Posted Jan 20, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

On November 9, 2016, I wrote an article titled, “Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention of God,” stating, “I believe Trump has been elected president by divine intervention.” I can now say the same thing about Joe Biden. It is hard to explain him being president without intervention from above, be it as an act of divine blessing or an act of divine judgment.

There are some people, of course, who believe that everything happens by the will of God, which means that whoever wins the presidency wins by God’s express will.

Yet, as I suggested four years ago, “there are times when there are so many odds against something happening, when it so greatly defies logic, that it is easier to recognize God’s involvement.”

I believe that was the case in 2016, and I believe that is the case today.

Simply stated, without the unique events of 2020, it is very unlikely that Joe Biden would be president today. And that’s why I say that Joe Biden is President of the United Stated by the sovereign will of God.

Just think back to the beginning of 2020. It looked as if President Trump would cruise to a victory over whichever Democratic candidate came forward.

He survived the attempt to remove him from office after being impeached, probably strengthening his base in the process. The economy was humming. We were not caught up in any international or even national crises (other than the political divide). Things were looking good.

Then the pandemic came, crippling the economy and shaking the nation with thousands of deaths and endless lockdowns.

Then there was the death of George Floyd, followed by protests and riots across the country and national tensions rising again. And to the extent the left could paint Trump as a white racist, to that extent he was painted as a big part of the problem. “We must get rid of this evil man!”

As for the rise of Biden, before the South Carolina primaries, he looked dead in the water. AP News even ran a headline February 11, 2020, stating, “Joe Biden looks to South Carolina to resurrect his campaign.”

Then, quite out of the blue, Biden was back in the race, then the frontrunner, then the winner. It’s almost as if someone in his party pushed a button and said, “Bernie Sanders is too radical, so we’ll have to switch things around.” And it was done.

As for the issue of voter fraud, there are clearheaded, well-informed conservatives who are sure there is nothing to the charge of massive voter fraud, and there are clearheaded, well-informed conservatives who hold to the opposite view.

For argument’s sake, though, let’s just say that massive voter fraud did take place. How could I possibly point to divine sovereignty if Biden was fraudulently elected? Wouldn’t this make God complicit in fraud?

Actually, in my view, that’s one of the things that would argue in favor of divine action rather than against it. In other words, if the only way Biden could be elected was by massive fraud and yet God did not cause the fraud to be revealed in a categorical and undeniable way, then He chose to allow it to happen.

The obvious retort is, “But all kinds of terrible, evil things happen every day, including child abuse and rape and murder and torture. Unless you’re a staunch Calvinist who somehow believes God ordains all this, you would simply have to say that the Lord allows evil things to take place because He has given us free will. In the same say, He allowed the election to be stolen just like He allowed the Holocaust and other evil things to happen.”

But that’s why I differ, for at least two reasons.

First, there was unprecedented prayer for the election, beginning months before November 3 and continuing right until Biden’s inauguration. Surely, if massive fraud was actually there, it would have been easy for God to expose it in a clear and timely way. Yet if the election was, in fact,
stolen, no smoking gun ever came to light, despite the massive amount of prayer. (Of course, others would simply say there was no fraud and therefore nothing to expose.)

Second, if God had indeed chosen Trump for specific divine purposes for America, with all the prayer and fasting for this election, and with his base so mobilized, there’s no way he could have been stopped from serving his second term. Certainly the devil is not so powerful as to thwart the Lord’s express will when He sets His mind to act.

That’s why I attribute Joe Biden’s election to divine sovereignty.

But that doesn’t mean his presidency will bring blessing to our nation. To the contrary, it could bring judgment.

It could bring a loss of freedoms (not necessarily because that is his personal agenda but rather because of the larger trajectory of the Democratic Party and the radical left). It could more deeply enshrine Roe v. Wade and make transgender rights the new Civil Rights issue of our day.

A Biden presidency could hurt our economy. Or open the doors to a flood of illegal immigrants. Or allow for the packing of the Supreme Court or the abolishing of the electoral college or the rise of socialism.

It could threaten Israel’s security and undermine persecuted minorities in other parts of the world.

Or none of those things could happen and Joe Biden (and even Kamala Harris) could operate under divine restraint, with things shifting back politically in the 2022 and 2024 elections. Or they could experience radical spiritual conversions and point the nation to righteousness.

Then again, even if the radical left pushed America in a very bad direction, that could be the very thing that could bring revival to the church and then awakening to the society.

None of this is set in stone.

The day Trump was elected, I wrote, “If Trump, indeed, is a divine wrecking ball, then he could do as much harm as good, and to the extent that he is appealing to the fears and frustrations and anger of a nation, he is channeling some potentially dangerous emotions.”

Those were some of the dangerous emotions that erupted in DC on January 6th.

I added, “if Trump indeed is president by divine intervention, we should pray for divine restraint on his life as well, lest this divine wrecking ball wreak havoc on the nation while tearing down what is wrong. May he be a divinely guided wrecking ball!”

How much more, then, should we also pray for divine restraint for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

I would encourage you, then to: 1) make a list of everything you fear could go wrong under the Biden-Harris leadership and pray for the opposite; 2) pray daily that the Lord would restrain those whose vision would destroy our nation; 3) pray that Biden and Harris would have life-changing encounters with the Lord; 4) if the Biden presidency is meant as divine chastisement, pray that we would understand where we need to repent so that mercy may be poured out; and 5) pray that, no matter what happens, Jesus would be glorified and His kingdom advanced on the earth.

To conclude, let us step back and worship God. Let us seek God earnestly and daily. And let us act as His agents in this world without fear or compromise. The times are critical, indeed.


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Reinhold T posted a comment · Feb 02, 2021
Good article by Dr Brown. Question for Randy Sanford. Granted, a life-changing experience for Biden or Harris is unlikely, I have learned never to rule out something like that
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RandySandford posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
Dr. Brown while I agree with you about almost everything almost all of the time there is one thing I do not agree with you here. While JB may be the president of the United States he is certainly not MY President. As you have stated: "But that doesn’t mean his (Biden's) presidency will bring blessing to our nation. To the contrary, it could bring judgment. It could bring a loss of freedoms (not necessarily because that is his personal agenda but rather because of the larger trajectory of the Democratic Party and the radical left). It could more deeply enshrine Roe v. Wade and make transgender rights the new Civil Rights issue of our day." In order to be MY President he would have to have the same goals and values as I do. But just like false prophesies could never give Trump a second term because it simply wasn't going to happen neither will praying for JB cause him to suddenly repent and become a Believer and change his entire agenda and Administration. IT SIMPLY ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. No, Dr. Brown. I will pray for our government but JB WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT.
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neptune posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
Thanksmuch wrote: "However, I simply have to respond that I not only disagree with the position of this positing. I passionately and unremittingly 100% disagree with every tenant that you have written." Good for you, brave fellow conservative! :)
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Thanksmuch posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
I typically agree with your postings. Even on the unusual times when you submit postings that I have some disagreement, I know that you are not under any charter to write only things to be in agreement with me. Indeed, you don't even know me so it would be impossible to agree with everything. However, I simply have to respond that I not only disagree with the position of this positing. I passionately and unremittingly 100% disagree with every tenant that you have written. By your rational, we could just as simply submit similar articles with the following titles: Millions more unborn to be torn apart in their mother’s womb – by the Sovereign Will of God. Advance of subjection of men and women to mutilate their gentalia to be greatly expanded in the USA – by the Sovereign Will of God. The LGBTQI agenda to be completely backed by the government – by the Sovereign Will of God. The fall of the USA and the oppression of the world – by the Sovereign Will of God. The potential transformation of the USA into Mystery Babylon – by the Sovereign Will of God. The advance of the Jezebel spirit – by the Sovereign Will of God. Since we are having such fun in declaring the obvious “Sovereign Will of God”. Maybe, we can occasionally write some historical articles... Auschwitz, Jewish and “untermenschen” liquidation – by the Sovereign Will of God. Sacrifice of babies on the burning hands of Molech – by the Sovereign Will of God. The fall of Adam and Eve and all of humanity. – by the Sovereign Will of God. The fall of Lucifer and 1/3rd of the Angelic host – by the Sovereign Will of God. Very little of your article needs to be rewritten to incorporate any of these titles and countless others. This is indeed pure Calvinism. James White, whom you have debated, would say your finally getting it! However, it is a direct insult, by a man who should know better, on the very nature of the God of the Bible and of the Lord our Savior.
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neptune posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
While columns like this one are totally clueless, thankfully, so many conservatives actually seem to *get* it. Commenting on Brown's column on another forum, one person wisely remarked that since this was an illegitimate election, we now have our first iPOTUS. (Actually, we don't know that for sure—maybe Obama didn't really win honestly in 2012?) Another astute Christian wrote this: "Look there is no question of massive election irregularities, voter fraud, election anomalies that defy the odds & internet connectivity to those machines tabulating unprecedented amounts of seriously debated 'votes' for Biden. To even suggest as does Mr Brown that there are 'clear headed well informed conservatives who are sure that there is nothing to the charge of massive voting fraud' is an insult to the intelligence of any reasonable person. Conservative or otherwise ..! What Mr Brown is offering up here is little more than flawed rationalization. A rationalization that has compromised the perhaps well intentioned Michael Brown." ------- Anyway, seeing how many so-called Christian leaders now seem to be willing to suck up to the current thief in the White House, maybe this is why Jesus said in Mark 10:31, "But many who are first will be last, and the last first." The people out there with the most intelligence and character appear to be the regular Christians, not the "leaders" (who appear to think they are Hollywood stars, only caring about accumulating "likes" and followers on their ungodly social-media "kingdoms"). Another verse that comes to mind is Matthew 6:24: "You cannot serve both God and Mammon." Unfortunately, that truth seems to be lost on these same idolatrous "leaders."
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RAS posted a comment · Jan 20, 2021
Remember, the "right' and the "church" are not synonymous. "We", did not lose if our kingdom is not of this world. If your kingdom is of this world, whether you voted for, or against Biden, you lost.
czarpaul posted a comment · Jan 20, 2021
God gave us Biden because we WASTED our reprieve! We should've been out in force in sustained D-day style offensives fighting, peacefully, to get our country back to God. But where were OUR marches, OUR protests, OUR mass gatherings. Face it we FAILED!!! And now because we squandered our reprieve we must suffer under Biden for a while before the big judgement that America deserves and will finally wake a sleeping church to the need for GOD to be their savior and helper not MAN! Only reliance on him and him alone will see us through. We have to stop trying to find a political solution to a spiritual problem. The church deserves this for as a whole we have left our first love.
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BW posted a comment · Jan 20, 2021
I pray for a reset for this Nation! Gods Will Be done! Matthew 6:9-13 9 “Pray, then, in this way: ‘Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. 10 ‘Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. 11 ‘Give us this day [a]our daily bread. 12 ‘And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 ‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from [b]evil. [c][For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.’]
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RAS posted a comment · Jan 20, 2021
For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth. . . What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction. . .