Posted Jan 21, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

January 20th is past, and Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, is the President of the United States. To all those who prophesied that Trump would serve a second consecutive term and assured us that he would be inaugurated on the 20th, I appeal to you in the strongest possible terms: admit your error, take full responsibility, and do not, under any circumstances, continue to put a false hope into the hearts of God’s people.

What you prophesied did not come to pass.

There is not an alternative, spiritual reality in which Trump is still functioning as president.

Nothing is going to change in a month or a year.

It’s over.

Even if there was massive electoral fraud, the results of this election will not be overturned.

Donald Trump will not serve a second, consecutive term.

Face the facts, be accountable before God and man, take the hits that will be coming, and humble yourself before the Lord and His people.

This is not the time for excuses. This is not the time to concoct spiritual myths. And this is absolutely not the time to blame others.

If you prophesied falsely, you and you alone are to blame.

Maybe you did not intend to mislead.

Maybe you were acting in sincerity and integrity, truly believing the Lord had spoken and doing your best to stand firm in faith no matter what. After all, you thought to yourself, isn’t that what faith does?

Maybe you were so grieved over where the radical left was going that you prophesied what you desired, namely, the reelection of Trump.

Maybe you sensed God’s intent, namely that if Trump would repent of his pride and the church would repent of looking to him in an idolatrous way, God would give him four more years.

Maybe you got caught up in the power of the group, finding affirmation in others saying the same things.

Maybe you prophesied what your people wanted to hear, subconsciously tickling their itching ears.

Maybe you got caught up in a partisan political spirit.

Maybe you looked to Trump as a political messiah and God answered you out of the idolatry of your own heart.

Or maybe you fell prey to demonic deception.

Whatever the cause, you prophesied falsely, and now you need to own it. The last thing you should do is feel sorry for yourself and claim that are you being persecuted. Quite the contrary. The reality is that you have misled many.

As a result of your false prophecies, many believers are experiencing a crisis of faith right now. Who will be there to pick up the pieces?

After all, they wonder, how could all the prophets be wrong? (To the extent that you urged your hearers to hold on to the very end, to that extent you are responsible for bringing them to this point of crisis.)

Worse still, some of you issued prophetic threats to those who questioned your words, telling them they had to “believe the prophets” or else. And you did this while claiming to speak directly for God.

The Lord does not take it lightly when His people are abused like this. He will hold you responsible for misrepresenting Him.

So many of God’s people are hurting, and the world is mocking us, thinking that our faith in Jesus is just as false as these failed Trump prophecies.

One young man posted online that he had been telling his family, none of whom were believers, that Trump would be reelected, based on the words of the prophets. He thought it would glorify the Lord when Trump was miraculously inaugurated. Now, he said, he doesn’t think he can ever talk to them about the Lord again.

Do we realize the damage that has been done?

One woman who falsely claims to be a prophet said that God has been making a list, noting who is listening to the prophets and who is not. Those who are not, she warns – claiming to speak for the Lord – will lose their voice and their ministries.

This is deep deception and serious spiritual manipulation.

If God is making a list it is a list of those who misled His sheep. A list of those who threatened His children if they failed to “believe the prophets.” A list of those who brought dishonor to the name of His Son.

Now is the time to repent, openly, publicly, and forthrightly.

Now is the time to find accountability from other leaders in the Body who did not fall into this same error.

Now is the time for some serious soul-searching.

It’s what the Bible calls bringing forth fruits worthy of repentance. This is no small thing.

If you continue to prophesy falsehoods and assure your followers that Biden will soon be replaced by Trump (and I don’t mean in 2024), I warn you that you are moving into complete spiritual fantasy and leading others with you. Careful!

The reality is that I’m writing all this as a charismatic leader rather than as a charismatic basher, as a proponent of prophetic ministry rather than as an opponent. I’m writing as a friend, not an enemy.

In fact, it is a holy jealousy that drives me – jealousy for the honor of Jesus’ name, jealousy for the health of His flock, and jealousy for the purity of prophetic ministry.

I also write out of a holy jealousy for your own ministry and calling.

All of us can make mistakes, even serious ones like this. Our God is a God of forgiveness, and redemption is the central message of our faith. You can come out of this closer to Jesus, deeper in the Word, godlier in character, and more in tune with the Spirit. And to the depth of your humility, to that degree the Lord will restore and rebuild.

But please, I appeal to you again.

Don’t blame others. Don’t make excuses. And don’t perpetuate any further spiritual fantasy. It’s over.

Now, what are you going to do?


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DaveGravo posted a comment · Jan 25, 2021
Article: "President Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’ – Will Carry On the Agenda of the Trump Administration"
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trustInHim posted a comment · Jan 23, 2021
If you believe that God is the same yesterday (OT), today (NT), and tommorrow (prophecy) then read on. 1) Amos 3:7 - before God does anything He tells his prophets! (Jesus also says, heed what you hear in parable of the talents ). 2) Know your USA constition! and how the USA government changed from 1871 til today. (yeah, you'll have to do your own research! but bottom line, currently its a USA corporation under the rule of the Vatican,London). Shocking right? Well if you pay attention it'll be the Republic USA soon, giving power and authority back to the 'We the People'. 3) In the mouth of two or three witnesses a word is established. Amen! There has been trustworthy mature prophets that have spoke for God (ie prophecy) and have described to detail what is happening now! (those who have ears to hear... pay attention!). Amoungst all the false prophets in Jeremiash, Ezekiel, and Isaiah's days, these were the few true prophets and were perscuted much like today prophets. We'll need to be careful with God's annointed prophets and wait on the Lord! God's timing is not our timing, nor how He does things how we expect them to happen. But... if you connect the dots from what God has declared thru His prophets of today and yesterday then you will SEE His wisdom .... wait on Him! Bottom line, it had to happen this way in order for wickedness and evil to be cleaned up in America since 1871. 4) Connecting the dots will give you His peace. a. Just listen to George Washington's vision of 1777 and consider what has already been fulfilled ! And in light of where we are today! and how it ends! So amazing! b. Kim clements april 4 2008 prophecy of two presidents? and others. c. Suggest to rehear and relisten today's events! For example, who really is in charge if current national guards turn their back on the supposed president and why are even more NGs going to DC? Why is the supposed pres not flying on AF1? Why was the inauguration filmed in the early hours instead of the appointed times? Why were the signing of the exec orders done in a background that does not look like the real oval office? Why was there a blackout at the Italian and vatican governments, ie foreign governments, and arrests made? .... Seems like the Miliary is charge? Many other data points too! What does all this mean? Means we will see how God parts the Red Sea of our time! For all to know that it was He who has done this, and that no one recievces glory but Him! Jesus said, 'oh you of little faith'! Be encouraged! Wait on God! Keep your faith and trust in God! Be of the same mind of Christ! and WATCH! and hear what the Spirit says! In love, ur bro in Christ trustinHim
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DaveGravo posted a comment · Jan 23, 2021
Sorry for post after post partly due to my autocorrect hating me, lol but here is an interesting item: Trump is planning to go state to state to campaign not only for 2022 elections but work with state and local law makers to change such things as election laws and other things. Washington DC cannot touch those changes at state and local level. I will be very interested to see who really had influenced policy and other things more by 2024--Biden or Trump? I guess we'll see. I think it was Kim in 2008 who prophesied of this time and said we'd have two presidents. I don't uncritically believe professor prophecies because they can get their own ideas in them (in the Bible those things get censored out but this is now) and you actually have to learn awhile before you can separate what God said from what they thought it meant (before all this I already learned some of the language cues) plus I have learned not to get a detailed picture of what they meant so I don't reject it when it comes differently like the Pharisees did in Jesus day.. Certainly some people prophesy but its only their own enthusiasm. But I am concerned that some people have given up on faith. I am commanded to care and try to strengthen their hands.
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DaveGravo posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
Ick I didn't catch the Autocorrects. I'm terrible about that. Prophecies of Christ looked like they were in plain language from the OT but when they weren't fulfilled according to the picture people had pale rejected Him. I have been given prophecies for my personal life BY OTHER PEOPLE (somehow the capitalized part never made it in). I watched as I wrote and several times the word I was writing appeared and then it changed after I was done. I'll be more careful now that I see that happens.
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DaveGravo posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
Also @Kmortonoy. Prophecies were given the Old Testament and many of them seemed to be in plain language. But when Christy came out spent look like what they had imagined the fulfillment to be and they rejected Him. You verify it by watching it unfold. So we will see. I've been given Prophecies for my personal life and they didn't come to pass. But others did. I learned not to pre-imagine. But I'm not giving up just because a picture I might have had before didn't come out like I was sure it would. I was sure he would be re-elected but I also knew from the prophecies I saw being made not to get too specific a picture after that. There was no surprise for me.
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DaveGravo posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
@Kmortonoy, I repeat, right now the world goes it's own way per Isaiah 53. And God ALLOWS that to hopefully teach consequences and get people to turn to Him. Man does not defeat His purposes and plans. Read what I wrote again. Sometimes when people do stuff He stops it, otherwise He ALLOWS it (that is not defeat). And I never used the term Spiritual President and don't know what that means either. In 2008 there was a prophecy, I have to go remind myself who, that we would have two presidents. But Trump was elected to a second term, get over it. What will Trump do with not only 85% of Republicans but 30% of Democrats saying he is the rightful president? I look with excitement, due to faith in GOD, what will happen next. He promised He would make it all work together for good. I believe that. My hope was never in a man and the Lord my faith is in its the same One as before the election. No fear, only hope and excitement.
TwoSticksToOne posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
I remember the prayer that Solomon prayed for wisdom and the reason God granted Him his prayer. I remember what our teacher Yeshua taught us about love, that we should pray for everyone that their hearts would do what is right, and that we should have forgiveness and mercy in all of our hearts. The parable of the unforgiving servant is a wonderful teaching, and we should never take pleasure in anyone's harm but that we should all turn to God and away from unrighteousness. We should love all and pray for their souls. It is love to pray that a man's heart change to do justice and judgment instead of hoping that anything bad happen to them. Man, all men were created in the image and likeness of God, pray for all men to do right and come to God and never pray for anyone to be hurt in any way. Glory be to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord, amen!
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kmortonny posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
Saying that Trump did win, and/or that he is the spiritual president is disingenuous and foolish, also it is unverifiable. What does that even mean ? If God really said that Donald Trump would be president then nothing could stop it, unless you are implying that Man or the Devil can thwart God's plans therefore making them more powerful than God. Please let's live in reality.
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Asyourself posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
As always, Dr. Brown, you present much to consider and more to pray over. I agree with the comments pointing out that DJT is our legally elected president. I did not personally present prophecy on the matter,knowing that God knew what was coming. Thank you for your God-given insights. Let us pray that He continues to open eyes ears, and hearts.
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DaveGravo posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
He did win a second term. The prophets were right. But it was stolen. And Joe Biden is not God's Sovereign Will. God does not have to cheat if He wants someone out of office. Remember, humankind told God they wanted to do things themselves and He said, OK and He lets them see the results. When I had my home stolen from me I tried the old, "It must be God's plan, He has something much better for me." The Lord shut me up sharp. "Don't put that on Me I didn't do that to you, H and J did that to you. I never said I DO all this for your good, I said I make all things WORK TOGETHER for your good. Now that it's done, I'll take it, but that's NOW THAT IT'S DONE. But I DIDN'T DID THAT." Trump WAS elected and CAN serve a second term serving and leading the US, forming his own television networks, social media platforms, campaigning for individual Republicans, and so many other things. Do you really think that the Jesus pictured walking among the candlesticks of our church age with fire in His Eyes and a sword in His Teeth is intimidated or defeated? The Messiah who comes from Bozrah with red garments and when He is asked about them says, "I stomped on My enemies and they splattered. (smiles) Bodies do that" is limited by our election process? Trump won a second term and then people did what they did. But he was elected and will serve that second term, however that works. He will still serve and lead America. God is bigger than our silly puny processes. Mr Brown, I feel like you've lost your faith.
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rt posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
Dr. Brown, sir I have been listening to you for years and I greatly respect you and your body of work as you have contributed so much to the body of Christ over the years. Thank you for your sacrifice and labor of love. I come in a sincere spirit of grace, humility and fear of the Lord over what you are expressing here. I'm not sure which Prophet's specifically you are referring to here, I can only assume that you are being gracious enough not to publicly shame them, which I am sure that God loves. However the only one that I have put total trust in are the words of a prophet who is no longer alive and cannot speak for himself, so I will try to be careful in what I say. Kim Clement has prophesied of Trump being elected the first time and of his continuation, a 2nd term as POTUS. I do not recall him saying it would be consecutive, however I can see how most people could believe that is what might be implied. I believe there are a few sincere questions you have to ask yourself about this prophecy before you can just throw it out as false. First let me ask you some questions. Do you believe that Joe Biden was legally and legitimately elected as POTUS? If you do, are you positive you have seen all of the evidence? Keep in mind there is still evidence coming in and court cases pending on many issues related to the election and a lot of this is sealed. If you cannot affirmatively state yes, and I don't understand how anyone could, then how can you also claim that the truth being revealed can not possibly overturn a fraudulent election? Another thought. If I come to your job and kick you out, does that make it mine? In truth, does any stolen object just magically become the thieves? Of course not. That's why we have courts and a process of justice. Are you aware that Kim Clement also prophesied that we would have 2 presidents for a time? Most people aren't aware of this, so I can only encourage you to look into it for yourself and not just take my word. Have you considered the Lord may want to do so much more than just reinstall POTUS Trump into the White House? If the Lord did that it would be wonderful of course, but considering all of the obvious corruption we currently have in our government, which is a direct result of the act of 1871 that caused us to be enslaved to the central bank system that controls our government through debt, we would just end up in the same predicament some time in the future. Let's face it, as much as we want to believe "We the People" run things, you would have to be willfully ignorant to believe that anymore. We are controlled by Big Tech, Big Pharma, Corporations, MIC that all of these so called servants of the people represent. Maybe, and I'm just saying maybe, God wants to restore the Republic back to the people of this great country. Maybe just like the people in Jesus day didn't recognize Him when He came, maybe we try to fit God into our small ideas of what He's is really wanting to do. Of all people I know that you know and consider this. You were part of one of the greatest modern moves of God in recent history. I'm pretty sure you didn't see that one coming either. Blessings my brother!
Jack Brooks posted a comment · Jan 22, 2021
This might be of interest, on the topic of contemporary prophesying:
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Terri posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
Thank you for this, you are speaking the truth. It is my belief they prophesied from their own desires and the desires of their followers. Now is the time for them to humbly repent of speaking falsehood under the guise of prophecy and not double down.
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Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was purportedly asked if God was on his side. “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side,” said the President, “my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”
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RandySandford posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
Appreciate what you are saying here Dr. Brown. Its about time someone stood up. I know you and Ron (Cantor) are speaking out right now and I am not aware of anyone else at this time. However, I do think a full disclosure is necessary and that names must be named. Otherwise it will become like the Todd Bentley case where "Apostles" and "Prophets" confirmed and reconfirmed his "ministry" while he continued to lead a double life. Yet no one spoke out until it was too late. All of this leads us to say "No wonder people no longer have regard for self-proclaimed "Apostles" and "Prophets".
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RAS posted a comment · Jan 21, 2021
In 2016 I fought hard to stop Trump because I feared if he was elected, by the time everything was over, those of us opposing Satan's political agendas would be tarnished by Trump's actions and lose our influence in the direction of the nation. I warned he could be another Simon Bar Kokhba that would win us victories but untimely lead us to utter defeat. The reason I was so vehemently against him was mainly on two points, 1) "He", was going to make America great again. Only God can do that. 2) He stated publicly that he had never asked God for forgiveness, ever, for anything. Both of those things troubled me much. I was even censored from one of the largest conservative forums for my hard warnings about what might result from electing Trump. To me he was an agent of Satan; a wolf in sheep's clothing--clothing that didn't even cover him. -- By 2020 I was repentant for judging Trump's heart and soul. I voted for him in 2020. I now have no doubt Trump cares about America. However, anyone who relies on their own power is destined to fail. I am not his judge, God is. In spite of his crudeness, I noticed a change in his character over 4 years. He certainly did not become perfect, but he seemed more thoughtful and began mentioning God much more. I pray it was because the Lord was working on him. He still has a long way to go; don't we all? His past is not pretty, but I do not know his current spiritual state. However, I no longer fear or despise him like I did in the beginning. Instead, I earnestly pray for his soul. He certainly did some good things, even if in an imperfect manner. God is his judge, and ours also. Who am I to judge another one's servant? To his own master he shall stand or fall. We will know in the end when God reveals all things.