Can’t Vote for Hillary Might Vote for Trump

Posted Sep 28, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown shares his latest thoughts on who to vote for in the presidential elections.



Royce posted a comment · Sep 30, 2016
Dr. Brown, who are these "godly leaders" that Trump is surrounding himself with? I hope you're not referring to Falwell, Jr. or Jeffress. They've proven themselves to be anything but. How about doing a video a video on what so-called "Christian Leaders", like Jeffress, are saying about Christians who won't vote for Trump!!! If you're not familiar with what Jeffress called me (and you if you don't vote for Trump) Google "Jeffress calls Christians hypocrite and fool" or click on this link if it will work here: . You'll see and hear the words come outta his own mouth in that video. You also state that Trump is "embracing the Party Platform". That, in fact, is not true. Trump has openly, publicly stated that he will NOT follow it!! I saw it myself and he justified that by saying "Many other Presidents have not followed their party platform either." Does that sound like Trump to you? Sure does to me. Most of all, why don't you do a video on what the Bible says about who and how to vote for leaders?? Still trying to decide if Trump can "win my vote"? What is the basis for you to make that decision? Is it the Word of God or something else? Please do tell. I know you know enough about the Word to know what God has said. How about telling it here? And while you're at it, how about reminding folks that this is not our kingdom! We do NOT belong to this world. We have a different King who is Lord over another Kingdom that we belong to. Seems that is, in large part, being totally forgotten or ignored.