Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Michael L. Brown

It is one thing to dispute the outcome of the elections, as many educated and informed people are doing. It is another thing to claim that “Trump won by the biggest landslide in American history.” Why are we repeating such nonsense? How does it help our cause or enhance our argument?


To the contrary, such ridiculous accusations only undermine our message and further discredit us in the eyes of a watching world, before whom we have already lost much credibility. Worse still, when these falsehoods come from the mouths of leading pastors, it makes the gospel itself look bad.


I ask again: To what gain? To what purpose? What cause does this advance?


There are statisticians who have raised credible arguments disputing the outcome of the elections. And there are reports of thousands of signed affidavits with specific examples of voter fraud. (For a sampling of additional arguments, see here.)


We have a system in place to review such claims, and if they are proven true through audited recounts and in courts of law, then the results will be overturned. In the end, all Americans of conscience should share the same goal: let the elections be conducted lawfully and fairly, and let the people speak through their votes.


But the moment we add in ridiculous exaggerations, we make the entire case seem suspect. (My official position is simple: I do not know to what extent there was voter fraud because I cannot analyze the data for myself and because I have no expertise in evaluating the claims. But I am confident that, with so much prayer ascending to heaven, truth will triumph.)


Either way, though, even if every claim of fraud were true, Trump would not have won by the greatest landslide in our history. Who came up with this statement? And why are men of God repeating it? It only brings mockery to our message and reproach to our cause.


To illustrate the absurdity of this claim – specifically, that Trump won by the greatest landslide in American history – let’s say that Biden only won two states, California and New York, which no one in their right mind disputes. (Not even Trump’s most zealous attorneys would dispute these victories, along with Biden’s victories in quite a few other states.)


Just with these two states, Biden would have won 84 out of 538 votes, meaning 15.6 percent of the electoral votes, leaving Trump with less than 85 percent of the electoral vote.


Yet there were at least 10 different presidential races where the margins were much bigger, including: LBJ vs. Goldwater in 1964 (he took over 90 percent of the electoral vote, 486-52); Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter in 1980 (he also took more than 90 percent of the electoral vote, 489-49); Nixon over McGovern in 1972 (he took almost 97 percent of the electoral vote, 520-17); Reagan over Mondale in 1984 (he took almost 98 percent of the electoral vote, 525-13); and FDR over Landon in 1936 (he took over 98 percent of the electoral vote, 523-8).


So, to repeat, even if there was massive electoral fraud, tilting the results in the swing states, and even if Biden only won California and New York, Trump’s reconstructed victory would still not have been the biggest landslide in our history. Not even close. (For the record, LBJ also took over 61 percent of the popular vote, which no pro-Trump projection would claim for him.)


So I ask once more: What do we gain by repeating a lie? How does a gross exaggeration help our cause?


What is really scary is the pushback I received when I posted some of these thoughts on Wednesday night on the AskDrBrown Facebook page, noting that “God cannot bless exaggerations.” (I first heard that quote from the lips of a faith leader who died in 1947. He was recounting a healing miracle he witnessed firsthand, and he wanted to make it clear that he was reporting every detail with full accuracy, realizing that “God cannot bless exaggerations.”)


One man wrote: “For the first time I categorically disagree. You apparently don't realize or understand the level of corruption and the history of voter fraud the Democrat party is so well known for, not just in this election but for 50 years.”


Another simply posted: “False prophet. Buyers beware. God said there will be false prophets in the last days. Prime example right here.”


Another opined: “You're obviously another Demonic Socialist Troll idiot.”


Another claimed: “Dr Brown, you are coming off as a flaming Communist. You're turning off everyone who thought you were worth listening to. Please change your tune.”


Another compared me to Joel Osteen. (Not quite sure what Joel Osteen has to do with this!)


Certainly, I understand that passions are high. And I recognize that the question of electoral fraud is one of the hottest topics on the planet, for good reason. The implications are massive.


But please. Let us be lovers of the truth. Exaggerations are just another form of lies, and God hate lies.


The truth is always more than enough.


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Daniel434 posted a comment · Dec 08, 2020
I was checking for replies and at the end of the article was this line "But please. Let us be lovers of the truth. Exaggerations are just another form of lies, and God hate lies." Was this in there a week ago? If so, you can delete my previous comment.
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A._catholic posted a comment · Dec 05, 2020
I agree with Dr. Brown; exaggerating about fraud in the elections- lying- isn't of Christ, and doesn't further Christ's kingdom (neither does conservative nor liberal politics- but that's a different subject). The international observers *who were asked by Pres. Trump* to check the elections found no evidence of systemic fraud. The courts have found no credible evidence to Pres. Trump's claims. Even Att. Gen. Barr- normally a sycophant for Trump- says Biden won. Time to get a different father (Satan the father of lies- Jn 8:44).
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Daniel434 posted a comment · Dec 04, 2020
Except it's not exaggerating. It's lying to soothe the wounded ego of a narcissist with delusions of autocracy.
Melchizedek posted a comment · Dec 04, 2020
It's not up to the courts to decide the elections. The job of the courts would be to adjudicate the guilt or lack of guilt on the part of anyone who is prosecuted for election fraud and malfeasance. The regulation of the elections belong to the legislatures. If there are reasonable doubts about an election then the election can be declared null and void. Otherwise there will quickly be no confidence in the results of any election. In the case of the POTUS, if the popular vote and/or the Electoral College are unreliable or indeterminate, then the Constitutional remedy is for the House of Representatives to handle it. I believe that is the only way out of the current mess anyway. Many people are convinced that widespread fraud occurred, whilst people who have no idea what's been going on since the beginning of time are trying to tell us that no fraud ever occurs ever, except in 2016 by Orange Man and the Russians.
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neptune posted a comment · Nov 29, 2020
Unfortunately, it seems that this Web site has a real problem with some trollish posters. Interestingly enough, just a few months ago, Charisma News *completely* removed their Disqus comments section. Why? Because they saw that it had become mob-driven, and that most of the comments were negative and anti-Christian. Smart move. On a Christian Web site, it is *far*more important for Christ to be promoted than to allow "absolute freedom" in the comments. So, it seems that Brown needs to do one of two things: 1) allow users, once they log in, to block/ignore any others users that they find offensive (so that their comments are not visible); 2) have the Web team delete the accounts of the trollish posters. If he doesn't do this, then he's actually turning off Christians and other conservatives who could make valuable contributions to this Web site, so I hope he takes heed. Anyway, in the meantime, I think Proverbs 23:9 applies: "Do not speak to a fool, for he will despise the wisdom of your words." So, as tempting as it may be, please do not feed the trolls in any capacity, because that's exactly what they want.
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SteveW posted a comment · Nov 29, 2020
Another zero information one-liner from Swkh310. Have you actually looked at the claimed evidence of fraud or are you just parroting the MSM?
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Swkh310 posted a comment · Nov 27, 2020
Zero proof of any voter fraud whatsoever.
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neptune posted a comment · Nov 27, 2020
SteveW wrote: "It is not people who possibly overstate the extent of the election fraud that is the real issue here, but all those who dismiss the claims out of hand (i.e. MSM, Dems, RINOs, Big Tech) without engaging with the specific claims in any meaningful way." Exactly! So Trump supporters are human—big deal. As you said, the real issue here is the reprobate minds who just cavalierly dismiss the substantial claims of election fraud. Why doesn't Brown get as worked up about that as he does about possible exaggerations by some Trump supporters?? As I mentioned once before, so many Christian columnists seem to be way out of touch with how Christians "on the street" see things. Anyway, I would recommend the most recent videos by Lance Wallnau and Dutch Sheets. These guys seem to be mostly in touch with what "regular" Christians are thinking, and are encouraging us to keep on praying about the election ("it's not over") and not give up.
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SteveW posted a comment · Nov 26, 2020
I don't understand why you are getting all bent out of shape about this Dr Brown? It is clear that Trump did win by a landslide even if it was not the biggest in history. That is clear from the massive crowds that attended the Trump campaigns versus the tiny crowds that Biden attracted, before getting into the massive fraud that has now come to light. It is precisely because Trump was winning by a landslide that the fraud had to be so large (and hence easily spotted) to overcome his winning margin. It is not people who possibly overstate the extent of the election fraud that is the real issue here, but all those who dismiss the claims out of hand (i.e. MSM, Dems, RINOs, Big Tech) without engaging with the specific claims in any meaningful way.
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neptune posted a comment · Nov 26, 2020
I think the whole point is kind of moot. Why? Because the media has been lying nonstop about Trump for years. If the media were even halfway truthful in their reporting throughout the years about everything that he has accomplished, then Trump might well have won this election in one of the biggest landslides ever. However, in a corrupt system like ours today, it makes little difference how much he actually won by. And the fact is—nobody really knows.
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RAS posted a comment · Nov 26, 2020
The fact is, we do not know the real numbers. We will know one day when it is revealed by the one who has every hair on everyone's head numbered; then the true counts will be exact. Until then, I can't say Trump won by a landslide, but I dare not say he did not; nor will I call a declaration of that by others, nonsense. Why? Because I don't know. I do know, a whole lot of things were wrong. Two things to consider: 1) a landslide does not have to be 90%. You could call 55%/45% a landslide. 2) A real big problem here is voting machines and hi-tech tabulations. A nefarious person with the technical skills in the right position can change a millions votes about as easy as changing one. The Dominion voting machines were developed under Chavez in Venezuela with help from China. My state, Texas, rejected the use of them determining they were unsafe. They were connected to the internet and easy to hack. To top that, the votes were exported to Spain where they were processed and then to Germany, before coming back to the US as counted votes. Numerous counts from electronic voting machines returned with numbers that ended in fractions; like as if Biden got .666.. of a vote and Trump .333... . You ever vote like that? Algorithms designed to divide votes by percentages do that, not voters. No problem with that, aside from all the other types of voting created specifically to be easily manipulated? So, what are the real numbers? Only God knows. But I don't believe the counts as they are. I for one am being careful not to discount the beliefs of others, who may or may not, have more information of hidden things than I do.