of goods. Race is not what is dividing us. Rather, we are being divided by...
Posted Jun 19, 2020

No One Will Tell Me What I Must and Must Not Say

Because I love God and my neighbor, I will always try to be respectful and civil in my speech. At the same time, society...
Posted Jun 18, 2020

This Is Why We Cannot Put Our Trust in the Supreme Court

I remember that sinking feeling as the election results were announced in November 1992. William Jefferson Clinton would be...
Posted Jun 16, 2020

Will the 2020 Elections Come Down to Trump vs. Social Anarchy?

Many of us who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 had serious misgivings about him as a person and a candidate. Yet it was...
Posted Jun 16, 2020

Mayor De Blasio Why Do You Have It In for the Jews?

Posted Jun 12, 2020

What Christians Get Wrong About the Culture Wars

Posted Jun 10, 2020

‘Cop’ Is Not a Dirty Word

There are bad cops and corrupt cops and racist cops and brutal cops. But the great majority of police officers are not bad...
Posted Jun 08, 2020

Do You Feel Like Things Are Spiraling Out of Control?

Do you feel like America is spinning out of control? That chaos and disorder seem to be the new order of the day? That you...
Posted Jun 06, 2020

Do Not Let the Extreme Voices Push You Away From the Real Issues

I have some good news for you. You can stand against racial inequality without embracing the entire platform of Black Lives...
Posted Jun 05, 2020

The Cancel Culture Is Ruthless

It can happen in a moment of time. One ill-advised tweet. One poorly worded post. One foolish act in public. And that’s it....
Posted Jun 04, 2020

Why Socialism is not Biblical

Posted Jun 03, 2020

Great Advice For the President From Donna Brazile

Posted Jun 03, 2020

What Happened to All the Fears About Spreading COVID-19?

I am not minimizing the seriousness of the COVID-19. I lost a friend to the virus. Another friend tested positive for 45...
Posted Jun 03, 2020

The Church Is Winning Legal Victories In America

Posted Jun 02, 2020

Don't Tell Me How Woke You Are

Posted May 19, 2020

How Intensely Does the Leftwing Media Hate Trump?

I cannot prove this, but the caller to my radio show seemed totally credible. If what he said is true, then the animosity...
Posted May 11, 2020

To Those Who Hate the Church: Be Careful What You Despise

As a result of the current lockdown, we have learned how little some elected officials think of the local church. Liquor...
Posted May 07, 2020

Death by Starvation or Death by COVID-19

As horrible as death by COVID-19 must be, it is surely far worse to starve to death slowly over a period of many weeks and...
Posted May 03, 2020

Don’t Swallow the Fiery Dart of Division

By Dr. M. John Cava   “Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of...
Posted Apr 29, 2020

Is the Media Engaging in Psychological Warfare Against America?

A recent article written primarily by a medical doctor in Alabama claimed that, “The way in which the media has pushed fear...
Posted Apr 27, 2020

Warning to Believers: Put Christ First This Election

Posted Apr 26, 2020

Some Honest Questions About the Danger and Extent of COVID-19

Dr. Everett Piper, a respected evangelical educator, recently tweeted out a link to a lengthy article and made this...
Posted Apr 22, 2020

The Left’s Message to Samaritan’s Purse: You Cannot Be Christian

It would be one thing if Samaritan’s Purse refused to treat a gay man. Or mocked a trans-identified individual. Or...
Posted Apr 18, 2020

What’s at Stake with the Reopening of the Nation

America’s leaders have some very difficult decisions to make in the days ahead. If they wait too long to reopen the nation (...
Posted Apr 17, 2020

Please Governor Cuomo, Do Not Boast Against God

Posted Apr 15, 2020

Did Trump Just Declare Himself Corona-King?

Posted Apr 14, 2020

Don't Throw Dr. Fauci Under the Bus

Posted Apr 13, 2020

When the Media Manufactures a Fauci-Trump Split

I don’t know what happens behind closed doors in the White House. I don’t know the true nature of the relationship between...
Posted Apr 08, 2020

How Christians Can Best Fight the Deep State (and Other Nefarious Foes)

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Deep State was more real and diabolical than most of us ever imagined. Nor would it surprise...
Posted Apr 07, 2020

Why I Am Paying No Attention to the COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Hardly an hour goes by without someone sending me the latest “must see” video or article. This is the one, I am told, that...
Posted Apr 05, 2020

When Churches Say No to the Government

There is precedent in Scripture for godly people saying no to the governing authorities. There are times when, to use the...
Posted Apr 02, 2020

Separation of Church and State

Posted Apr 01, 2020

MSNBC Calls for Prayer on Live TV (This Is Not an April Fools Headline)

I know it sounds like an April Fools headline. But it is not. On March 30, MSNBC host Craig Melvin asked Rev. T. D. Jakes to...
Posted Mar 31, 2020

The Mayor of New York City Threatens Churches and Synagogues

Posted Mar 31, 2020

Mayor de Blasio, You Have Overstepped Your Bounds

Dear Mayor de Blasio, As a religious leader born and raised in New York, I’m appealing to you to reconsider your threats to...
Posted Mar 28, 2020

This Is a Great Time to Test Contemporary Prophetic Words

Because I believe in the Scriptures, I believe that the gift of prophecy exists to this day within the Church. Is the Spirit...
Posted Mar 27, 2020

Are (White) Evangelicals Responsible for the Spread of COVID-19 in America?

This is not the first time something like this has happened. A national tragedy occurs, and Christians get scapegoated and...
Posted Mar 25, 2020

How About Some Good News?

It’s easy to focus on what is wrong right now, since a whole lot really is wrong. First and foremost, people are dying at...
Posted Mar 24, 2020

No Governor Northam, It Does Matter Who We Pray To

I understand what Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia was trying to say. After all, he is the governor of all Virginians and...
Posted Mar 20, 2020

Should the Church Comply With Government Guidelines?

Posted Mar 20, 2020

Did President Trump ‘Lash Out’ at an Innocent Reporter?

Posted Mar 18, 2020

Infringement of Our Rights or Love Your Neighbor as Yourself?

As Americans, we are fiercely independent. We are not like a collectivist society like China, which can mandate the behavior...
Posted Mar 12, 2020

If Joe Biden Becomes President, He Will Declare War On Your Religious Freedoms

In order to make his policy proposals perfectly clear, presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced, “The Biden Plan to...
Posted Mar 11, 2020

Gospel Meetings BANNED in Scotland for Traditional Family Beliefs

Posted Mar 05, 2020

The Resurrection of Joe Biden

Posted Feb 26, 2020

We Must Do Better Than ‘Hold the Fort’

It was one of our favorite hymns in the church where I came to faith in late-1971. It was a word of encouragement in the...
Posted Feb 24, 2020

From ‘Obama Will Pay My Mortgage’ to ‘Bernie Will Pay My Tuition’

Do you remember Peggy Joseph? She was the young voter who heard candidate Barack Obama speak in 2008 then said on camera, “I...
Posted Feb 21, 2020

What Christian Conservatives Need to Know About Mike Bloomberg

It is ironic that former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is presenting himself as the balanced alternative to extreme...
Posted Feb 18, 2020

Am I Exaggerating the Threat to Our Religious Liberties?

Writing for the Friendly Atheist blog, Beth Stoneburner took issue with my contention that a President Pete Buttigieg would...
Posted Feb 15, 2020

So, Trump Said He Would Vote for a Gay President

How should Christian conservatives respond to President Trump’s statement that he would have no problem voting for a gay...
Posted Feb 11, 2020

I Will Say What the Political Leaders Cannot Say About Pete Buttigieg

It is certainly politically incorrect to say this. In fact, in the eyes of many, what I’m about to say is a classic example...
Posted Feb 11, 2020

How Did Hollywood Get So ‘Woke’?

Why do so many members of the Hollywood elite espouse such radical, leftist causes? Why are they so pro-abortion, so pro-...
Posted Feb 08, 2020

‘Love Your Enemies’ Is a Command Not a Suggestion

Jesus taught it. Paul reaffirmed it. And neither of them said their teaching was optional for Christians. Instead, God...
Posted Feb 07, 2020

The Hypocritical Christianity of Pete Buttigieg

Posted Feb 07, 2020

Why I’m Not Upset with Mitt Romney

Before you crucify me for not condemning “the traitor,” please hear me out. My position has nothing to do with whether I...
Posted Feb 05, 2020

A Friendly Word to the Never Trumpers

President Trump’s State of the Union message, coupled with the Democratic response, reminds me of why I voted for Trump in...
Posted Feb 04, 2020

The Implications of the Democrats’ Disastrous Start in Iowa

Could things have started any worse for the Democrats after their virtual face plant in Iowa? And could they have started...
Posted Jan 30, 2020

Is It Sinful for Christians to Support Trump?

Posted Jan 26, 2020

A Response to the Global Center for Religious Research’s Call for Evangelicals to Repudiate Trump

On January 18, the Global Center for Religious Research posted, “An Open Letter to Evangelicals of Moral Conscience.” The...
Posted Jan 22, 2020

Is the Democratic Party Center-Conservative?

Posted Jan 21, 2020

Is the Impeachment Process Driven By Hatred?

Posted Jan 21, 2020

The Democrats, the Impeachment, and the Fable of the Scorpion and the Frog

It has been a virtual certainty from day one that the Republican-led Senate would not vote to remove President Trump. And...
Posted Jan 16, 2020

Is the Iranian Regime on the Verge of Collapse?

Posted Jan 09, 2020

Trump Takes Out a Terrorist and the Left Brands Him a Terrorist

Posted Jan 08, 2020

Ricky Gervais Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrisy

Posted Jan 08, 2020

Trump Takes Out a Terrorist: Good News or Bad?

It’s not every day when major voices as disparate as Piers Morgan and Rush Limbaugh agree. But when it comes to Democratic (...
Posted Jan 07, 2020

Who Made Hollywood Icons Moral Authorities?

Did you ever stop to wonder who granted moral authority to famous actors and actresses? Did you ever ask yourself why their...
Posted Jan 01, 2020

Comparing 2019 to 1969: What Is Better, What Is Worse

Without a doubt, 2019 was a difficult year in America. Despite a healthy economy and many positive developments, it was a...
Posted Dec 30, 2019

2020: A Year of Chaos, a Year of Clarity

I am not claiming some great prophetic insight. I do not believe I have received any special revelation. In my view, I am...
Posted Dec 29, 2019

No Mayor de Blasio, President Trump Is Not to Blame for the Stabbing of New York Jews

Barely two weeks ago, on December 12, Ben Shapiro wrote an article titled, “The Left’s Grotesque Politicization Of Anti-...
Posted Dec 23, 2019

Is Evangelical Support for Trump Hurting Our Christian Witness Worldwide?

We often hear that evangelical support for President Trump is hurting our witness here in America. Is it hurting our witness...
Posted Dec 23, 2019

The Charlottesville Lie Must Die

How can this happen in the 21st century, right in front of our eyes? How can a lie be manufactured, then mainstreamed,...
Posted Dec 20, 2019

Can We Unite Around Jesus Rather Than Divide Over Trump?

I’ve given this appeal before, but I feel the need to do it again: Let’s make Jesus central in our lives, not the president...
Posted Dec 19, 2019

A Response to Christianity Today’s Call for the Removal of Trump from Office

Like many evangelicals, I have great respect for Christianity Today. It remans a hallmark, evangelical publication. And...
Posted Dec 19, 2019

A Reality Check for Christian Supporters of President Trump

Do you recall the words of candidate Donald Trump, specifically, that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and he wouldn’t...
Posted Dec 18, 2019

Let the Politicians Focus on Politics While Pastors Focus on the Gospel

Please don’t get me wrong. I believe strongly that pastors and Christian leaders should address today’s controversial moral...
Posted Dec 11, 2019

When a Christian Psychologist Makes Trump into a Monster

Dr. Chris Thurman is a Christian psychologist who claims that President Trump has no strengths and that any evangelical who...
Posted Dec 06, 2019

Are Evangelicals Who Support Trump Fools?

In a lengthy op-ed piece for the Christian Post, Chris Thurman claims that “evangelicals who support Donald Trump are being...
Posted Nov 27, 2019

Is Opposition to Trump Demonic?

Posted Nov 27, 2019

Are the Impeachment Hearings ‘Demonic’?

In a recent interview with Eric Metaxas, Rev. Franklin Graham stated that the constant attempts to undermine President Trump...
Posted Nov 21, 2019

Mayor Pete Sits in Judgment of God

It would be one thing if Mayor Pete Buttigieg was a non-religious man, taking swipes at the Bible as an out and proud,...
Posted Nov 20, 2019

Chick Fil A, Say it Ain't So!

Posted Nov 14, 2019

Dr Brown Confronts the Race Baiters

Posted Nov 14, 2019

Christian Supporters of Trump, the President Can Defend Himself

The progression is clear and undeniable. For many Bible-loving, followers of Jesus, Donald Trump was our last choice for the...
Posted Nov 12, 2019

Is Trump the "Praying President" Spoken of in a 2007 Prophecy?

Posted Nov 12, 2019

Confessions of a White Male

I confess. I am guilty. Guilty as charged. No, guilty by birth. I am, after all, a white male. What could be worse than that...
Posted Nov 11, 2019

What If the Trump Prophecies Are True?

In a recent article, Christian journalist Stephen Strang cited prophecies delivered in 2007 by the late Kim Clement, which...
Posted Nov 08, 2019

Bring Everything into the Light

When you’re guilty, you want things hidden. That’s because you know that if the truth comes to light, you’re in big trouble...
Posted Oct 31, 2019

Was a Catholic Priest Right to Refuse Joe Biden Communion?

I am not Roman Catholic, but from my perspective as a Protestant believer, Father Robert E. Morey of Florence, South...
Posted Oct 28, 2019

From Kanye to Hillary: Jezebel is in the News

I apologize for making such frequent reference to Jezebel in recent months, but it’s not because I’m trying to promote my...
Posted Oct 25, 2019

It’s Almost Halloween and the Witches Are After Trump Again

In case you missed the news, it has been reported that today, October 25, at 11:59 PM, “thousands of witches will...
Posted Oct 23, 2019

How Should Christians Respond to the Culture Wars?

Posted Oct 23, 2019

Is Christianity Really in Numerical Decline in America?

Do recent polls really tell the full story here in America? Is it true that Christianity is experiencing a serious, ongoing...
Posted Oct 16, 2019

The NBA Is a Spineless Little Bully

When I was a boy in school, I watched as one of the school bullies picked on another kid who was not much of a fighter. Then...
Posted Oct 10, 2019

Ethiopian Immigrant's Prayer Goes Viral: "Thank you for waking up our nation!”

Posted Oct 09, 2019

How Dare Liberty University Be Christian!

In a letter written to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, two Democratic congressmen, Andy Levin and Jamie Raskin, are...
Posted Oct 06, 2019

Why Trump Is Gaining Conservative Christian Supporters

A recent editorial in the New York Times confirms the results of my own online polling. President Trump appears to be...
Posted Oct 04, 2019

We Don’t Need to Start Eating Babies Yet

You’ve probably seen the video by now. A deeply concerned woman stands up to speak at an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Town Hall...
Posted Oct 03, 2019

How to Avoid Trump Impeachment Fever

Americans are stressed out. They are losing sleep. They are anxious. They are on-edge. And one of the biggest causes of this...
Posted Oct 03, 2019

A Federal Judge Rebukes a University for its ‘Ludicrous’ Anti-Christian Discrimination

In July, 2018, the University of Iowa and its officials restricted from its campus Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF),...
Posted Sep 30, 2019

Did Evangelical Trump Voters Put Money Before Morality?

According to Never Trumper evangelical author Ben Howe, the main reason evangelical Christians supported Donald Trump in...
Posted Sep 27, 2019

Why the Conspiracy Theorists Scare Me

I know the term “conspiracy theorists” is broad, so allow me to define what I mean. I’m referring to those who claim to know...
Posted Sep 24, 2019

Donald Trump, the Champion of Religious Freedom

In June, 2016, when candidate Trump promised a large gathering of evangelical Christian leaders that he was committed to...
Posted Sep 19, 2019

Some Good News on the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Until Jesus returns and sets up His perfect kingdom, the culture wars will continue to rage, and there will be many setbacks...
Posted Sep 16, 2019

Vimeo Removes Videos Because of a ‘Mean-spirited Vibe’

Last week, we received a notice from Vimeo that three of our videos had been removed for allegedly violating community...
Posted Sep 10, 2019

I Lost an Old Friend Because of My Support for Trump

I imagine I’m not the only one this happened to, but still, you hate to see it happen at all. You express your support for...
Posted Sep 06, 2019

Would Paul Be Politically Active If He Was an American Citizen Today?

Are American Christians too politicized? Or are we not politically minded enough? And what about Christian leaders in...
Posted Sep 03, 2019

Why Does Separation of Church and State Only Go One Way?

Let’s put aside for a moment that the current idea of “separation of Church and state” is not what the Founders (...
Posted Sep 02, 2019

The Demonization of the Democrat Party

There is no question about it. There is not even a desire to hide it. The Democrat Party continues to grow spiritually...
Posted Aug 29, 2019

Do the Ends Justify the Means?

This is a perennial ethical question, one that is becoming increasingly relevant in our national elections. Do the ends...
Posted Aug 27, 2019

Things Are Worse Than We Imagined in China

Earlier this week, I met with some Christian friends who have lived and worked in China for many years. What they shared...
Posted Aug 17, 2019

The Spirit of Jezebel, Fatherless America, and Mass Shootings

I want to tread very carefully here since, as I write these words, families are in agony. Lives have been torn apart. People...
Posted Aug 16, 2019

Was Israel Right to Ban Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib?

The dueling headlines said it all. On the right, the Breitbart homepage proclaimed, “Bibi Bans Jew Haters.” On the left, the...
Posted Aug 08, 2019

Interview with Todd Starnes on the Spiritual Condition of America Today

Posted Aug 07, 2019

Let’s Use the President’s Words As a Starting Point

As America buries its dead and mourns its victims, I hope we can all agree that now is not the time to try to score...
Posted Aug 06, 2019

Is America Too Sick to Recover?

As the host of a daily, talk radio show, on Monday-Friday I receive an email from a Christian news service highlighting the...
Posted Aug 02, 2019

Mayor Pete Attacks 'So Called Christians'

Posted Aug 01, 2019

The First "NEW AGE" President?

Posted Aug 01, 2019

Marianne Williamson’s Warning About ‘This Dark Psychic Force’ Is Very Right and Very Wrong

In a viral clip from Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, candidate Marianne Williamson warned about “this dark...
Posted Jul 30, 2019

7 Spiritual Principles to Keep Your Political Sanity

Posted Jul 30, 2019

Progressive Christian Leader: White Evangelicals Uphold 'Slave Holder Religion'

Posted Jul 27, 2019

Are There Demonic Spirits in the Halls of Congress?

Posted Jul 26, 2019

The House Rebukes the Anti-Israel BDS Movement

Posted Jul 24, 2019

An Activist Educator Says That Teaching Is Political

If you ever wondered if our children’s educational system was politically biased, then look no further than the NEA. It is...
Posted Jul 22, 2019

Are There (Literal) Demonic Spirits in Our Halls of Congress?

As reported by Charisma News, during his opening prayer last Thursday morning, “Rev. Pat Conroy, chaplain for the U.S. House...
Posted Jul 19, 2019

The Liberal Media Won’t Shame Me Out of Voting Again for Trump

I have no desire to defend the worst of President Trump’s tweets. Or the ugliest of his words. Or the most inappropriate...
Posted Jul 19, 2019

Testimony: "Marijuana was a Gateway to the Demonic!"

Posted Jul 18, 2019

Ilhan Omar’s Glaring Anti-Jewish Blind Spot

It is shocking enough that Rep. Ilhan Omar proposed a resolution this week that would support the militantly anti-Israel BDS...
Posted Jul 16, 2019

Yes, Rep. Ilhan Omar Should Denounce Islamic Terrorism

Posted Jul 15, 2019

Were Trump's "Go Home" Tweets Racist?

Posted Jul 15, 2019

Were President Trump's Recent Tweets Racist?

There is a national outcry over the president’s “go back” home tweets directed at “‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who...
Posted Jul 12, 2019

Identity Politics Devours Itself

There is a biblical principle that everything produces after its own kind. Cats produce cats. Dogs produce dogs. Apple trees...
Posted Jul 09, 2019

The Truth About So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy’

In light of the latest attack on sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE), namely, Amazon’s banning of books on the subject...
Posted Jul 07, 2019

Do You Remember When Both Parties Sounded Patriotic?

It wasn’t that long ago that both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates sounded proud to be Americans. That,...
Posted Jul 04, 2019

Can 'Reckless' Trump Defeat Jezebel?

Posted Jul 04, 2019

Remembering America’s Christian Roots

Despite our many national failings, it cannot be denied that our nation has deep Christian roots. And it is because of, not...
Posted Jul 03, 2019

Is Donald Trump Like King Jehu?

By now, we’re used to hearing comparisons between President Trump and King Cyrus. Cyrus was an idol-worshipping king who...
Posted Jul 02, 2019

When Preposterous Lies Become Credible ‘Truth’ on the Internet

It is fascinating to watch and yet very disturbing. A boldfaced lie is manufactured on the internet, and within days, it has...
Posted Jun 28, 2019

Why This New California Bill Is So Dangerous

Last week, I put out a warning about a bill under consideration in California known as ACR 99. I explained “Why California...
Posted Jun 22, 2019

Why California Pastors Must Stand Up to Government Tyranny

In the latest and most egregious example of attempted government overreach, California legislators have proposed a bill that...
Posted Jun 20, 2019

Paula White’s Prayer for President Trump

Did Paula White pray for the reelection of President Trump at the opening of his massive campaign rally in Orlando? Back in...
Posted Jun 17, 2019

20/20 Candidate: Pro Life Position is Ultra-Radical, Racist

Posted Jun 12, 2019

Pushing Back Against Leftist Censorship

Posted Jun 12, 2019

How to Fight Back Against Leftist Censorship

We all know about the leftist leanings of the so-called masters of the universe, the internet giants. We all know about the...
Posted Jun 05, 2019

When a Physically Healthy Teen Is Euthanized

The story is heartbreaking beyond words. It is terribly sad, tragic, agonizing. When you read it, you’ll wish you could...
Posted Jun 04, 2019

Honey, We Are Having a Fetus!

Posted Jun 04, 2019

The Divided States of America

I recently wrote about the coming civil war over the issue of abortion, and day by day, state by state, the divide is...
Posted May 22, 2019

Are American Pastors Still Asleep in the Light?

There are many fine pastors in America. They are devoted shepherds. They are faithful teachers of the Word. They care for...
Posted May 14, 2019

Rashida Tlaib Rewrites History

We can debate exactly what Rep. Rashida Tlaib meant when she said, “There's kind of a calming feeling I always tell folks...
Posted May 10, 2019

The Stock Markets, Money, and the Bible

The headline was striking, the figures mind-numbing. How many of us can relate to $1.5 trillion? But that’s what the...
Posted May 07, 2019

It Turns Out We Weren’t Crazy After All

What do you know! It turns out that we were not imagining things when we complained about the social media giants’ unequal...
Posted May 03, 2019

The Canadian Government Is Now a Dangerous Big Brother

This important story has been out for some days now, but I waited before writing. Why? It’s because I did not want to write...
Posted May 03, 2019

Why Time Magazine and the Left Love Pete Buttigieg

Did you see the front cover of Time? It features a picture of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his “husband,” with the caption, “...
Posted Apr 21, 2019

Street Preaching ‘Should Be Made Illegal’

At first glance I thought this was satire, just a clever comment meant to expose liberal hypocrisy. But upon further thought...
Posted Apr 18, 2019

A Revived Church Is America’s Only Hope

What happens when a nation loses its conscience? When the light barely shines in the darkness? When truth is obscured by...
Posted Apr 17, 2019

YouTube Approves the Radical and Disapproves the Mundane

I’m not complaining. I’m not upset. I’m not frustrated. I simply want to share with you what life is like for us these days...
Posted Apr 12, 2019

When Twitter Blocked Mother Theresa

Imagine your reaction if I told you 20 years ago that a major internet platform would block a Mother Theresa comment about...
Posted Apr 10, 2019

5 Things You Need to Know about the Israeli Elections

As the dust is settling in Israel after the latest elections, here are 5 simple facts that will help you sort out what’s...
Posted Mar 30, 2019

The Anti-Christian Bigots Continue Their War on Chick-Fil-A

A second airport has now decided to ban Chick-fil-A because of “anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.” First, it was the San Antonio airport...
Posted Mar 27, 2019

Note to Empire: Jussie Smollett Was Not Exonerated of All Charges

I wish no ill to Jussie Smollett. As for Empire, I’ve never seen the show (as I’m not much of a TV watcher) and have no...
Posted Mar 26, 2019

Russiagate and the Dangerous Trap of Believing a Lie

When you invest your life in a lie, it’s often far easier to continue lying than to embrace the truth. In the same way, when...
Posted Mar 23, 2019

The Rise and Fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center

There was a time when the “Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC) was widely respected for its courageous work. Oppressive hate...
Posted Mar 22, 2019

London Mayor Cites 'Limitations' to Free Speech, After Street Preacher's Arrest

Posted Mar 20, 2019

Robert Mueller, Pay-Per-View TV, and the Reelection of Donald Trump

How could the Mueller investigation actually help President Trump to reelection in 2020? And what does this have to do with...
Posted Mar 17, 2019

The Silencing of the Lambs

There has always been one end-game for the radical left: the silencing of dissenting voices, in particular conservative...
Posted Mar 16, 2019

A Reasoned Response to the Massacre of Muslims in New Zealand

There is only way to describe the cold-blooded massacre of 49 Muslims in New Zealand. It is evil. Fiendishly evil. No...
Posted Mar 16, 2019

Should Christian Ministries Use Liberal Social Media Platforms to Get Their Message Out?

I remember hearing a story when I was taking geometry in 8th grade. Our teacher told us that his brother was taking his...
Posted Mar 15, 2019

Beto O’Rourke, Climate Change, and the End of the World

I’m going out on a limb. I’m about to make a bold prediction. Contrary to the prognostications of Beto O’Rourke, the world...
Posted Mar 13, 2019

YouTube Demonetized My Entire Channel - and You Won’t Believe Why

I was getting ready for my radio show on Monday when I spotted an announcement on the AskDrBrown YouTube channel. The entire...
Posted Mar 07, 2019

Will the Democratic Party Turn Anti-Semitic?

I have often observed how church denominations which become liberal inevitably change their views on abortion, homosexuality...
Posted Mar 06, 2019

Amazon Crosses a Very Dangerous Censorship Line

With the news last week that Amazon has banned Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam, co-authored by British activist...
Posted Mar 05, 2019

Why Are So Many Millennials Drawn to Socialism?

This is not a leading question. It is not meant as a setup or trap. To the contrary, I’m asking the question because I have...
Posted Mar 02, 2019

When It’s Right to Indict the Democrats

A colleague of mine, himself a fellow-believer in Jesus, recently faulted me for calling out the Democrats for voting...
Posted Feb 22, 2019

Van Jones, You Are Missing the Point About Jussie Smollett

I’m not supposed to say this. After all. I’m white. And male. And conservative. So, by default, I’m part of the problem....
Posted Feb 17, 2019

Is God Sending a Message of Hope to America?

Although I am a believer, not a skeptic, I’m a thinking believer. I’m not impressed with the “discovery” of the face of...
Posted Feb 16, 2019

We Rush to Wrong Judgments, Then We Build on Our False Perceptions

The narrative has now fallen apart. The hardly credible story of Jussie Smollett has basically been debunked. He was not...
Posted Feb 07, 2019

Evangelicals and Trump: A Response to Napp Nazworth

In a recent Christian Post editorial, Napp Nazworth claims that evangelical Christians who voted for Donald Trump have...
Posted Feb 06, 2019

Evangelicals, Trump, Abortion, and the State of the Union

You could sum up in one word why many evangelicals voted for Donald Trump: abortion. It is therefore highly significant that...
Posted Jan 31, 2019

The Godly Roots of America

Posted Jan 30, 2019

Trump, Bible Classes in Schools, and the Separation of Church and State

In response to President Trump’s tweet praising schools which were introducing Bible literacy classes, comedian and actor...
Posted Jan 29, 2019

MAGA: Make America Godly Again

Despite our many national problems and flaws and sins, America is still an amazing country. That’s why our universities are...
Posted Jan 27, 2019

The Radical Left Has Reminded Me Why I Voted for Donald Trump

For the last 26 months, I have explained over and again why I, as an evangelical leader, voted for Donald Trump. But in...
Posted Jan 27, 2019

Don’t Blame Trump for Young People Dropping Out of Church

The accusation goes something like this: “All you evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump have destroyed the reputation of...
Posted Jan 23, 2019

Joy Behar: Media biased 'because we’re desperate to get Trump out'

Posted Jan 22, 2019

North Korea, America, and the Media: How Different Are We?

When it comes to having access to information, North Korea and America are worlds apart. One nation is totally closed, with...
Posted Jan 18, 2019

How Dare Karen Pence Be Christian!

How utterly brazen. How shameless. How bigoted. How inexcusable and unjustifiable. The wife of the Vice President of the...
Posted Jan 15, 2019

Is It Too Late for America?

Posted Jan 15, 2019

Is It Too Late for America?

Has America passed the point of no return? Have we fallen too far to recover? It’s true that we’ve had spiritual revivals...
Posted Jan 10, 2019

Christian Bale Was Right to Thank Satan for the Inspiration Behind ‘Vice’

According to Jesus, Satan is “a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). It is quite appropriate, then, that actor...
Posted Jan 03, 2019

Tucker Carlson, a Fair America, and Putting Our Families First

At the end of his lengthy monologue on “A Fair America,” Tucker Carlson said, “If you want to put America first, you’ve got...
Posted Jan 02, 2019

Once Again, the New York Times Misunderstands and Mocks Evangelical Christians

In a year-end op-ed piece for the New York Times, Katherine Stewart alleges that, “The Christian nationalist movement today...
Posted Dec 27, 2018

What Am I Missing When It Comes to Immigration?

Over the years, I have rarely addressed the question of immigration. That’s because I have no expertise in the matter and...
Posted Dec 22, 2018

Evangelical Christians and the Quandary of Politics

Politics can get very dirty. Christians try not to get dirty (in the moral sense of the word). Politics is always divisive....
Posted Dec 19, 2018

A Call to Pray for President Trump

Whether you love President Trump or loathe him, if you call yourself a Christian, this appeal is for you. All of us,...
Posted Dec 16, 2018

The Evil of Hamas and the Weakness of the UN

Try to imagine the scene. It’s a Sunday night in Israel, and you’re out with your husband near the Ofra Junction. Just 21-...
Posted Dec 10, 2018

Would Evangelicals Vote for the Devil if He Supported Their Cause?

We’ve been hearing this for the last three years, and I don’t think it will go away anytime soon: “All you evangelicals who...
Posted Dec 07, 2018

So What If President Trump Didn’t Recite the Apostles’ Creed?

Evangelical leaders who voted for Donald Trump have been subjected to a fresh wave of mockery after he (and first lady...
Posted Nov 29, 2018

Yes, CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Really Did Call for the Elimination of Israel

It doesn’t matter what spin is put on this in the days ahead. The meaning was clear and unmistakable. CNN contributor and...
Posted Nov 26, 2018

Voting Helps to Plug the Leaks; The Gospel Rebuilds the Dam

We often hear Christian leaders say that the Trump presidency has gained us a respite in terms of our liberties and freedoms...
Posted Nov 24, 2018

Was Jim Carrey Right About the Christian Right?

According to actor Jim Carrey, America will soon “find out once and for all that the Christian right has never been about...
Posted Nov 14, 2018

Let’s Unite Around Jesus, Not Divide Over Trump

Have you ever seen American evangelicals this divided? Have you ever seen followers of Jesus so torn apart over politics?...
Posted Nov 12, 2018

Is Nationalism Evil?

Is Nationalism Evil?
Posted Nov 12, 2018

Is It Nazi-Like to Be a Nationalist?

Should “nationalism” be encouraged? Is it simply a matter of putting your own country’s interests first and of saying “no”...
Posted Nov 10, 2018

It’s the Courts, Stupid

When Bill Clinton was running for president in 1992, his campaign strategist James Carville gave him the formula for success...
Posted Nov 08, 2018

Why Do So Many Hollywood Elites Despise President Trump?

It’s often said that you can judge a man by his friends, but you can judge him even more by his enemies. And there’s a lot...
Posted Nov 07, 2018

Some Biblical Reflections While We Wait for the Election Results

I do believe these midterm elections are very important. And I do believe that the votes we cast can have massive...
Posted Nov 07, 2018

An Appeal to President Trump to Help Unify the Nation

Dear Mr. President, In the aftermath of the midterm elections, we are officially a divided nation. It is the House vs. the...
Posted Nov 05, 2018

Is the GOP the White Supremacist, Antisemitic Party?

According to the new socialist star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it is imperative to vote for Democrats on the 6th in order to...
Posted Nov 04, 2018

Midterm Talking Points for Pro-Trump Evangelicals

If you claim to be an evangelical and plan to vote red on Tuesday – in other words, you are pro-Trump – your faith will be...
Posted Nov 03, 2018

What If We Listened to the ‘Progressive’ Christians?

For the last three years, liberal Christians have told conservative Christians that we were hypocrites for supporting Donald...
Posted Nov 02, 2018

How So Many Evangelicals Became So Loyal to Donald Trump

As we approach the midterm elections, the close relationship between President Trump and white evangelicals continues to...
Posted Nov 01, 2018

Hugh Hewitt And Dr. Brown Discuss Evangelical Support for Trump

The show aired October 25, 2018
Posted Nov 01, 2018

Don Lemon Said What About White Men?

What if Sean Hannity had said on Fox News that “the biggest terror threat in this country is black men, most of them...
Posted Oct 30, 2018

Responding to Inane Arguments Against Armed Guards

I don’t know if President Trump was right in calling for armed guards at all houses of worship. And I don’t know if stricter...
Posted Oct 27, 2018

Was Megyn Kelly the Victim of Political Correctness?

Let’s put aside the question of whether NBC was looking for an excuse to dump Megyn Kelly because of low ratings and...
Posted Oct 26, 2018

I Have a Word for CNN, the Left, the Hollywood Elite, and the President

By the time you read this article, we may know the identity of the individual or group behind the spate of attempted bomb...
Posted Oct 25, 2018

God Is Neither Republican Nor Democrat

There’s a fascinating account in the biblical book of Joshua that is quite relevant to people of faith as we approach the...
Posted Oct 24, 2018

Evangelicals and Trump: A Match Made in Heaven or Marriage with Hell?

The text message was poignant and painful. An adult daughter, herself a committed Christian, could not understand how her...
Posted Oct 21, 2018

Donald Trump Is Not the Christ and Donald Trump Is Not the Antichrist

I recently saw an article about a Hindu man in India who (literally) worships a picture of President Trump. But that doesn’t...
Posted Oct 18, 2018

Would Evangelicals Vote for a Practicing Pimp?

On Tuesday, the man known as America’s most famous pimp, Dennis Hof, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 72. The...
Posted Oct 18, 2018

Jews as Parasites and Jews as Termites: From the Nazis to Farrakhan

There is no hiding the ugliness of Louis Farrakhan’s latest antisemitic comments, in which he likened Jews to termites....
Posted Oct 17, 2018

Another Major Victory for Religious Freedom in America

On January 9, 2015, I wrote an article titled, “The Mayor of Atlanta Declares War on Religious Freedom.” Now, more than...
Posted Oct 16, 2018

Enough with All the Rhetoric. Only God Can Save America

I’ve heard it from the left and I’ve heard it from the right. “Vote our way and save the nation!” Most recently, in the...
Posted Oct 13, 2018

You Don’t Support Trump? Neither Did I, Until...

I’m reading about more and more former people like Erick Erickson. They were once Never Trumpers, , but they would vote for...
Posted Oct 11, 2018

CNN: Kanye West Is a Mentally Ill Token Negro

It was bad enough when CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers labeled Kanye West “the token negro of the Trump...
Posted Oct 09, 2018

Evangelicals Can Disagree on Trump and Still Be Family

Given the volatility of today’s political climate, it may surprise you to know that, on Judgment Day when we give account to...
Posted Oct 08, 2018

I Dare You to Try This Exercise

This may be too scary for you. You may choose to opt out. If so, no problem. I understand. Or it might just be too...
Posted Oct 07, 2018

With the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh the Battle Has Begun

The vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is being hailed as a great victory for President Trump and the...
Posted Oct 04, 2018

Just as Scripted, We Reach the Tumultuous Conclusion to the Kavanaugh Hearings

As dramatic as each new act is in this very painful play, there are hardly any surprises. Things continue to unfold just as...
Posted Oct 04, 2018

Donald Trump: Defender of the People, Divider of the People

In one short moment during his Tuesday night speech in Mississippi, President Trump energized his base and enraged his...
Posted Oct 03, 2018

Rage Against the (Male) Machine

The American feminist movement did not begin in the mid-1800’s as a war against men. It began as a war for women. A war for...
Posted Oct 02, 2018

God Abhors False Witnesses

God Abhors False Witnesses
Posted Oct 02, 2018

The Sovereignty of God and the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

Those of us who believe that God is active in the affairs of this world recognize that things are not always as they appear...
Posted Oct 01, 2018

10 Reasons Why I Address Cultural and Political Issues

On a daily basis, I receive words of appreciation from people of faith who appreciate the cultural stands we take and the...
Posted Sep 29, 2018

Some Ironic (and Forgotten Words) from the Clarence Thomas Hearings

This past week was déjà vu time for everyone old enough to remember the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill controversy. But in the...
Posted Sep 27, 2018

The Democrats, FBI Investigations, and Anita Hill

I’m honestly baffled. Can someone bring some clarity? The Democrats keep referencing Anita Hill’s testimony and calling for...
Posted Sep 27, 2018

The Message Shouting to Us from the Kavanaugh Hearings

I do not know whether Christine Blasey Ford or Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth. But I do know this: Brett Kavanaugh’s...
Posted Sep 26, 2018

Politics Is Not the Gospel, But the Elections Sure Do Matter

We hear it every four years, and sometimes every two years: “This is the most important election in our lifetime! We need to...
Posted Sep 26, 2018

Jesus Died for Michael Avenatti

I do not like attorney Michael Avenatti. His first claim to fame was as the lawyer of a porn star who allegedly slept with...
Posted Sep 25, 2018

How Reliable Are Drunken Memories?

In light of the accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, I asked this question on my personal and ministry Facebook page...
Posted Sep 24, 2018

Unique Perspectives on the European Union by the Pastor of Europe’s Largest Protestant Church

Written by Sandor Nemeth *Special Note: This article was sent to me as a personal email by Pastor Sandor Nemeth, pastor of...
Posted Sep 24, 2018

The Kavanaugh Hearings and the Clash Between #MeToo and #FalselyAccused

To date, not a single alleged witness provided by Prof. Christine Blasey Ford has corroborated her charges. And until Sunday...
Posted Sep 21, 2018

My Review of Bob Woodward’s Fear

Although I virtually never read books about contemporary presidents and political leaders, I decided to read Bob Woodward’s...
Posted Sep 19, 2018

Justice Kavanaugh vs Prof. Ford: The Challenge of Impartiality

Justice must be impartial. It must be fair. It must not have preconceived notions. It must not show favoritism. It must be...
Posted Sep 16, 2018

Should Your Past Sins Disqualify You Today?

Supreme Court nominee Brent Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assaulting a woman more than 35 years ago, a charge which...
Posted Sep 14, 2018

If Bob Woodward Is Right How Should We Vote?

If Bob Woodward’s Trump-bashing, mega-bestseller is true, how should conservatives vote in the midterms? If the White House...
Posted Sep 12, 2018

The Left’s Hatred of Mike Pence Undermines Its Hatred of Donald Trump

We know why President Trump is so hated. We’ve heard it time and again. The man is out of control. He’s a threat to national...
Posted Sep 10, 2018

Was Serena Williams Treated Unfairly Because She Is a Woman?

Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of this generation, male or female. Her tennis accomplishments are second to...
Posted Sep 09, 2018

Only a United States Can Be Great

If America is to be great, it must be united. As the old (and ever true) adage declares, united we stand, divided we fall....
Posted Sep 08, 2018

My Advice to Trump Lovers and Trump Haters: Take a Deep Breath

It’s easy to be reactionary these days. The news cycle has never been more volatile. The divide between right and left has...
Posted Sep 06, 2018

Enough with All the Anonymity

It’s one thing if you’re writing anonymously as a covert agent working within North Korea or an embedded spy in an ISIS...
Posted Sep 01, 2018

A Big Christian Victory in California With a Concern and a Caution

Make no mistake about it. The news from California is very big and very positive. As reported in the LA Times, “California...
Posted Aug 31, 2018

Senator Attacks Religious Freedom

Dr. Brown responds to Sen. Ricardo Lara’s outrageous speech supporting AB 2943.
Posted Aug 31, 2018

It’s Either Really Good Or Really Bad with President Trump

One thing is certain with the presidency of Donald Trump. The good is really good and the bad is really bad. Just consider...
Posted Aug 29, 2018

Why It’s Right to Call Out the Social Media Giants

When we conservatives cry foul and accuse the social media giants of acting unfairly, we are often meet with this response...
Posted Aug 28, 2018

An Appeal to the Mainstream Media to Own Up to Fake News

I’m writing this appeal to all those involved on the front lines of the mainstream media with the hope that some of you will...
Posted Aug 25, 2018

Two California Senators Declare War on the Christian Faith

As California’s AB 2943 is about to become law, some senators are announcing their real sentiments loudly and clearly:...
Posted Aug 25, 2018

Did a Leading Pastor Give a Prophetic Warning About Trump’s Monday from Hell?

This past Tuesday marked one of the most difficult days in the presidency of Donald Trump. Paul Manafort was convicted....
Posted Aug 24, 2018

When It's Right for Christians to Break the Law

Posted Aug 22, 2018

Some Moral Reflections on the Mueller, Manafort, Cohen, Trump Affair

I’m neither a lawyer nor a Washington insider, so I’ll leave the legal wrangling and political theorizing to others. For the...
Posted Aug 22, 2018

Does the Younger Generation Want to Burn Us at the Stake?

In response to our Bible-based video “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” someone posted, “My dude you can't say this stuff in...
Posted Aug 17, 2018

California Christians, Prepare for Civil Disobedience

As California appears poised to pass a draconian bill that directly attacks your religious freedoms, it’s time for you to...
Posted Aug 15, 2018

This Is Not Satire. An Open Pedophile Is Running for Congress

This article is not a spoof, and I’m not making up these headlines or quotes. Every word you’re about to read is true. The...
Posted Aug 11, 2018

Some Candid Questions for Evangelical Supporters of President Trump

Do you remember when candidate Trump said that he could stand on Fifth Avenue in New York City and shoot someone and he...
Posted Aug 09, 2018

The Real Reason for the Left’s Double Standard on Hate Speech

Why is it that organizations like the SPLC can designate conservative Christians as hate groups while ignoring radical...
Posted Aug 06, 2018

Conservative Speech Be Banned!

Headlines on Drudge Report and Breitbart shouted out the dire news: APPLE REGULATES ‘HATE’. And, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE:...
Posted Aug 03, 2018

3 Reasons Why So Many Millennials Love Socialism

It’s true that socialist Bernie Sanders is anything but a millennial. And it’s true that socialism was popular long before...
Posted Aug 01, 2018

Religious Liberty Under Attack

Dr. Brown discusses the current cultural attitude toward faith in light of Attorney General Jeff Sessions launching the ‘...
Posted Jul 27, 2018

To My Fellow-Christian Conservatives: This Is No Time for a Pity Party

It is true that an ugly anti-Bible tide is rising in America. It is true that many conservative believers – in particular...
Posted Jul 24, 2018

Has Keith Ellison Repented of His Call for Censorship?

It’s good to see that Rep. Keith Ellison’s shocking letter to Amazon, calling for blatant censorship, has been removed from...
Posted Jul 18, 2018

I Cannot Make Any Sense Out of YouTube’s Policies

Many of you have taken an interest in our ministry’s experience on YouTube, where on one day, about 900 of our videos were...
Posted Jul 17, 2018

Did Trump Make the Right Play or Did Trump Get Played?

From accusations of “treason” to blunt assessments that, “The President of the United States made a fool of himself in his...
Posted Jul 13, 2018

What Christian Leaders Can Learn from Donald Trump

There are plenty of things followers of Jesus cannot learn from Donald Trump. That is self-evident. But there are things he...
Posted Jul 12, 2018

Yale Elitists Warn of Deadly Consequences If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed

The warning is bleak and dire. “People will die” we are told with gravitas and concern. And the warning comes from the...
Posted Jul 10, 2018

Musings on the President, the Religious Right, Democrats, and the Supreme Court

Since there are many legal pundits far more qualified than I to debate the merits and demerits of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, I...
Posted Jul 09, 2018

It’s Becoming Harder to Ignore the Genocide in Nigeria

Genocide is not my word. It’s the word being used by Christian leaders within the country of Nigeria. Writing for the...
Posted Jul 03, 2018

I’m Not Playing the New Game of ‘Deny Trump to Prove Your Love for Jesus’

We hear this on a daily, if not hourly basis. Evangelicals have hurt their witness by voting for Trump. Evangelicals have...
Posted Jul 02, 2018

Twitter Locks My Account for Telling the Truth About Muslim Slaughter of Christians

For the first time, after more than 35 thousand tweets, Twitter has locked my account. Why? Because I told the truth about...
Posted Jun 30, 2018

President Buhari, Please Stop the Muslim Slaughter of Nigerian Christians

Babies are being hacked to death. Children kidnapped. Women raped and savaged. Young and old burned alive. Houses destroyed...
Posted Jun 29, 2018

Can We Please Show Some Civility and Restraint in the Aftermath of the Annapolis Massacre?

From the bottom of my heart I’m making an appeal. To my fellow radio and TV commentators. To other journalists. To all of us...
Posted Jun 28, 2018

The Overturning of Roe v. Wade and the Possibility of Cultural Change

Within hours of Justice Kennedy announcing his imminent retirement, voices on the left began announcing the imminent...
Posted Jun 28, 2018

ESPN, We Want Sports Not Nudes

It seemed innocent enough. I was being driven to the airport with a few minutes to kill and decided to check on World Cup...
Posted Jun 26, 2018

Reflections on the Passing of Charles Krauthammer and the Meaning of Conservativism

With the passing of Charles Krauthammer, we lost a giant. An intellectual giant and a conservative giant. His passing was...
Posted Jun 24, 2018

Maxine Waters, Is This Really the America You Want?

After Sarah Sanders and her family were kicked out of a restaurant owned by a Trump-hater, Rep. Maxine Waters said on MSNBC...
Posted Jun 22, 2018

Thoughts on Crying Babies Dying Babies and Media Deception

The technique is proven and effective. Put a moving, highly effective, propagandistic photo on the front page (or cover) of...
Posted Jun 19, 2018

Quoting the Bible, Jeff Sessions, and a Warning About What’s Coming Next

The purpose of this article is not to discuss the current immigration controversy. I am not here to take a partisan,...
Posted Jun 18, 2018

Do Moral Values Change with the Times?

One of the most common objections I hear to biblical morality is short, succinct, and to the point: “It’s 2018!” In other...
Posted Jun 13, 2018

The Nancy Brown Take on the Trump Kim Summit

Nancy and I have been best friends since 1974, when we met at the age of 19, and husband and wife since 1976. She is the...
Posted Jun 12, 2018

What Does it Mean to be a Conservative?

Posted Jun 04, 2018

The Supreme Court Pushes Back Against the Rising Tide of Anti-Religious Animus

The Supreme Court today pushed back against the rising tide of anti-religious sentiments in America, ruling in favor of...
Posted May 29, 2018

Disney Fires a Bigot and Hires a Bigot

Did you see the latest headlines? ESPN, owned by the Disney Company, has fired Keith Olbermann for calling President Trump a...
Posted May 26, 2018

Why So Many Israelis Love Trump

I knew that President Trump was popular in Israel. I just didn’t know how popular. Talk about enthusiastic support! I asked...
Posted May 19, 2018

Am I Tuning In At the Wrong Times, Or Does CNN Really Have Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Maybe it’s a matter of timing. Maybe I’m not giving this a fair shake. But whenever I happen to tune in to CNN, there’s a...
Posted May 18, 2018

Right on Cue, the World Condemns Israel

Israel is slaughtering unarmed men! Israel is killing women and children! Israel is butchering babies! It’s time for the...
Posted May 13, 2018

Can We Use Ancient Biblical Texts to Solve Middle Eastern Conflicts?

Tomorrow, in a massively important event, we will move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But this is not simply an...
Posted May 09, 2018

It’s Time to Give President His Due

To all the Never Trumpers and Trump-haters, it’s time to give the man his due. Not only did he do the right thing in backing...
Posted May 01, 2018

Are We Witnessing a Miracle in North Korea?

It’s too soon to say for sure, but if things continue to develop positively between North and South Korea, it would not be...
Posted Apr 28, 2018

Is Black a Color or an Ideology?

One of my friends is a black pastor. He is also a conservative Republican. As a result of his political views, he has been...
Posted Apr 24, 2018

When Christian Conservatives Are Compared to the 9/11 Terrorists

You may have thought I was overstating things in my recent article, “Will California Go from Banning Religious Books to...
Posted Apr 23, 2018

The Saddest Part of the Stormy Daniels Story

Porn star Stormy Daniels may be having the time of her life. She may be enjoying her newfound fame, at the expense of...
Posted Apr 20, 2018

Will California Go from Banning Religious Books to Burning Them?

Two weeks ago, we warned you about the implications of California’s “Must Stay Gay Bill” (see here and here). Now others are...
Posted Apr 17, 2018

Senator Cory Booker’s Attack on Religious Freedom

Dr. Brown takes issue with Senator Cory Booker using a religious test on Mike Pompeo.
Posted Apr 14, 2018

Some Questions for Senator Cory Booker About Sexual Perversion

Senator Booker, pursuant to your questioning of Secretary of State candidate Mike Pompeo, I’d like to ask you some...
Posted Apr 13, 2018

Is Facebook Censoring Conservative Speech?

Dr Brown Weighs in on Cruz vs Zuckerberg.
Posted Apr 09, 2018

Hungary, the Huffington Post, Christianity, and Islam

If the Huffington Post is to be believed, a bigoted Prime Minister in Hungary is leading the nation in a dangerous, ultra-...
Posted Apr 01, 2018

Adultery, Character, and Leadership: A Response to Dennis Prager

In light of the media’s obsession with Stormy Daniels’ and her alleged tryst with Donald Trump, Dennis Prager has returned...
Posted Mar 27, 2018

Confessions of a Former Teen Activist

As a former teen activist, I’m glad to see young people standing for a cause. I appreciate their conviction and zeal and...
Posted Mar 25, 2018

Why I Was Not Enthusiastic About the ‘March for Our Lives’

A colleague wrote to me on Saturday, “I hope you’ll be writing some positive reports about the massive rallies for gun...
Posted Mar 22, 2018

The Supreme Court Confronts California’s Craziness

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments for NIFLA vs. Becerra, the case which focuses on the “law that requires...
Posted Mar 19, 2018

Must We All Behave Like Children?

One day the right is mocking Hillary Clinton for taking a fall while walking down a flight of outdoor steps in India. The...
Posted Mar 15, 2018

The Hypocrisy of Those Accusing White Evangelicals of Hypocrisy

Since President Trump was elected in 2016 with the help of white evangelicals, we have been told that in voting for him, we...
Posted Mar 14, 2018

Are White Evangelicals Giving Trump Another Free Pass?

Dr. Brown shares responses to his recent article on President Trump and Chuck Todd.
Posted Mar 13, 2018

Joy Behar, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and the Question of Public Apologies

According to Vice President Pence on Monday, Joy Behar needed to make a public apology for the anti-Christian comments she...
Posted Mar 12, 2018

I Agree with Chuck Todd

If the presidential elections were held today and Donald Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, I would vote for Donald...
Posted Mar 07, 2018

Why YouTube’s Conflict with Infowars Should Concern Us All

I have never been a fan of Alex Jones and Infowars, and I strongly reject some of the conspiracy theories Jones has put...
Posted Mar 02, 2018

The Left Really Is Trying to Silence Us

Maybe you once thought that the left wanted tolerance and diversity, but in reality, tolerance and diversity have never been...
Posted Feb 28, 2018


This week, Jews around the world are celebrating the festival of Purim, which is based on the biblical book of Esther, and...
Posted Feb 21, 2018

Some Common-Sense Thoughts on Guns and Gun Control

In the aftermath of the latest school massacre in America, can we have a common-sense, non-partisan, practical discussion...
Posted Feb 19, 2018

Why Don’t We Care About the Slaughter of Nigerian Christians?

Thousands of Christians are being butchered in Nigeria and whole villages being destroyed. Why are we so unconcerned? Why...
Posted Feb 19, 2018

America Needs the Faith of Mike Pence

According to everything I know, Vice President Mike Pence is not a religious fanatic. Rather, he is like millions of other...
Posted Feb 14, 2018

The Devastating Truth About School Shootings in America

Those of us who have not lost a loved one to an act of wanton violence cannot fully relate to the agony being experienced by...
Posted Feb 07, 2018

Mr. Trudeau, ‘Peoplekind’? Really?

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, I’m not sure how this is faring on your side of the border, but here in America (and,...
Posted Feb 04, 2018

How Corrupt Are We? My Post-Memo Musings

I don’t want to sound cynical. I love my country, and I thank God I was born and raised here in America. There’s a reason...
Posted Feb 01, 2018

What Would God Say to Us in a State of the Union Address?

After the president’s State of the Union address last night, I asked myself, “What if God Himself addressed our nation? What...
Posted Jan 27, 2018

Donald Trump Did Not Die for My Sins

I was scheduled to be on CNN this week to debate another commentator about evangelicals and President Trump, but due to...
Posted Jan 25, 2018

Does Trump Get a Moral Mulligan?

There is a firestorm of controversy over the comments of evangelical leader Tony Perkins that President Trump gets a “...
Posted Jan 21, 2018

An Honest Challenge for the Never Trumpers

During the Republican primaries, I was very nearly a Never Trumper, so I’m quite sympathetic to that mindset. But I have a...
Posted Jan 16, 2018

Sorry, But Profanity Is Still Profane

Go ahead and call me a prude. Label me as puritanical if you like, an old-fashioned Bible-thumper, a fossil, an antique....
Posted Jan 16, 2018

Is Google So Far to the Left That It Has Lost Touch with Reality?

This is certainly a scary proposition, given the power of Google, but could it be that Google is so far to the left that it...
Posted Jan 13, 2018

As Evangelicals Our Ultimate Allegiance Is to the Lord, Not the President

I don’t know why this is so difficult. When the president does the right thing, we commend him and encourage him. When he...
Posted Jan 10, 2018

Is Evangelical Synonymous With Hypocrite?

Last month, Pastor Timothy Keller wrote an important article in the New Yorker asking, “Can Evangelicalism Survive Donald...
Posted Jan 07, 2018

Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Will Do More to Polarize Than to Analyze

Michael Wolff’s new book attacking the Trump White House has taken the nation by storm. Not only is it the bestselling book...
Posted Jan 05, 2018

Has President Trump Lost His Mind or Has CNN Lost Its Bearings?

Hour after hour, with unrelenting intensity, CNN reporters bring the grim news. It appears that President Trump has lost his...
Posted Jan 02, 2018

What No One Is Telling You About Iran

It’s true that CNN and the New York Times, among other liberal outlets, have rightly been called out for their failure to...
Posted Jan 01, 2018

11 Striking Stories from 2017

Looking back a tumultuous year, here are 10 stories that especially caught my attention. 1) Donald Trump is still standing,...
Posted Jan 01, 2018

NBC Issues Hugging Guidelines for Employees

It is fitting that 2017, a year of the unexpected, ends with more unexpected news. In an attempt to crack down on sexual...
Posted Dec 26, 2017

A Year-End YouTube Update: Progress and Regress

A couple of weeks ago, I was leaving a local Wal-Mart when I was stopped by the very enthusiastic young woman ringing the...
Posted Dec 22, 2017

Is the United Nations Fulfilling Ancient Biblical Prophecy?

On December 21, 2017, the UN united as one to stand against one city on the planet: Jerusalem. Twenty-five centuries earlier...
Posted Dec 19, 2017

The UN Security Council and Israel: A Tale of Two Presidents

Last December, America failed to veto an anti-Israel resolution put forward by the UN Security Council, choosing to abstain...
Posted Dec 14, 2017

Are the Republicans in Big Trouble in 2018?

Many media outlets described the defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama as a defeat of President Trump, as if the voters in...
Posted Dec 13, 2017

Did Drudge Report Tip the Scales Against Roy Moore?

As of this writing, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, December 13, Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore by roughly 20,500...
Posted Dec 12, 2017

5 Questions for Evangelicals in the Aftermath of Roy Moore’s Defeat

What are we to make of the victory of Democrat Doug Jones in very Red Alabama? Was this a vote against Trump andtherefore...
Posted Dec 12, 2017

Should Christians Vote for Roy Moore? A Pragmatic and Moral Approach

If I believed Judge Moore was guilty of sexual misconduct against girls as young as 14-years-old, I would not vote for him...
Posted Dec 09, 2017

No, Mehdi Hasan,‘Values Voters’ Have Not Lost Their Values

Writing in the New Statesman, political author Mehdi Hasan asks, “What has happened to members of the ‘Moral Majority’? You...
Posted Dec 05, 2017

While We Await the Court’s Ruling on Masterpiece Cakes, A Dose of Reality from India

The Supreme Court has now heard the arguments in the Masterpiece Cakes case, a case that pits gay rights against religious...
Posted Nov 30, 2017

Donald Trump, Matt Lauer, and Sexual Scandals

Dr. Brown shares his constructive thoughts on the president’s reaction to Matt Lauer’s fall.
Posted Nov 29, 2017

How (Not) to Respond to the Fall of Matt Lauer

NBC’s Matt Lauer. CBS’s Charlie Rose. NPR’s Michael Oreskes. Amazon’s Roy Price. The New York Times’sGlenn Thrush.Hollywood’...
Posted Nov 29, 2017

3 Ways Congress Could Be Forced to Clean Up Its Own Act

Last week, I asked my Twitter followers, “Do you believe that Congress will clean up its own act when it comes to dealing...
Posted Nov 28, 2017

Nancy Pelosi’s Double Standards

Nancy Pelosi calls for due process for John Conyers yet labels Roy Moore a child molester.
Posted Nov 28, 2017

Donald Trump and the Principle of Divine Upheaval

Whether you are a friend or foe of President Trump, there’s no question that his political presence has produced...
Posted Nov 27, 2017

The Rotten Fruit of Radical Feminism and Identity Politics

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you will have noticed an ominous cultural shift resulting in the wholesale...
Posted Nov 24, 2017

What Christians Are Missing in the Roy Moore Debate

Earlier this week, I asked this poll question on Twitter: “If Roy Moore was running against Hillary Clinton for POTUS and...
Posted Nov 21, 2017

Why Mike Pence’s Sexual Ethics Make Good Christian Sense

Dr. Brown responds to a New York Times op-ed written by an editor of Christianity Today.
Posted Nov 21, 2017

Gloria Allred, Please Turn the Yearbook Over for Forensic Examination

From day one, I have made my views clear on Judge Roy Moore. I hope that he is innocent of the charges brought against him...
Posted Nov 20, 2017

Why the Mike Pence Rule is as Christian as it is Wise

In a New York Times op-ed piece titled “A Christian Case Against the Pence Rule,” Katelyn Beaty argued that, “It’s time for...
Posted Nov 18, 2017

An Evangelical Appeal to President Trump Regarding His Al Franken Tweets

Dear Mr. President, I write to you with the utmost respect and with great appreciation for all you have done for the pro-...
Posted Nov 16, 2017

Sex Scandals, Evangelicals, Donald Trump, and Roy Moore

Over the last 18 months, evangelical Christians have been asked how they could vote for a serial adulterer like Donald Trump...
Posted Nov 16, 2017

Judge Roy Moore 's Vision for America

Dr. Brown comments on Judge Moore's emphasis on God, Religion and the constitution
Posted Nov 15, 2017

Dr. Brown Sets the Record Straight on Pastor Carl Lentz and Abortion

Did Dr. Brown defend Carl Lentz's statement on abortion on the View?
Posted Nov 14, 2017

Why the Allegations Against Judge Moore Are So Serious

What are we to make of the latest allegation of sexual assault being leveled against Alabama senatorial candidate Judge Roy...
Posted Nov 11, 2017

MSNBC: Falwell Connecting the Gospel to White Nationalism

Dr. Brown challenges Bishop William Barber's inflammatory comments
Posted Nov 11, 2017

A Christian Response to the Allegations Against Judge Roy Moore

How should we respond to the charges against Alabama senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore? In light of the recent flood of...
Posted Nov 09, 2017

When Social Media Explodes Over an Editing Oversight

When I wrote my article asking whether it was time for another Jesus Movement among Jewish millennials, I fully expected...
Posted Nov 07, 2017

Don Lemon, There’s a Reason We Pray

Dr. Brown responds to Don Lemon’s comments about sending “thoughts and prayers” to the massacre victims in Texas.
Posted Nov 07, 2017

Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?

On Sunday, the day of the church massacre, cultural commentator David French tweeted, “The amount of anti-Christian hate on...
Posted Nov 06, 2017

A Time to Mourn

Ecclesiastes wrote that there is “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance” (Eccl. 3:4)....
Posted Nov 05, 2017

Netflix and Kevin Spacey: Too Little Too Late?

I hope Kevin Spacey gets the help he needs, and I appreciate Netflix severing ties with him for now. The question is: Why...
Posted Nov 02, 2017

When Islamic Terrorists Think They Have the Right to Terrorism

Earlier this week, Israel blew up a tunnel built by Islamic terrorists, resulting in the death of 7 of those terrorists. In...
Posted Nov 01, 2017

Hollywood Horror

Dr. Brown addresses the recent flood of sexual assault scandals in Hollywood and the glaring hypocrisy of the left.
Posted Oct 30, 2017

What Martin Luther and Donald Trump Have in Common

The differences between Martin Luther, the 16th century reformer, and Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States...
Posted Oct 28, 2017

Did Jesus Really Tell His Disciples to Buy Swords?

As expected, the response to my article “Since When Did Jesus Get Connected to Guns?” was fast and furious, especially from...
Posted Oct 25, 2017

Since When Did Jesus Get Connected to Guns?

Since when did the gospel become associated with guns? Since when did the Christian faith become linked to the right to bear...
Posted Oct 25, 2017

Are We on God’s Side?

As the story goes, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was asked if God was on his side. He replied, “Sir, my concern is...
Posted Oct 17, 2017

Have Evangelical Leaders Become Disciples of Trump?

Posted Oct 17, 2017

Now Do You Understand Mike Pence’s Morality Guidelines?

In light of the flood of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the left’s extreme reaction to Vice President Pence’s...
Posted Oct 16, 2017

Have Evangelicals Leaders Become Disciples of Donald Trump?

A headline on the conservative, RedState website announces, “Trump’s Cheap ‘Merry Christmas’ Christianity Continues To Sway...
Posted Oct 12, 2017

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

My purpose here is not to throw more stones on the now-disgraced Harvey Weinstein, who is already suffering the consequences...
Posted Oct 11, 2017

Dr. Brown Takes on Trevor Noah

Dr. Brown differs with Trevor Noah’s take on NFL protest
Posted Oct 11, 2017

Are the NFL Protests About the Flag Or Not?

Colin Kaepernick said his protest was all about the flag. The NFL Players Union, which supports the players’ right to kneel...
Posted Oct 08, 2017

What Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner Had in Common

If Hugh Hefner was the poster boy of the sexual revolution, Alfred Kinsey was the father of the revolution. But that is not...
Posted Oct 07, 2017

Reefer Madness: Study Links Pot Smoking with Violent Behavior

Dr. Brown discusses a recent report connecting pot smoking with violent behavior.
Posted Oct 06, 2017

Is This YouTube Video Really Unsuitable for Viewers Under 18?

There’s never a dull moment in our dealings with YouTube. In the latest twist, our video commentary on “What God Is Saying...
Posted Oct 04, 2017

A Divided America Cannot Stand

On June 16, 1858, senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous “house divided” speech, including these...
Posted Oct 03, 2017

Can ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Stop the Next Shooting?

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, herself a shooting...
Posted Oct 02, 2017

Only God Can Heal America

America is reeling again. Families have been ripped apart and individual lives have been torn apart. One day we’re reeling...
Posted Oct 02, 2017

Donald Trump Wins Again

NFL players are standing for the anthem, and team owners are urging them to stand. The NHL is asking everyone to stand. The...
Posted Sep 30, 2017

If You Fell Asleep in 1961 and Woke Up Today

It’s been a beautiful spring day in the suburbs of Pennsylvania on this Thursday, June 7th, 1961. You just got home from...
Posted Sep 28, 2017

What Roy Moore's Victory Means

The political and spiritual significance of Judge Moore's victory over the GOP political establishment
Posted Sep 28, 2017

A Practical Suggestion for NFL Players

Dear NFL Athletes, As a fan rather than a critic, may I offer a suggestion to you regarding the national anthem? I...
Posted Sep 27, 2017

What the Roy Moore Victory Means

It’s often said that you can know a man by his enemies. That being the case, we can know a lot about Judge Roy Moore by the...
Posted Sep 27, 2017

A Black Christian Leader Claims That Racism Doesn't Exist in America

Dr. Brown interviews Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Posted Sep 26, 2017

Two Words That Give Me Hope for America

If you want bad news about America, I can give it to you in abundance. If you want to make a case for why it’s too late for...
Posted Sep 26, 2017

UC-Berkeley Cancels Free Speech

The message is clear: controversial conservative speakers are not welcome at UC-Berkeley
Posted Sep 26, 2017

The Trump vs NFL Controversy in Black and White

Dr. Brown's perspective on President Trump's comments and the larger issue of athletes protesting during the national...
Posted Sep 25, 2017

What Do We Make of the Battle Between President Trump and the NFL?

On Sunday evening, the lead story on the Huffington Post announced, “FOOTBALL TAKES THE KNEE” while the lead story on the...
Posted Sep 20, 2017

President Calls North Korea's Leader 'Rocket Man'

Dr. Brown comments on the president's speech to the UN.
Posted Sep 19, 2017

President Trump Calls Out North Korea’s ‘Rocket Man’ Before the UN

President Trump’s first speech before the UN was vintage Trump, for better or for worse. One line in particular epitomized...
Posted Sep 18, 2017

The Danger of Identity Politics

Let's debate the issues, not put people in categories of color or sex or ethnicity.
Posted Sep 17, 2017

Is God Restraining Kim Jong Un?

Is North Korea’s Kim Jong Un about to start World War III? Is he an unhinged, out-of-control megalomaniac? Or is God...
Posted Sep 15, 2017

The Solution to the Cultural Madness Surrounding the Berkeley Protests of Ben Shapiro

The city of Berkeley was on alert. Barriers were erected to stop violent protesters. Bank of America boarded up windows....
Posted Sep 11, 2017

I Thought God-Fearing Judges Were a Good Thing

In ancient Israel, when judges were being appointed, the first qualification was that they had to be God-fearing. Today, in...
Posted Sep 07, 2017

What Does the Bible Say About Immigration?

Dr. Brown weighs in on this controversial topic.
Posted Sep 07, 2017

Here’s Why the Left and Right Really Need Each Other

“You can’t fly without two wings, a left wing and a right wing.” I have to admit I was surprised to hear my friend say this...
Posted Sep 05, 2017

Help Us Push Back Against YouTube’s Unfair Business Tactics

Would you like to come behind the scenes with me for a moment to see what it looks like when YouTube suddenly demonetizes...
Posted Sep 01, 2017

What Melania’s Stilettos Revealed About the Media

The internet lit up earlier this week when pictures emerged of the First Lady wearing high-heel stilettos as she and the...
Posted Aug 28, 2017

What's Your Moral, Cultural, or Political Beef with Dr. Brown?

Please watch the video before commenting! (Dr. Brown will be responding to comments here until the end of September, 2017...
Posted Aug 23, 2017

The Southern Poverty Law Center Is the Most Dangerous Hate Group in America

Which is more insidious, the enemy that you recognize or the enemy that appears to be your friend? Which is more dangerous,...
Posted Aug 23, 2017

The Leftwing Media’s Dangerous and Divisive Lie

Something very ugly is happening in America, something dangerous, divisive, and destructive. And every day, the leftwing...
Posted Aug 22, 2017

Introducing CNNE, Cable News Network Entertainment

Do you know what 24-hour news networks have in common with professional wrestling? It can be summed up in one word:...
Posted Aug 22, 2017

YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos

It all happened in the course of one night, and it happened quite suddenly. Last Thursday night, I noticed that YouTube...
Posted Aug 20, 2017

Should Trump’s Evangelical Advisors Abandon Him?

In the aftermath of the President’s comments about Charlottesville, some Republican leaders have distanced themselves from...
Posted Aug 18, 2017

The Media’s Glaring Double Standards on Violence and Hate

So I don’t have to repeat myself throughout the article, I’ll say things loudly and clearly at the outset. The KKK, white...
Posted Aug 17, 2017

Mr. President, Right Now We Need a Unifier, Not Just a Fighter

Mr. President, I write this with the utmost respect, knowing the weight of responsibility you carry and understanding how...
Posted Aug 16, 2017

Why Does Everything Have to Be About Race?

I’m not minimizing race issues in America or denying that racial inequalities remain. And I recognize that all of us are, to...
Posted Aug 16, 2017

A Christian Response to Google’s Intolerance

A redemptive look at Google's firing of engineer James Damore for writing a memo criticising the company's diversity policy...
Posted Aug 16, 2017

Interview with Rebel Media's Ezra Levant

Dr. Brown interviews Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant about the latest in Leftist censorship as well as his working with...
Posted Aug 16, 2017

There Is Hope for America

America is in very bad shape right now. We are deeply divided along many lines and some of our most fundamental freedoms are...
Posted Aug 14, 2017

The Navy SEALS Aren't Sexist and Bigoted. Men and Women are Different.

The first Navy SEAL team was formed under President Kennedy in 1962. Since then, in the legendary 55-year history of the...
Posted Aug 13, 2017

Charlottesville, White Supremacists, Evangelicals, Racists, and Trump

The alt-right. White supremacists. Nationalists. Trump supporters. Racists. Evangelical Christians. Is this a list of...
Posted Aug 12, 2017

Dr. Brown Is Going Incognito

This video contains top secret information.
Posted Aug 12, 2017

Ben Shapiro, Lila Rose, and the Rising Tide of Young Conservatives

If there’s anything that opinion polls teach us, it’s that the younger generation is much more liberal than the older...
Posted Aug 11, 2017

North Korea and the God Factor

Are we on the edge of a nuclear war, as some near-hysterical pundits claim? Will Kim Jong Un act foolishly, wreaking havoc...
Posted Aug 09, 2017

Don’t Let Them Silence Us!

I’m not a conspiratorialist, and I don’t believe the sky is falling. But I do know that some major players on the left are...
Posted Aug 08, 2017

Laura Loomer Confronts the ADL

Dr. Brown interviews conservative Jewish firebrand Laura Loomer of Rebel Media about confronts the Anti-Defamation League...
Posted Aug 03, 2017

A Prophetic Warning to Christian Educators

Time and again in the Gospels, Jesus warned His listeners, “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses...
Posted Aug 02, 2017

The Old Lady, the Devil, and Donald Trump

Whenever I write an article on Donald Trump, I’m sure to get a flood of responses asking me, “So, when are you going to...
Posted Jul 29, 2017

What the Hiring of Anthony Scaramucci Tells Us About President Trump

Who is the real Donald Trump? If you talk with evangelical leaders who have met with him, they will tell you how humble and...
Posted Jul 29, 2017

Were We Americans Wrong About Charlie Gard?

Friends of mine in the UK have insisted that I and others in America protesting the treatment of the late Charlie Gard are...
Posted Jul 27, 2017

Conspiring With Russia?

Dr. Brown weighs in on the ongoing, daily accusations of Trump colluding with Russia.
Posted Jul 26, 2017

Was I Wrong About Donald Trump?

A few days ago, I came across an article I wrote in April, 2016 titled, “Donald Trump Is Not Your Protector: A Warning To...
Posted Jul 25, 2017

What Charlie Gard Has Taught Us

Isn’t it remarkable that a tiny little baby who cannot utter a word has spoken to the world? Isn’t it remarkable that a...
Posted Jul 24, 2017

Progressives Ban Dawkins From Speaking and Further Expose Their Hypocrisy

By cancelling a talk by famed scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins, leftwing progressives have engaged in an ugly double...
Posted Jul 19, 2017

Why Are We So Obsessed with Politics?

Is this a distraction for believers in the USA?
Posted Jul 18, 2017

Is It ‘Theological Malpractice’ for Ministers to Pray for Trump?

According to NAACP board member Rev. Dr. William Barber, when evangelical ministers prayed over President Trump last week,...
Posted Jul 17, 2017

Religious Liberty Or Religious Privilege?

Dr. Brown interviews Ryan Anderson about topics from his latest book "Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination", co-...
Posted Jul 10, 2017

How to Recognize Fake News

How to separate fact from fiction in the news.
Posted Jul 08, 2017

The Little-Noticed Horror in the Charlie Gard Case

As Americans wonder how a court in England has the power to decide whether a baby’s parents can get him medical treatment,...
Posted Jul 06, 2017

The Safest Video on YouTube

This is the place to go if you're looking for a safe space free of trigger warnings.
Posted Jul 04, 2017

Have Christians Gone Too Far In Support of Trump?

Dr. Brown talks with a caller who feels it is not 'Christ like' when believers hail President Trump as the solution to...
Posted Jul 04, 2017

The Tweeting President Madman or Master Manipulator?

What are we to make of our tweeting Commander in Chief? Has he proven himself to be mentally unstable to the point of being...
Posted Jul 03, 2017

Ten Commandments Under Attack in America

Could the picture be any clearer? America is at war with its own Judeo-Christian traditions.
Posted Jun 30, 2017

Don’t Sell Your Soul in Defense of President Trump

I’m all for defending our president when he’s the subject of unjust attacks. And as a follower of Jesus, I voted for him,...
Posted Jun 29, 2017

Is It Possible To Drain The Swamp?

Dr. Brown interviews former Senator Tom Coburn about his new book 'Smashing the DC Monopoly'.
Posted Jun 27, 2017

Linda Sarsour Picks a Battle with the Bible

Was Linda Sarsour right to compare Islam, Judaism, and Christianity when it comes to sexual morality?
Posted Jun 26, 2017

President Trump, This Advice Could Really Help You

Dear President Trump, Although I was a strong critic of yours during the presidential primaries, I did vote for you in the...
Posted Jun 23, 2017

The Essential Difference Between Christianity and Islam

The essential difference between Christianity and Islam is the difference between Jesus and Muhammad. Jesus was a spiritual...
Posted Jun 22, 2017

The Difference Between Alex Jones and Me

Why you’ll never hear conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric from Dr. Brown
Posted Jun 20, 2017

Was Rep. Steve Scalise’s Shooting Self-inflicted?

Dr. Brown deals with some radical left perspectives on the shooting of the congressman.
Posted Jun 20, 2017

Is J. K. Rowling Right About the Right?

Dr. Brown addresses the unequal responses to the Finsbury attack in England.
Posted Jun 20, 2017

Steve Scalise Shot, Vehicular Killing of a Muslim, and Media Hypocrisy

In the last week, America and the UK have been rocked by two violent attacks, one targeting a conservative Republican in the...
Posted Jun 16, 2017

Violent Words Have Turned to Violent Deeds: The Rise of the Radical Left

From violent campus protests to the shooting of a congressman, the violent, radical left is rising. But this should not...
Posted Jun 14, 2017

A Call for Responsible Rhetoric in the Media

Was the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, along with four others, provoked by irresponsible reporting? Did the leftwing...
Posted Jun 13, 2017

Are There Really Peace-Loving Muslims?

Is peaceful Islam a genuine expression of Islam?
Posted Jun 10, 2017

Another Failed Attempt to Defend Sharia Law and Islam

On Saturday, June 10, there were marches against sharia (i.e., Islamic law) in at least 20 cities in America. But according...
Posted Jun 08, 2017

An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders

Dear Senator Sanders, I write this letter to you with respect and concern. Respect because of your years of service to our...
Posted Jun 02, 2017

Trump Not Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem –Yet

I’m not the least bit surprised that President Trump signed the waiver to delay moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem,...
Posted Jun 01, 2017

Manchester Needs a Gospel Concert More Than a Worldly Concert

Dr. Brown appreciates the efforts of pop stars wanting to reach out to the people of Manchester, but this will not heal the...
Posted Jun 01, 2017

Kathy Griffin Simply Did What Others Were Thinking

What Kathy Griffin did was heinous, but others contributed to the anti-Trump hysteria.
Posted Jun 01, 2017

Kathy Griffin Is Not the Only One Guilty of Anti-Trump Hysteria

Without a doubt, Kathy Griffin crossed a dark and ugly line when she posted her instantly infamous, beheading picture. And...
Posted May 30, 2017

Can Our Universities Be Saved?

Where is the one place in America where free speech is commonly suppressed, where there is often as much indoctrination as...
Posted May 19, 2017

The Shocking Truth About the Cause of Climate Change

You won’t believe what feminist Gloria Steinem has revealed.
Posted May 19, 2017

Mr. Trump, You Must Move Our Embassy to Jerusalem

It’s true that, during the presidential campaign, candidate Trump promised that he would move our embassy in Israel to...
Posted May 16, 2017

5 Things Ann Coulter Got Wrong About Donald Trump

Is Ann Coulter about to dump Trump? Is the outspoken author of In Trump We Trust about to take a giant step in the opposite...
Posted May 05, 2017

How Should We Respond to the President’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty?

Many conservatives are deeply disappointed with the executive order Trump signed yesterday. What are we to make of the long-...
Posted May 04, 2017

Some Major Problems with the Statement of Palestinian President Abbas

Yesterday, President Trump met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, after which the two of them delivered scripted...
Posted May 01, 2017

Are Women in Bikinis Asking to Be Assaulted?

Dr. Brown addresses an outrageous court ruling in Australia.
Posted Apr 29, 2017

President Trump Disappoints the Anti-Semites

It’s fascinating to see the alt-right, anti-Semitic response to Trump’s speech in memory of the Holocaust.
Posted Apr 27, 2017

Donald Trump Disappoints the Anti-Semites

So, Donald Trump delivers a speech in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the anti-Semites are up in arms. He is not the...
Posted Apr 25, 2017

Low Cut Tops, Sexual Harassment, and Bill OReilly

I’m not defending or accusing Bill O’Reilly, and I don’t know if his antagonists are telling the truth. I’m simply asking a...
Posted Apr 24, 2017

Marine Le Pen and the Jews of France: It’s Complicated But Clear

Should French Jews fear the potential election of Marine Le Pen? Should they leave France if she wins the presidency, per...
Posted Apr 20, 2017

'Islamophobia' and the Suppression of Free Speech

Dr. Brown speaks with Andrew Lawton about Canada’s anti-free speech bill M-103
Posted Apr 20, 2017

A Glaring Example of Our Fallen Morals in the Recent Georgia Election

As far as I can tell, the comment received virtually no response from the media, nor was it deemed worthy of a response....
Posted Apr 18, 2017

‘America First’ Does Not Mean ‘America Only’

During the presidential campaign, when Donald Trump spoke of putting “America first,” I never thought he meant “America only...
Posted Apr 12, 2017

What the Fallen Governor Can Teach Us

I am not writing this column to throw stones or condemn. Rather, I am writing this column to help us learn some important...
Posted Apr 07, 2017

Finding a New Way to Get Accepted to Stanford

Dr. Brown comments on a high-school student who used his activism to his advantage
Posted Apr 07, 2017

Should We Take Out Assad?

Secretary of State Tillerson says that Bashar Assad is guilty of using chemical weapons against his own people. Former...
Posted Apr 04, 2017

The Leftist Attacks on Pence’s Moral Guidelines Are a Denial of Human Nature

The left’s bizarre and almost hysterical reaction to Vice President Pence’s personal marital guidelines is not only totally...
Posted Mar 30, 2017

We Are Fighting Demons More Than Democrats

I believe in political involvement. I believe in social action. I believe in taking responsibility for our world. I believe...
Posted Mar 28, 2017

Dr. Brown Challenges Leftists Calling for Accountability in Media

Protesters at Breitbart headquarters in Los Angeles holding signs that read "fake news" and "fight bullies"
Posted Mar 02, 2017

When Trump Is Presidential, His Critics Are Left Out in the Rain

It was an altogether fitting, albeit pathetic, picture. Shortly before Donald Trump delivered the greatest speech of his...
Posted Mar 01, 2017

Please Don’t Tell Me Trump’s Speech to Congress Was Racist

During the Republican primaries, when I was most critical of candidate Trump, I still didn’t believe he was a racist (in...
Posted Feb 23, 2017

Canada's ''Islamophobia" Law Is an Attack on Free Speech

Read M-103 here: http://bit.ly/2kiusV7
Posted Feb 20, 2017

It Is Absolutely Outrageous for the Government to Force Christians to Violate Their Faith

The more you see something shocking, the less shocking it appears, and the more something outrageous happens, the less...
Posted Feb 16, 2017

Shame on the Silent Christian Leaders Who Refuse to Stand Against Government Tyranny

There is only one thing more appalling than the Washington Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling against religious liberty today. It is...
Posted Feb 15, 2017

My Response to Huffington Post Contributor Wanting to Talk with a White, Christian Supporter of Trump

This article is written in response to Susan M. Shaw’s February 11 article in the Huffington Post, “Dear White, Christian...
Posted Feb 13, 2017

President Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and Cowardly Preachers

Boldness in the pulpit is more important than repealing the unfair Johnson Amendment. ***The Line of Fire is made possible...
Posted Feb 11, 2017

Leftwing Intolerance and Rightwing Hypocrisy

In recent months, leftwing intolerance has been on full display, from the riots against free speech at Berkeley (the home of...
Posted Feb 10, 2017

What do you expect from a Trump Presidency?

The Line of Fire is made possible because of your partnership!
Posted Feb 05, 2017

The Election of Donald Trump Tells Us That Anything Is Possible

We are often too rational for our own good, not willing to believe in the seemingly impossible because, well, after all, it...
Posted Jan 30, 2017

5 Things Bothering Me About the Response to Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees

Have you ever seen America so ablaze with controversy? Protests in the streets; hysteria in the news rooms; chaos and...
Posted Jan 23, 2017

An Attempted Impartial Reading of President Trump’s Inaugural Speech

Is it possible to read President Trump’s inaugural speech in a dispassionate manner? With his devotees fawning over every...
Posted Jan 20, 2017

An Open Letter to Critics of President Trump

As one who issued numerous warnings about candidate Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, on radio, in writing, and...
Posted Jan 17, 2017

What Does It Mean to Be a Mediocre Negro?

What do NFL stars Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey, rapper Kanye West, megachurch pastor Darrell...
Posted Jan 15, 2017

When the ‘Enlightened’ Left Doesn’t Get Its Way, Expect Riots and Death Threats

After many hours of hard work, I’ve put together an exhaustive list of the prominent celebrities who chose not to perform at...
Posted Jan 13, 2017

Will the ‘Trump Effect’ Trickle Down to Christian Conservatives?

Like no one before him, Donald Trump has shaken our nation, and love him or loathe him, he has done what no one else has...
Posted Jan 11, 2017

Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice

If President Trump succeeds in removing the oppressive Johnson Amendment, which limits freedom of speech from the pulpits,...
Posted Jan 07, 2017

What Are We to Make of the Tweeting President?

On January 6, just two weeks before his historic inauguration as president, at 2:30 PM, Donald Trump sent out this tweet in...
Posted Jan 07, 2017

Why Leftists Won’t Call a Black-On-White Hate Crime a Hate Crime

Dr. Brown responds to the reactions of Don Lemon, a Democratic strategist, and the White House press secretary to the hate...
Posted Jan 06, 2017

No, Rachel Maddow, Donald Trump Will Not Send You to a Camp

Dr. Brown responds to Rachel Maddow’s statement about the first question she would ask Donald Trump in an interview.
Posted Jan 02, 2017

A Washington Insider Talks about Israel, Islam, and Obama

Dr. Brown speaks with William Koenig about President Obama, Islam, and Israel
Posted Dec 31, 2016

From Demigod to ‘Political Corpse’: The Exaltation and Decline of Barack Obama

I cannot imagine what it feels like to be the president of the United States. The pressures must be enormous and the...
Posted Dec 29, 2016

Obama and Israel, from 2008 to 2016: A Story of Betrayal and Reversal

In June, 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama gave a stirring speech to AIPAC, making strong commitments to the Jewish...
Posted Dec 28, 2016

Is Donald Trump the Newborn King of the Republican Party

Dr. Brown comments on the shocking spiritual ignorance of those who thought that Republicans celebrating were referring to...
Posted Dec 19, 2016

Why Donald Trump Is Catching Hell for Planning to Move Our Embassy to Jerusalem

There is no controversy like the controversy that surrounds the city of Jerusalem, the most divided city on the earth and...
Posted Dec 16, 2016

Are We Entering a Post-Liberal Era?

In his December 9th article “Has the Trumpian Revolution Begun?,” long-time conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan dared...
Posted Dec 14, 2016

Should Christian Leaders Stay Out of Politics?

Is it dangerous for Christian leaders to mix politics and religion? Is that a confusion of their calling? Or is it important...
Posted Dec 12, 2016

Why Many Americans Trust Donald Trump More Than the CIA

While flying home recently from an overseas trip, I watched a movie in which the CIA played a prominent role, and if the...
Posted Dec 09, 2016

‘Fake News’ Is Far More Pervasive Than We Realize

Speaking on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Hillary Clinton warned of, “The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda...
Posted Dec 06, 2016

The Left Keeps Lurching Leftward

Dr. Brown weighs in on how, rather than learning the lessons of the last election, the left keeps lurching further left.
Posted Dec 05, 2016

The Benham Brothers See the Tide Turning Against Liberal Intolerance

David and Jason Benham talk with Dr. Brown about liberal intolerance in the media and the workplace and how they see the...
Posted Nov 27, 2016

The Left Continues to Self-Destruct

Rather than learn some valuable lessons from the resounding electoral victory of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, it...
Posted Nov 21, 2016

Can We Please Stop with This Nazi, Hitler, Name-Calling Stuff?

Adolph Hitler and the Nazis committed some of the most horrific acts known to the human race, systematically murdering...
Posted Nov 17, 2016

Stay Awake! Evangelicals Must Not Hit Snooze Button

At best, the election of Donald Trump has temporarily stopped the rising tide of anti-Christian hostility in the courts, but...
Posted Nov 16, 2016

Have Evangelicals Lost Their Credibility by Voting for Trump?

I find it ironic that the same people who have mocked us for years as hypocrites, bigots, haters, homophobes, transphobes,...
Posted Nov 10, 2016

Here Come the Charges of Racism and Sexism

No sooner was it clear that Donald Trump would be our next president then the “racist” and “sexist” charges started to fly....
Posted Nov 09, 2016

A Veteran Calls Out the Hillary Clinton Double Standard

A strong call from a veteran who lost a colleague in battle and once handled classified information in the military. He is...
Posted Nov 09, 2016

Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention of God

As the political pundits weigh in on the many sociological and ideological factors that contributed to Donald Trump’s...
Posted Nov 08, 2016

If You Value Your Freedoms, Read This Now

Prof. Peterson is being threatened with the loss of his job (and potentially more) simply because he refuses to call a...
Posted Nov 06, 2016

Factoring Israel into Your Voting Decision

God certainly has his ways of getting our attention, and He got my attention this past Saturday night when I was speaking at...
Posted Nov 02, 2016

Don’t Call Me Sexist Because I Won’t Vote for Hillary

Eight years ago, and again four years ago, conservative white Americans were told that the reason we did not vote for Barack...
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Are We Deceiving Ourselves About the Importance of the Supreme Court?

One of the biggest reasons Christian conservatives are voting for Donald Trump is the make-up of the Supreme Court, and the...
Posted Oct 30, 2016

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department, and the IRS: Are We More Corrupt than Russia?

Imagine this scenario if you will. The government decides to crack down on a shady internet company, subpoenaing all their...
Posted Oct 26, 2016

Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

Dr. Brown explains his reasons for voting for Trump and interacts with callers on his decision
Posted Oct 23, 2016

Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump

Before you applaud me for my integrity or condemn me for selling out, allow me to explain my decision to vote for Donald...
Posted Oct 20, 2016

An Interview with Lance Wallnau on God's Chaos Candidate.

Dr. Brown speaks with Dr. Lance Wallnau about candidate Donald Trump and take calls from anti-Trump listeners
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Exposing the Media’s Bias

Dr. Brown talks about the mainstream media’s overwhelmingly pro-liberal bias.
Posted Oct 20, 2016

What If Hillary Clinton Steals the Elections?

In the immediate aftermath of last night’s presidential debate, TV commentators expressed their shock at Donald Trump’s...
Posted Oct 18, 2016

A Hillary Supporter Mocks Our Warnings, Denying Reality

I don’t normally read the comments section to my articles, but during a break during radio on Monday, I clicked on a comment...
Posted Oct 15, 2016

Conservative Christians, Be Assured That President Hillary Clinton Will Declare War On You

Make no mistake about it. If you are a conservative Christian and Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, she will...
Posted Oct 13, 2016

Is Donald Trump ‘God’s Chaos Candidate’?

It was former governor Jeb Bush who first referred to Donald Trump as the “chaos candidate.” Now, Lance Wallnau, an out-of-...
Posted Oct 12, 2016

How Dare Christians Minimize 'Locker Room' Talk

Dr. Brown expresses his outrage over Christians who minimize vulgar despicable comments in their own lives.
Posted Oct 11, 2016

My Reflections After the Second Presidential Debate

Dr. Brown shares his thoughts after the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Posted Oct 10, 2016

Why All the Fuss Over the Trump Sex-Comments Tape?

I’m not writing this to defend Donald Trump or to minimize the despicable nature of his comments captured on video in 2005....
Posted Oct 09, 2016

What King David Could Teach Donald Trump

For many months now, critics of Donald Trump have asked his Christian supporters, “So, you heard about the latest scandal...
Posted Oct 08, 2016

On the Danger of Christian Leaders Endorsing Candidates

Last year, for the first time in my life, I endorsed a political candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, but I’m not sure I’ll endorse a...
Posted Oct 06, 2016

A Great Awakening or a Rude Awakening: What Will It Be?

Isn’t it a shame that, at a time when America desperately needs to hear the prophetic voice of the church, what America...
Posted Sep 28, 2016

Can’t Vote for Hillary Might Vote for Trump

Dr. Brown shares his latest thoughts on who to vote for in the presidential elections.
Posted Sep 20, 2016

President Obama Continues to Divide Americans

Posted Sep 19, 2016

President Obama Continues to Divide Americans

It is no secret that America is deeply divided today, due in no small part to the words and actions of our president....
Posted Sep 07, 2016

CNN, the Censoring News Network

For years now, CNN has been dubbed the Clinton News Network and even the Communist News Network, with a disturbing amount...
Posted Sep 06, 2016

Do Conservative Christians Have the Love of Christ for Obama and Hillary?

Along with many other conservatives, I believe Barack Obama has been one of our worst presidents and I dread the thought of...
Posted Aug 29, 2016

Are Christians Trying to Take Over America?

Dr. Brown responds to a major article on so-called Christian Dominionism.
Posted Aug 20, 2016

Trump Shows a Humble Side

Dr. Brown comments on Donald Trump’s “I regret” comments and shares his latest thoughts on the elections.
Posted Aug 19, 2016

Has Donald Trump Turned a New Leaf?

It was just one speech – really, it was just one very small part of one speech – but it drew immediate and massive media...
Posted Aug 17, 2016

The Book of Proverbs and a Winning Strategy for Candidate Trump

Dear Mr. Trump, I’d like to offer you some free advice that will almost certainly guarantee your victory in the November...
Posted Aug 04, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the Presidential Elections, and the Sovereignty of God

More than 2,500 years ago, the prophet Daniel declared that God “removes kings and sets up kings” (Dan. 2:21), and...
Posted Aug 03, 2016

Contrary to Popular Claims Jesus Did Not Prophesy About Barack Obama

Is it true that a Hebrew prophecy about Barack Obama is hidden in the words of Jesus in Luke 10:18, where He said to His...
Posted Jul 27, 2016

Since God Hates the Shedding of Innocent Blood, Can a Christian Vote for Hillary?

There are few sins God hates as much as shedding innocent blood, especially the blood of children. Seeing that Hillary...
Posted Jul 23, 2016

The GOP and Gays: Confusion or Compromise?

What message is the Republican party sending out to America? Republican leaders proudly announced that they had drafted “the...
Posted Jul 21, 2016

What We Learned from Ted Cruz’s ‘Vote Your Conscience’ Line

A headline on Townhall.com read: “Analysis: Cruz Boos Dominate RNC's Penultimate Night.” That is certainly the media...
Posted Jul 19, 2016

Does God Have a Political Affiliation?

When Pastor Mark Burns opened up the Republican National Convention with prayer on Monday night, he could not have made...
Posted Jul 09, 2016

The Irony of Democrats Calling Donald Trump Anti-Semitic

Anyone who has followed me over the last 12 months knows that I am not a Donald Trump surrogate. I was an early endorser of...
Posted Jul 05, 2016

By Failing to Recommend the Indictment of Hillary Clinton, the FBI Indicted Itself

Like many Americans, I followed yesterday’s news conference with FBI Director James Comey with tremendous interest,...
Posted Jul 04, 2016

This Fourth of July, Our Religious Freedoms are Under Assault. Wake Up.

There is no freedom in America more fundamental than the freedom of religion, but on this Fourth of July, as we celebrate...
Posted Jun 30, 2016

Why I’m Actually Rooting for Donald Trump

Maybe, just maybe, the words of the godly Christian leaders Trump surrounded himself with will sink in, even just a little...
Posted May 30, 2016

If Obama Was Not the Political Savior, Neither Is Trump

Eight years ago, massive crowds gathered to hear Barack Obama’s stirring message of hope and change. This young senator was...
Posted May 24, 2016

‘I Was Wrong’: Three Words That Could Change Donald Trump’s Life

Since my open letter to Donald Trump on August 27th, 2015, I’ve raised many concerns about his candidacy, feeling strongly...
Posted May 23, 2016

Is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg a Well-Intended Liberal with a Massive Blind Spot?

While Mark Zuckerberg’s much-publicized meeting with conservative leaders last week has drawn varied responses, from Glen...
Posted May 13, 2016

A Call for Nationwide Civil Disobedience to President Obama

There are times in history when obedience to God means disobedience to man. This is one of those times. Now that the Obama...
Posted May 03, 2016


DONALD TRUMP, THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER PRESIDENT It is altogether fitting that Donald Trump became the all-but-certain...
Posted Apr 30, 2016


Is there an increasing hostility to Christian values and religious freedoms in our country today? Here are 7 representative...
Posted Apr 28, 2016


It’s one thing when non-religious supporters of Donald Trump attack their candidate’s detractors in the most profane and...
Posted Apr 21, 2016


Donald Trump has presented himself as a protector of conservative Christians and as the best friend Christians will ever...
Posted Apr 21, 2016

A Warning to Conservative Christians Supporting Trump

In light of Donald Trump's comments on 4-21-16 re: abortion, transgender rights, and the North Carolina bathroom privacy...
Posted Apr 19, 2016


Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood, claims that a woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel...
Posted Mar 13, 2016


Let me make three unequivocal statements about the wave of protests and violence at recent Donald Trump events. First,...
Posted Mar 10, 2016

Is Donald Trump a Modern-Day Cyrus?

Ever since Donald Trump began to surge as a candidate last year, Christians have been pointing to the book of Isaiah and...
Posted Mar 07, 2016

An Open Letter to Pastor Robert Jeffress

Dear Pastor Jeffress, I have the utmost respect for your many years of faithful ministry, for your gracious and unflinching...
Posted Mar 03, 2016

Why a Rabbi Is Wrong About Ted Cruz

A Denver, Colorado rabbi has written a forceful, open letter to Sen. Ted Cruz, ending with these strong words: “Senator Cruz...
Posted Mar 03, 2016

If You're Pro-Life, You Don't Praise Planned Parenthood

Allow me to make an extreme comparison. Along with their murderous, barbaric policies and practices, the Nazis engaged in...
Posted Feb 26, 2016

Donald Trump: The Vacillator-in-Chief

If Donald Trump ends up being our next president, I will pray that he will be the greatest president we have ever had and I...
Posted Feb 25, 2016

Was It a Good Idea for Me to Endorse Sen. Cruz?

On February 25, just days before the Super Tuesday Republican primaries, Dr. Brown reflects on his endorsement of Sen....
Posted Feb 23, 2016

My Warning to the Charlotte Mayor and City Council, February 22, 2016

Last night, the City Council of Charlotte, with the strong support of Mayor Jennifer Roberts, voted 7-4 last night to pass a...
Posted Feb 19, 2016

Can We Judge the Christianity of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has challenged the Christianity of Ted Cruz while also raising questions about the nature of Ben Carson's faith...
Posted Feb 15, 2016

Cognitive Dissonance and the Followers of Donald Trump

When the legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum was challenged about the veracity of one of his past statements, he famously...
Posted Feb 10, 2016

Shame on the Pastors Who Anointed Hillary Clinton as President

Hillary Clinton is white. The pastors who declared her to be the next president of the United States, surrounded by the...
Posted Feb 08, 2016

A Word of Wisdom for Political Candidates

Dr. Brown shares a short word of wisdom for political candidates, especially for those who claim to be followers of Jesus...
Posted Feb 07, 2016

Dr. Brown Calls Out CNN

Dr. Brown calls out CNN's reporting of the Ted Cruz-Ben Carson, Iowa caucus controversy, stating that they are either...
Posted Feb 05, 2016

An Interview with Rafael Cruz, Father of Sen. Ted Cruz

Dr. Brown speaks with Rafael Cruz about his own conversion, his son Ted, their burden for America, and his new book A...
Posted Feb 05, 2016

CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed

It is unfortunate that the Ted Cruz campaign and Rep. Steve King sent out misleading and even erroneous information about Dr...
Posted Feb 03, 2016

Mr. Trump, What Is 'Not Worth It'?

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's second place finish to Ted Cruz in Iowa, his Twitter feed was surprisingly silent for 15...
Posted Feb 01, 2016

I’ve Had it with the Line ‘But We’re Not Electing a Pastor-in-Chief’

I don’t like worthless, empty slogans, but I have a real problem when those worthless, empty slogans are used to justify a...
Posted Jan 29, 2016

Of Course We’re Christians First and Americans Second

Marco Rubio has freely declared that his faith comes first and that it impacts both his private and public life, while Ted...
Posted Jan 27, 2016

Why This Conservative Journalist No Longer Likes Trump

Conservative journalist John Hawkins, once a fan of Donald Trump, explains to Dr. Brown why is he no longer a fan.
Posted Jan 27, 2016

An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr.

Dear Mr. Falwell, In light of your not-unexpected endorsement of Donald Trump for president, I have some candid questions...
Posted Jan 18, 2016


We all understand that politicians will be political, emphasizing one point to one audience and another point to another...
Posted Jan 18, 2016


As someone born and raised in New York, and as a supporter of Ted Cruz for president, I took great interest in the exchange...
Posted Jan 07, 2016

Christian Candidates, Please Step Higher

I understand that politics is different than ministry and that running campaign ads is different than preaching from the...
Posted Dec 23, 2015


Dear Sen. Rubio: A recent guest on my radio show urged me to “follow the money trail” in your campaign, raising serious...
Posted Dec 14, 2015

Trump Asks of Cruz: Can Any Good Evangelical Come Out of Cuba? I Ask: Does Trump Even Know What an Evangelical Is?

In one of his strangest comments to date, Donald Trump raised questions about Ted Cruz’s evangelical roots, saying at a...
Posted Dec 07, 2015

President Barack Obama, Apologist for Islam

I do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim, but I have no doubt that he reveres Islam and that he is an apologist for...
Posted Dec 02, 2015


I knew that there would be a strong backlash when I raised concerns about evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump as...
Posted Nov 30, 2015

Why Evangelical Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump

I understand the tremendous popularity of Donald Trump in America in 2015. He is a larger than life reality TV star; he is...
Posted Nov 27, 2015

Why Evangelical Christians Should Have a Problem with Donald Trump

Dr. Brown raises questions as to how evangelical Christians can support Donald Trump as the Republican presidential...
Posted Sep 25, 2015

Donald Trump and the Difference Between Chutzpah and Rudeness

Along with many other Americans, I like someone who shoots straight and doesn’t pull punches, someone who will tell it like...
Posted Jul 14, 2015

To Live or Die for Jesus

Dr. Brown is at his best in this interview with The Jerusalem Channel’s Christine Darg on issues ranging from the Supreme...
Posted Feb 12, 2015

A Caller's Strong Words on President Obama

A passionate caller shares her views on whether President Obama has deceived the American people
Posted Nov 12, 2014

Why Obama's presidency was doomed to fail

Do you remember the hype that once surrounded Barack Obama? Do you recall the godlike setting of his acceptance speech at...
Posted Jul 22, 2014

President Obama, You Have Crossed a Dangerous, Unprecedented Line

Dear Mr. President, I write to you today as a concerned citizen of our great nation, standing as a witness against your...
Posted May 30, 2014

John Kerry, Israel and Apartheid

After coming under intense criticism for his remarks that Israel could become an "apartheid state" if it did not embrace a...
Posted Sep 03, 2013

Where are the Statesmen?

While reading a book about Winston Churchill framed in his own words, I was struck by the vast difference between his...
Posted Jan 22, 2013

My Response to Your Inaugural Speech, Mr. President

The president declared it. A pastor prayed it. And woe betide those who differ with this new reality announced at yesterday’...