Posted May 07, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

To this moment, there are “prophets” claiming that Trump is the legitimate president in God’s sight and that, very shortly, he will be restored to power by the military. And it is “prophets” like this who made headlines last year as their guarantees of Trump’s reelection fell to the ground. But there are other prophetic words that were spoken last year to smaller groups, words that predicted something very different. This past Tuesday, I learned about another such word.

Prior to this, I had been approached by different individuals who shared with me privately that they sensed that Trump would not be reelected, contrary to what so many prophets felt that they heard.

One was a dear friend since the 1980s, Ron Cantor, a Messianic Jewish leader in Israel. He contacted me last September, along with a number of other leaders whom he trusted, saying that he felt strongly that Biden would win, a major reason being that the Church was looking to Trump in an idolatrous way.

In the weeks that followed, he felt totally sure that Biden would be our next president. Still, he said nothing until after the elections, although, again, I can attest that he sent me all this back in September.

Other colleagues subsequently shared similar words with me. But they too had not gone public until after the elections.

As for the Church’s unhealthy dependence on Trump, something of which I warned as well, along with an over-exaltation of his calling, a charismatic leader posted this on Facebook on April 30: “As I was praying today I saw a vision of DJT seated on a throne holding a golden scepter. He also had a golden crown on his head. This, I was shown, is his PRESENT status from heaven’s perspective.”

Trump, seated on a throne, holding a golden scepter? This is what Trump idolatry looks like.

He continued, “DJT was called and anointed by God to lead our nation and the world into a new era.” And of course, very soon, he will be back in power. (This was not some obscure post. At present, it has 5.7 thousand likes and 2.4 thousand comments, many of them gushing their enthusiastic amen.)

Yes, Trump will come and save us.

Another “prophet” posted this on May 4: “Are you ready!!! The season of dancing in the streets is upon us as the TRUMP is sounding and the time of Presidential occupation is here.”

At another time, also recently, this same individual had posted a meme showing Trump running through the water, courageously carrying two babies in his arms, with the caption: “The heart of a true Champion . . . our true Commander in Chief.”

So much for the idea that no Christian leaders or believers were looking to Trump as some kind of savior figure. Quite the contrary.

In any case, this past Tuesday, I was speaking at a pastors conference hosted by Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a congregation of about 5,000-6,000 members. The senior pastor, Lee Cummings, leads a network of dozens of churches, and every year, he goes away with about 30 of the men to spend a few days together in prayer.

Last September, while he was with these leaders, he had a dream, which he then shared with the men. It is all on record, and he actually sent me a picture of his journal entry for that day, September 12, 2020. With his express permission, I copy it here for you, verbatim.

He wrote, “I had a dream last night in which I was dialoguing with the Lord about the upcoming election. I know that in the natural Trump is the better of the 2 choices. Judges, Israel, economy, abortion, etc.

“The Lord spoke to me – that Trump will not win a second term. He will ultimately lose a very hotly contested election. It will be reminiscent of the 2000 election that went on and on. In the end, I believe God has shown me that Biden will eventually win. This will ultimately bring about persecution upon the Church (true church) because we will be seen as complicit in and with what culture hates about this president. We will look like “the problem” and it will be announced that it will be open season on Christians (may I be wrong about this!).

“I heard the Lord say this will remove the last crutch of dependency the Church has been leaning on (arm of the Flesh) and the fires of persecution will drive Christians to prayer like never before. Revival in America will only come this way.”

To repeat, Pastor Cummings shared this dream with 30 pastors last September, and they can attest to that fact.

Every word of this dream rings true with me, and since it has come to pass with such accuracy, I believe we should take it very seriously.

May we put our trust in God alone. May we make a fresh determination to stand strong for our faith, come what may. And may we pray and obey as if our lives and the life of our nation depended on it.

Does this ring true with you?


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gracieux posted a comment · Jun 08, 2021
Question for contend4truth... serious question as you indicated, " who destroys democracy, supports racists, and is in bed with America's enemies should not be supported by the church..." can you please provide actual links that support your comments?
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BW posted a comment · May 10, 2021
I voted life ! I care about what God cares about - any other vote is (syncretic and idolatrous) democrats are guilty of blurring the lines !
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BW posted a comment · May 10, 2021
Why was Trump Elected ? Was it a mistake ? was God having a laugh at our expense! Trump made it clear-He valued Life and the unborn that was "the why" of my vote for him (TRUMP) both times 2016 and 2021 no other reason! that's it period ! if you voted for Biden in 2020 you have demonstrated a con·tempt for God and the message of the Gospel . If a person claims Christ and they happen to be a political leader running for public office who embraces abortion as a right you cannot vote for them ! What is laughable is people that look the other way and vote for and follow a democrat to hell on the democratic platform that has removed any and all mention of God, who has extolled the public virtues of abortion ! please tell me how they come to think God is somehow pleased ! what God can't see who they voted for in the voters booth. please explain how they live in two reality's! help me out here! it happened in the days of Rome....infanticide in ancient Rome not new.
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BW posted a comment · May 10, 2021
I did not partner with Trump ... as a result of any prophecy ! Trump was elected! That is what baffled the world ! And the word spent 4 years trying to explain it. As President Trump began to use His pen to implement policies I only cared about policies that chipped away at the dark side ! Namely anti God , anti life, anti family, anti creation! Trump took on the bullies and we all know how messy that is! God is Life and in my limited capacity and ability to discern the truth of each days media headlines it all was impossible , my hope was in God and what He was doing ! Keep your eyes fixed towards heaven! ———————————— “Turn you eyes upon Jesus Look full in His wonderful face And the things of earth will grow strangely dim In the light of His glory and grace”....lyrics by Helen Howarth Lemmel
fullerming posted a comment · May 10, 2021
I am, in practice, a cessationist but theologically I am convinced that God can do anything He choses, including send vivid dreams to his people, just as it is written, "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams." (Acts 2:17) I don't know about these prophesies, but I do know hat the word of God says and Christians have ignored core tenants of the Gospel since before Emperor Constantine but definitely after the year 325 AD. Idolizing and partnering with political leaders to promote the will of God is wrong. Standing against abortion or gay marriage is not a matter of legislation but a matter of personal conviction that spring from maturity in Christ, not from a political affiliation. Blending our faith with politics is syncretic and idolatrous as stated in this article, not to mention divisive. In fact, in the United States, there is now a major cultural conflict that unfortunately has existed since the beginnings of the republic. The cross of Christ, aside from salvation, was supposed to eliminate divisions (Ephesians 2:11-18) for Christians. The role of the church is to call her members to righteous living and to reach the loss, not to fix the culture. (See 1 Cor 5:9-13). If a person claims Christ and they happen to be a political leader, then call them to practice and live their faith. Why don't Christians to so today as opposed to blindly following men like Trump? I am convinced that, just like with John the Baptist, if you boldly call a powerful political leader to repent, it just might cost your freedom and eventually your life. I pray that I can remember this truth myself regardless of whatever circumstances God may place me.
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Romona posted a comment · May 07, 2021
Yes, it rings true! The need for the true body to get serious in prayer has never been greater in our nation's history. I was in Washington with my husband for the prayer call put forth by Franklin Graham and the event spearheaded by Jonathan Cahn and others. It was wonderful to see so many come together; but sadly my heart was heavy as I watched so many who had gathered conduct themselves more as visiting tourists. I listened and watched and learned the sad reality that many, many, many who name HIS name do not know how to pray nor do they know how to reverently honor the call to prayer. I do not say this disrespectfully, but with a very heavy heart and knowing at the same time to true need to disciplin myself in prayer more. May He bring our hearts back to Him with a passion and hunger to seek His face and learn how to pray and declare God's intentions in the spirit and the natural realm. Many of us truly do not realize the "access" and privilege we have been given through Jesus! <3 Eph. 3: 8-21
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Swkh310 posted a comment · May 07, 2021
Any con artist with decent internet and a convincing shtick can claim to be a “prophet.” The term has lost all meaning thanks to the evangelical/born again crowd.
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Dena posted a comment · May 07, 2021
That prophecy rings true with me. There are so many Christians and Churches that compromise with sin and social issues. I have Christian relatives who believe the lie that people are born gay/transgender and think it isn’t a sinful lifestyle. I have relatives ok with abortion and believe the lie that a baby isn’t a person until their born. I have Christian relatives who think they can live a life of sin and still make it to heaven. It’s grace they say. This sin isn’t going to be rooted out of the church as long as our lives are comfortable. With persecution true Christians will be separated from false Christians. I agree it’s the only way revival will come.
czarpaul posted a comment · May 07, 2021
The Lord is removing the last crutch - government! Only when we are on our knees as a nation, broken and totally dependent upon Him, can revival happen. Only way to bring that about is judge the nation. Once that has come we can pick up the pieces of what is left in a very Balkanized America. Some parts turning to him get revival other parts turning further away get more judgment.
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Contend4Truth posted a comment · May 07, 2021
This rings true except for the idea that Trump was somehow the "better" of the two men running for president. This is spoken from the same spirit that idolizes Trump. Christians allowed themselves to be blinded for too long to how corrupt and vile Trump is -- him losing this election was mercy for this country. If a ruler pretends to kiss the ring of the church and gives you what you want but destroys a nation in countless other ways, is he still a good leader? I'm afraid that Christians have sold their souls in their passion to be pro-life and pro-Israel. I'm pro-life and pro-Israel, but a man who destroys democracy, supports racists, and is in bed with America's enemies should not be supported by the church even if he seems to be the friend of the church's main issues.
user profile posted a comment · May 07, 2021
This might ring truer, except for: 1. The Lord called His people to repent. There was great repentance, especially on Sept. 25 when Rabbi Cahn led the 'return America' prayer and so many responded with humility and repentance. Does God ignore that because of the sins of those who DON'T repent? 2. The nation CHOSE Donald J. Trump. Biden did NOT win. There was MASSIVE FRAUD. The nation, overwhelmingly, chose the man who is pro-life, pro-Israel, AGAINST CHILD-TRAFFICKING, against Satanism, etc., etc., etc. We obey God and repent and choose a godly man, and God ignores that???? Sure, there might be some wacko pro-Trump prophecies out there. That does NOT negate all the legitimate prophetic words that have said God is going to move on our behalf! Words that included the fact that God does not operate on man's timetable. God has a tendency to wait till the last minute. He WAITS, but He is not late! Don't judge all the prophecies that say God has given Trump a second term, just because SOME of them are wacko. The enemy loves to intermingle himself with the true in order to de-legitimize that which is of God.
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BW posted a comment · May 07, 2021
One voice and prayer ! God Your will be done! in Jesus Name Amen!
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BW posted a comment · May 07, 2021
God in your mercy show Yourself to this Nation I pray in your Sons name Jesus amen
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BW posted a comment · May 07, 2021
The contrast is clear, the right is biding it’s time 2022 , contrast that to 4 years of trump in office the visceral confluence of hate and mocking from the left. The contrasts of spirits in operation! Four years of political antics! A real show! All kings through out history have had some sort of character defect , but God used them in history! What is required to affect change change! I think we are in for a wild ride !