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Posted Nov 17, 2017 by Staff

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truthforce posted a comment · Jan 15, 2021
Dr Brown, I was on the radio with you today to test the spirits of you and to see what Christians are like. I am well aware of some of your answer, yet you kept on talking. You did not let me continue, I was going to say how I am going to join with "Christians to transform and save humanity. But you were too interested in defending rich people. You had no interest in me or in truth. The truth of the matter is that the Vatican rules the Christian faith of all denominations, in evil and I thought you might be good and righteous, but see that no, you are not interested in truth, you want to support evil, you have no interest in righteousness, you just want to keep appearances, much as you protested against others saying that regarding you, I perceive they are correct. You had been humble enough in one message to say that you had been mistaken in supporting tRump, and now you refuse any responsibility. Your humility was fake. I was going to mention how Christians should not be sheep following wolves and fake lying leaders, especially politicians, but see that you stifled me being a wolf and lying leader yourself. You know yourself that the bible speaks against loving money, and you don't collect and amass fortunes without loving it. Only those who inherit riches of those wealthy people can have good character, all others have money because they love it and use it for evil. I NO LONGER RESPECT YOU. I WAS GOING TO MENTION HOW GOOD YOU ARE, AND HOW I WAS GOING TO WORK WITH CHRISTIANS, AND YOU HAVE SHOWN ME TO BE MISTAKEN. I APOLOGIZE FOR EVEN CONSIDERING CHRISTIANS HAVE REDEEMING QUAITIES. YOU DEFEND THE RICH, AND DEFEND WRONG PASTORS AND DECEIVE. SHAME ON YOU MTHRFKR
Devin Ward posted a comment · May 11, 2018
Psalm 8:5 is often translated that man is placed just a little below the angels, yet the word used is Elohim. I thought Elohim was God like used in Gen 1:1 bereshit bara Elohim, so why does Hebrews 2:7 quotes this using Greek angelos for angels instead of theos for God? So with this said, based on the Greek text of Hebrew 2:7 or the LXX Psalm 8:5, if Jesus was made a little lower than the angels for a little while as in Hebrew 2:7, why would the angels also be servants to the heirs of salvation, us, if we are beneath them (Heb 1:14)? Can you help in the exegesis of these scripture and the Hebrew Elohim? This has always brought confusion for me. Thanks Dr. Brown and God Bless all you do!
Pete Hall posted a comment · Mar 08, 2018
Can women be in ministry? Can they be elders, teachers, overseers, apostles and prophets?