Posted Jul 03, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

By now, we’re used to hearing comparisons between President Trump and King Cyrus. Cyrus was an idol-worshipping king who lived 2,500 years ago, yet Isaiah prophesied that God would use him to restore the Judean exiles and rebuild Jerusalem, which he did (see Isaiah 44-45). In similar ways, evangelical leaders have suggested that Trump, who was hardly a Christian, would be used to help their cause.

But is there another biblical king to whom Trump can also be compared, namely King Jehu?

On December 15, 2018, Joel Pollak, an Orthodox Jew and senior editor for, made this very comparison. He wrote, “In many ways, Trump is reminiscent of the biblical King Jehu, an outsider who was anointed to rule Israel and rid it of corruption. . . . Jehu also dispatched Ahab’s widow, the wicked Queen Jezebel, who had urged her late husband to persecute the prophets.”

He added, “Jehu continued his aggressive campaign to rid the kingdom of corruption. He ordered the execution of seventy of Ahab’s sons, and used an ingenious ruse to slaughter all the remaining supporters of Baal, luring them to a temple by promising that he would also worship the idol and then ordering his guards to kill them. Though his methods were unconventional, Jehu earned the support of Jehonadab the son of Rechab, widely respected for his morals.”

Trump, then, would be reminiscent of a Jehu-like figure. He was the man who defeated Hillary Clinton, who was a Jezebel-type figure, being a pioneer feminist who stood against godly values.

Interestingly, more than one year before Pollak made these comparisons, Messianic Jewish author Jonathan Cahn made similar comparisons in his book The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times. But Cahn took them much further.

As summarized in a November, 2018 column, this was Cahn’s application of the ancient biblical texts. First, as in Ahab’s day, America was at a crossroads in the 2016 elections. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, “It would have sealed the Supreme Court for a generation. It would have ended religious liberty.”

Second, “Jehu was not a politician, and Donald Trump was not a politician. Jehu was a fighter. Donald Trump is a fighter. Actually, he fights with everybody!”

As Cahn explained, “Jehu was not a gentleman. Well? Jehu was kind of wild, kind of out of control, and you never knew what he was going to do next. Do I have to say anything? Jehu would come on the national stage suddenly and shake up the status quo, and so, too, with Donald Trump. . . .

“Jehu had not lived a godly life, and neither has Donald Trump. Now this warrior is used, despite himself, for God’s purposes in this moment.”

As for Jehu being “wild, kind of out of control,” Cahn pointed to 2 Kings 9:20. In that text, a watchman reporting on a rider coming to Samaria said that “the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously” (KJV).

Other translations render the last words with: “he drives like a maniac” (NIV; TLV; NRSV); “he drives like a madman” (CSB); he “drives wildly” (NJPSV); or, “he drives recklessly” (NET). Does this sound familiar?

Third, “Jehu the warrior will come head to head against the former First Lady. Then there will come a showdown.” So, too, with Trump and Hillary, whom also likened to a Jezebel-type, pioneer feminist figure.

Cahn sought to buttress his argument with further, detailed parallels, also likening Jehonadab to Pence.

What are we to make of such comparisons?

To be sure, they are nothing more than comparisons. And Hillary Clinton is hardly the same as Jezebel, a woman who actually slaughtered the prophets of Israel.

What does seem clear is this (and this holds true whether you love Trump or loathe him): An alpha male leader like Donald Trump will come into direct conflict with the radical, feminist spirit, the spirit of Jezebel. It cannot be avoided.

In short, the Trump candidacy, followed by the Trump presidency, has brought the worst of radical feminism to the surface.

In that sense, it has caused Jezebel to come out of the shadows and into the forefront.

In that sense, Trump is like Jehu, the man who drove “recklessly,” the leader who drove like a “madman,” like a “maniac.”

Just consider some of these disparaging headlines describing President Trump (with my emphasis in bold):

  • “Majority of voters think Trump is reckless, poll says” (Detroit Free Press, October 25, 2017)
  • “Poll: Majorities think Trump is reckless, profane and sexist” (The Hill, January 28, 2018)
  • “Trump’s not a liar. He’s a madman.” (Washington Post, May 29, 2018)
  • “War of words: Trump, visionary or madman?” (The Telegraph, May 25, 2018)
  • “A Virginia Democrat called Trump a 'narcissistic maniac.' And he's not the liberal in the race!” (CNN; June 5, 2017)

Shades of descriptions of Jehu!

Trump is a hated man, especially among liberal women. To them, he is the ultimate example of a powerful, sexist, abusive male. That’s why, at a massive women’s march immediately after Trump came into office, Madonna openly expressed her desire to blow up the White House.

Later that same year, comedienne Kathy Griffin held up the bloodied likeness of the president’s decapitated head. And month by month, witches have gathered to curse and hex him.

Shades of the spirit of Jezebel!

Just note this headline from December 21, 2018: “Witchcraft moves to the mainstream in America as Christianity declines - and has Trump in its sights.” (Jezebel was also associated with witchcraft and sorcery in the Bible.)

To be sure, there is a lot of female anger towards Trump because of his ugly, sexist past, including both alleged actions and recorded comments.

This is totally understandable, also causing many of these women to ask how any evangelical Christian could vote for him, support him, or work for him.

But the truth be told, some of the female anger towards Trump – really, it is outright rage – is due to the fact that he has become a pro-life champion, one of the more surprising developments in political memory. He is standing for God’s cause, just as Jehu did.

His Supreme Court appointees could threaten Roe v. Wade, which is one of Jezebel’s most carefully guided prizes. And these women will fight and scratch and claw to keep their “right” to abort.

A man like Trump, for better or worse, brings an angry, even hysterical, radical feminist spirit to the surface.

And that is why Jezebel is so enraged. Her agenda is being threatened. She is confronting her Jehu again.

(Excerpted and adapted from Michael L. Brown, Jezebel’s War with America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide.)


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gerald a posted a comment · Jul 14, 2019
A catholic probably approves of the recent actions of the Governors of NY and NJ that blocked a natural gas pipeline from being built. His leftist pseudo-Christian Gaia worship take would probably be that they aren't "serving mammon". 'Shortages of gas for heating have hit the nation’s most important city: New York. “If you’re looking to expand your natural gas service in Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island, we will not be able to meet your request,” unless both states reverse their decisions and OK the pipeline, the utility warns. A local group called Heartshare, which assists New York’s needy with heating costs, is nervous. Its vice president for energy programs, Joe Guarinello, says it’s written local congressmen in support of the pipeline'. '“Right now, gas is the most inexpensive and the cleanest for heating homes in our area,” he notes. “We’d like to make sure that the people we assist, both the disabled and the economically stressed,” can continue to benefit from it. The nuttiest part: These shortages are by no means unintended; they’re exactly what climate-change radicals want — a cutoff in fossil fuel supplies, whatever the consequences. They don’t care that there’s no good substitute now, or who suffers'.
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gerald a posted a comment · Jul 14, 2019
A catholic: This statement is labeled "false" by Politifact: "Democrats oppose any effort to secure our border". We have this observation by leftist Kevin Drum on Elizabeth Warren's border plan: "This is a curious plan. As near as I can tell, it recommends no actions to improve border law enforcement in any way. There’s nothing about either a wall or a “virtual wall.” There’s nothing about E-Verify. There’s nothing about “smarter” or “more efficient” enforcement. No one will ever be deported—except, presumably, for serious felons, though Warren doesn’t even say that explicitly. Expedited removal will be ended. The Border Patrol will be reshaped from “top to bottom,” and will focus their efforts on “homeland security efforts like screening cargo, identifying counterfeit goods, and preventing smuggling and trafficking.” The whole thing is very similar to Julian Castro’s plan. I have to admit that it’s hard to see much daylight between Warren’s plan and de facto open borders. As near as I can tell, CBP will be retasked away from patrolling the border looking for illegal crossings; if border officers happen to apprehend someone, they’ll be released almost immediately; if they bother to show up for their court date, they’ll have a lawyer appointed for them; and employers will have no particular reason to fear giving them a job". Warren is currently running in second place for the Democrat Presidential nomination. Now is it actually true that EVERY SINGLE Democrat in the country is endorsing this plan? Of course not. Yet that's the test the Democrats who run Politifact apply to Pres. Trump's claim if you bother to read their typically ludicrous "analysis". Demanding that level of precision is not a test that any of Pres. Trump's opponents could come within miles of passing. President Trump's statement is basically ACCURATE. Warren is one of the leading Democrats and could be their Presidential nominee. Pres. Trump's claim is the kind of statement that is typically made in political campaigns. Statements made in political campaigns simple don't have such a level of precision that Politifact is seemingly demanding. The constant fact checking of EVERY SINGLE statement made by President Trump in this fashion is tiring and ludicrous. No Democrat including Obama, Clinton or anyone else has EVER been subjected to this sort of nonsense.
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David53 posted a comment · Jul 13, 2019
Don't over spiritualise or blind sided about the importance of Trump and America. He is not to be compared to Cyrus, Jehu or King Saul. He is just an arrogant, rich, insensitive, immoral, erratic, not too wise and self absorbed individual who finds the position of president of America a fair game as the way to satisfy his own ego. He chose to do align himself to the Christians not because he believes in their values. His alternative is to align himself to the liberal left. There is nothing holy, or specially spiritual about his pro 'Christian' actions in terms of Jerusalem, abortion, choice of supreme court judges, praying in the White House, etc.... Trump will come and go and America will still be left as a nation desperate in needs of repentance to God and restitution to man of the unjust wars and killings of million committed by her since World War 2. Trump is just another distraction in the accelerating deterioration and decline of the nation. I think the Americans are in illusion of the exceptionalism of their nation in the eyes of God. If one has to compare Trump to Cyrus, Jehu or Saul, then to whom must we compare Xi jinping, and Putin to? In terms of helping mankind out of poverty and daily misery, Xi has achieved a million times more than Trump and in terms of speaking out for Christian and family values Putin has done much more than Trump globally. Trump is no more and no less an individual who wants a name for himself and happens to use the presidency of America to do so. Who is Trump? He is a sinner needs Christ in repentance. It is just that simple.
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words2yz posted a comment · Jul 10, 2019
Trump isn't like Cyrus or Jehu, he is more like Saul;. the man who became king but wasn't a "man after GOD'S heart !!
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words2yz posted a comment · Jul 10, 2019
Trump isn't like Cyrus or Jehu, he is more like Saul;. the man who became king but wasn't a "man after GOD'S heart !!
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Skeptic posted a comment · Jul 10, 2019
Gerald - here is a thought: Calling people names (at least I find "liberal hack" derogatory) isn't really effective when it comes to winning an argument. Catholic might just return the favor based upon your, in my opinion, rather weak rebuttal. The attempt to call all information/sources fake news, when it doesn't fit into one's personal, political narrative, is not really convincing. One can agree or disagree with Trump's policies, but not with the fact that he is a man without a shred of integrity - and I'm purposely refraining from citing any sources for this statement ;-)
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A._catholic posted a comment · Jul 10, 2019
PhelimMc- great comment! gerald a: "Politifact lies." Actually, you do not give one instance in the link I added where Politifact "lies" about Trump's false statements. I could give you more links of Trumps incorrect/false statements- CNN, Brookings Institution, even Fox has called Trump on "Fake News" on occasion ( )- but I fear that you would simply discount them all. So- again, the Mueller Report exonerated Trump ONLY of active collusion with Russia- it did not give him complete exoneration. Even you admit that- while attempting to explain it away. Trump's statement wasn't true. He lies/makes false statements. And of course- you make no response to Pres. Trump's service of wealth/greed/love of money. Simple fact. As to the comment about me being "a liberal hack" -for the record- I voted for the American Solidarity Party candidates in the 2016 election.
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PhelimMc posted a comment · Jul 08, 2019
Jehu may have defeated Jezebel but he led God's people into other idolatry. Jeroboam built two gold calves stating that these were images of the god that freed Israel from Egypt. Rather than the symbol of Apis made by Aaron these bulls were the symbol of Hathor. Hathor was known to the Egyptians as the Eye of Ra and associated with the Assyrian goddess Asherah. Assyrians in Egypt worshiped Hathor as Asherah. Elijah confronted the priests of Baal AND Asherah at Carmel. While Jehu removed the worship of Baal he continued to allow and supported the worship of Asherah. While Jehu defeated Jezebel he bowed down to the gods of Jezebel. As such I must ask what are Trump's "Golden Calves"? Jehu also brought judgment on his house AND Israel. People are cheering Trump as a Jehu while ignoring that which could bring judgment on the prophetic movement for turning a blind eye to, and even celebrating, the to'ev'ah - the abomination - of Proverbs 6. This is not what people want to hear but we must be watchful to pray against Trump's golden calves of compromise.
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gerald a posted a comment · Jul 07, 2019
Actually Politifact lies. It is not a credible source. By using it as a source A catholic reveals once again that he is a liberal hack. Politifact labeled a statement by a conservative that Planned Parenthood doesn't provide mammograms "False" after the President of Planned Parenthood said in US Senate testimony that they don't provide mammograms. The Mueller report plainly said there was no evidence of Russia collusion. Mueller said he was not exonerating Trump of obstruction of justice, but prosecutors never exonerate anyone. Mueller's statement saying they weren't exonerating Pres. Trump on obstruction was uncalled for, outrageous and plainly political. It was simply his job to present evidence. According to William Barr there could not have been obstruction because there was no underlying crime, a fact which is irrelevant to people like A catholic. A catholic repeats all the standard liberal lies and mixes in some kind of religious reference.
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A._catholic posted a comment · Jul 05, 2019
Satan is the prince of lies (Jn 8:44); Pres. Trump routinely lies (for example, the Mueller Report didn't "exonerate" him as he claimed in his 2019 campaign speech-see also ). Pres. Trump has served and continues to serve Mammon/Wealth/Profit beyond need (contrary to Mat 6:24) and to love Money (1 Tim 6:10 - ) contrary to Jesus and the NT. In that love of money and serving Wealth, Pres. Trump is weakening protections on the creation/environment that sustains ALL LIFE. ( ). But go ahead- keep on supporting a liar and lover of money who routinely attacks anyone who opposes him with little regards to truth.