Canada's ''Islamophobia" Law Is an Attack on Free Speech

Posted Feb 23, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Read M-103 here:



d.loseth posted a comment · Mar 28, 2017
I would like to add though, needing to correct myself, M-103 is not a law, it is a motion.
d.loseth posted a comment · Mar 23, 2017
As a Canadian I will confirm that there has been a movement, especially with the current Liberal government, of a wide spread embracement of Islam. I will confess I was one of them in a way, I'm traditionally left wing politically being concerned with the environment and social justice issues such as the century and a half of oppression and cultural genocide to our First Nations people, including the Residential Schools which is a black mark on Canadian history, but in recent months (recent half year) I've really been convicted and changing my beliefs politically. I see the evil underneath the liberal movements in Canada, and I preached acceptance of Muslims and that we need to embrace them, I still believe we need to love them and that Muslims that are refugees need a safe place, but it's when our country begins changing laws to accommodate Muslim preference becomes an issue. It's happening all over, and you are accused of being a bigot if you speak up in certain circles about concerns of the Muslim growth in Canada. It's more and more taboo to be Christian in this country, especially in larger city centres, Christianity is more and more seen as a religion of hypocrites, ignorance, intolerance, oppressive etc and yet simultaneously there is an acceptance of Islam, oh the irony. As a Canadian, I was horrified when the U.S essentially elected Clinton and Trump as their options, I thought no matter what happens now they get what they deserved, how in the world could from all the decent options, on both sides, have picked those two options? I truly didn't think Trump would win, and when he did I didn't know what to think, was the world going to end? Will he be the demise of the U.S (note, I thought Hilary was evil and possibly the worse of the two at the time)? As time has gone on, I have been changing my views more and more from a stirring within, maybe though Trump is in some ways the representation of hatred and ignorance in the U.S, in other ways maybe he is what the Lord is going to use for good? I can't believe I'm saying this, and a year ago I never would have dreamed of saying this, but as a neighbour to the North, I feel better about Trump being in power than Clinton because I feel Clinton was and is essentially Satan's spokesperson. I believe the Democrats are infected (as well as past Republicans, like Bush) so deeply by corruption and evil agenda's that like in Canada, it will become the downfall and bridge to the persecution we anticipate from the Bible. That was quite a ramble from a distressed Canadian living is a more and more hostile country towards Christianity.