Is the Rapture Biblical?

Posted Apr 18, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Does the Bible teach a pre-tribulation rapture of the church?



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yeshuais4me posted a comment · Aug 18, 2021
Who Was Hitler's Mother? Klara Pözl Hitler was devoted to her son Adolf, and theirs was one of the few close relationships in Hitler's life. Sara KettlerUpdated:Jun 15, 2020Original:Aug 29, 2018 Before he became a fascist dictator, Adolf Hitler was a son who was extremely close to his mother, Klara Pözl Hitler. Their bond even drew attention during Hitler's time as Führer — a profile compiled by the U.S. Office of Strategic Services in 1943 posited that his childhood had left Hitler with an Oedipal complex when it came to Klara. Today, an exact psychiatric diagnosis is impossible to deliver, and some specifics of the relationship will forever remain unknown. However, the details that are available about Klara and her son provide a look into the development of a man whose rise to power would result in genocides that killed millions. Hitler's parents were cousins   Hitler's father was born Alois Schicklgruber. At birth, Alois took the surname of his unmarried mother, Maria. Alois' birth was eventually legitimized and he took the last name of the man his mother had married after he'd been born, Hitler, and became an official member of a family that included Klara Pözl. Adolf Hitler's parents: Alois and Klara Photos: ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images Klara was Alois' second cousin, young enough to be his daughter and called him "Uncle." She initially joined his household as a maid but left after his second marriage. However, when Alois' second wife became ill, Klara returned to tend to Alois' children and home — and ended up pregnant. By this time Alois was a widower, but to marry, the two cousins had to seek permission from the Church. A few months later Rome granted a dispensation, so Alois and Klara were able to wed in January 1885. Yet even after the two had tied the knot, she found it difficult to stop calling her husband "Uncle." Hitler was the apple of his mother's eye Born in 1889, Hitler was the fourth child Klara gave birth to but became the first of her offspring to survive infancy. Though two older children from Alois' second marriage were part of the household, her son was the center of Klara's world. Even when she had a daughter, Hitler remained Klara's top concern. Adolf Hitler as a baby. Photo: Getty Images As he grew older and failed to shine at school, Hitler was often disciplined by Alois. His father, a customs official, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and enter the civil service, but Hitler wasn't so inclined. Some accounts say he was frequently beaten, though he may simply have been subjected to the parental authority of the day. However physical the encounters were, his mother apparently did her best to shield and protect her son. After Alois died in 1903, Hitler didn't seem to miss his father. And from that point on, his desires took precedence in the family household in Linz, Austria. When her son didn't advance at school and said he was suffering from an illness, his mother allowed him to drop out in 1905. After that, Hitler's teen years were spent doing things like drawing, reading and going to the theater instead of learning a trade. Klara even got a piano for her son. In 1907, she gave her approval and support when Hitler wanted to go to Vienna so he could pursue his dream of becoming an artist. His mother's death devastated him Hitler left for Vienna despite his mother being unwell (while there, he failed his entrance exam for the Academy of Fine Arts). But he eventually returned home to take care of Klara, who'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hitler cooked his mother's favorite meals and even did some cleaning. At the time he also restrained his temper and impatience while with his mother, which was unusual behavior for him. When Klara passed away on December 21, 1907, Hitler was devastated. Her doctor, Eduard Bloch, would later write, "I have never seen anyone so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler."  Dr. Bloch was Jewish, prompting some speculation that Hitler's violent anti-Semitism arose, at least in part, because of Klara's death. However, years later the doctor fared better than other Jews who were subject to Hitler's rule. Dr. Bloch was able to emigrate to America — along with his wife, daughter and son-in-law — at a time when many others were kept from leaving. This preferential treatment was likely the result of his caring for Klara. Hitler carried a photo of his mother in his pocket   As Führer, Hitler designated Klara's birthday, August 12, as a "day of honor for the German mother." For years he kept his mother's picture in his breast pocket. Her portrait was placed in his rooms, and apparently was the only personal picture displayed. And during his last days in a Berlin bunker, where he committed suicide on April 30, 1945, Klara's picture was still with Hitler.
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Rontol posted a comment · Aug 24, 2020
I love Dr. Brown and his ministry. However, I strongly encourage him to review Renald Showers' exhaustive treatment and inferential argument for a pretrib position. Based on Dr. Browns' statement about harmonizing the trumpet passages, I would have to assume he has not read "Maranatha: Our Lord Come!" Showers' addresses the trumpet issue among many others. His book is a must-read for anyone who wants to comment on the rapture in an informed way. Best work on the rapture in print.
Nathan J. Page posted a comment · Sep 08, 2018
Anyone in doubt of the post-tribulation rapture should read the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:29-31. So explicit!
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Bigrich104 posted a comment · Oct 09, 2017
Renald Showers has written extensively in defense of the pre-Trib rapture. You should interview him or go on John Ankerberg and do a debate there. The last seven years of current human history melds perfectly with the first "week" of the marriage between Christ and his Bride..interview Showers.
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Timothy Tang posted a comment · Apr 20, 2017
Jesus said in luke 17, rapture will take place during good times of eating, drinking , marrying, when ppl least expecting it, rapture will happen suddenly, just before the 1st trumpet judgement (hail and fire) which is wrath of God falls upon the world. 2nd coming will take place during tribulations, after the trumpet & bowl judgements and during great war by anti christ armies, mention in zechariah 14 & rev19. Jesus will land on mt Olive during an invasion of Israel and destroy the armies. This is also mentioned in luke 21. Rapture during peace time is explained in luke 17, 2nd coming during tribulations is explained by Jesus in luke 21 - they are 2 separate events very clearly defined and explained separately by Jesus.
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Joe America posted a comment · Apr 20, 2017
Dr. Brown. Yes! and Amen on your comment and view on the rapture.
WayTruthLife posted a comment · Apr 19, 2017
Rapture is Biblical and for those who are shocked keep reading and learning. The Messiah is coming back once!
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Wafaring Stranger posted a comment · Apr 19, 2017
I agree with your assessment Dr. Brown, but you do realize that this removes the false security of millions of Christians who believe they will not have to face the Anti-Christ during the tribulation?