Posted Feb 21, 2020 by Michael L. Brown

It is ironic that former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is presenting himself as the balanced alternative to extreme socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders. In reality, when it comes to areas of great concern to Christian conservatives, Bloomberg has been anything but moderate.

As noted by Catholic activist Bill Donohue with references to his tenure as mayor, “on two key social issues — abortion and religious liberty — the presidential candidate was a total bomb.”

Donohue actually claims that “Bloomberg is one of the most radical pro-abortion politicians in American history.”

Among the former mayor’s accomplishments was this: “Bloomberg's passion for abortion allowed him to appropriate $15 million from a civic facility revenue bond transaction that benefited Planned Parenthood.”

Would you want someone like this in the White House?

Lest you think these policies were a thing of the past, on February 12 Bloomberg announced, “As president, I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to choose, and I will appoint judges who will defend that right.”

He also declared, “On my first day in office, I will reverse the damage President Trump has done to women’s rights and ensure that every woman has access to reproductive health care.”

Never Trumpers who are pro-life might want to reconsider their stance should Bloomberg become the Democratic nominee. (For that matter, given the current crop of candidates, they should reconsider their stance regardless of which candidate emerges as the Democratic nominee.)

Donohue also states that, “On religious liberty issues, Bloomberg's record was similarly awful.”

To cite just one example, “The courts have long ruled that religious groups have a right to use public facilities, yet Bloomberg denied the right of an inner-city Christian church to hold religious services in a public school on Sundays, setting up a court challenge. He lost in federal district court in 2005, but his censorial effort was not lost on supporters of the Bronx Household of Faith.”

I ask once again: if you are a Christian conservative (or, simply a person who cherishes our fundamental freedoms), is this the kind of man you want in the White House?

My Stream colleague John Zmirak claimed that Bloomberg was “much more profoundly evil a person . . . than anyone ever imagined,” even calling him an “amoral monster.”

Another Stream colleague, Rachel Alexander, has sampled some of Bloomberg’s derogatory comments about women and others, as opponents of Donald Trump have often done.

The difference, of course, is that Trump has proven himself a friend of the unborn and a friend of religious liberties. Bloomberg has proven himself to be the exact opposite.

Timothy P. Carney drew attention to several of Bloomberg’s more severe statements that confirm this. For example, he writes that, “Mike Bloomberg once pointed to the in utero child of an employee and said ‘kill it, kill it,’ according to two witnesses.”

And this, according to Carney, is part of a larger, dangerous mindset: “Telling an expectant mother to kill her babymocking a new mother’s desire for quality child care, cursing whenever a female employee gets pregnant, and publicly denigrating marriage among professional women all reflect a clear and consistent mindset: The women who worked for him were worker bees. Their humanity, their fertility, their love, and their human attachments were all impediments to productivity. He saw these women as means to his ends of profit.”

Let the reader look at Bloomberg’s more recent, pro-abortion comments and decide whether this assessment is accurate.

Personally, what I’m sure about is what his policies have been and what he promises his policies will be. That is not the person I want leading our country.

What raises even more concerns is that Bloomberg presented himself as a champion of religious liberty as mayor. As David French noted in 2012, “at the same time that the mayor declared that ‘no neighborhood’ in New York was ‘off-limits to God’s love and mercy,’ he was enforcing a unique-in-the-nation policy that in fact declared New York City schools ‘off-limits’ to private religious use that includes worship.”

Yes, this was unique to New York.

As ADF attorney Jordan Lawrence explained, “By state law, the city opens its 1,200 schools on weeknights and weekends to community groups for any use ‘pertaining to the welfare of the community.’ The public schools allow thousands of organizations — scout troops, labor unions, arts groups, etc. — to hold meetings, concerts and recitals. They’ve even allowed ‘Law and Order’ to film in the schools.

“Why single out religious groups and churches, by prohibiting them from conducting worship services in vacant schools when students are gone?”

So, under Mayor Bloomberg, everyone else had the right to rent and use the city’s 1,200 school buildings with the sole exception of religious groups and churches. Why?

The New York Daily News was not hyping things when its February 14, 2012 headline announced: “The Bloomberg administration says churches must leave school buildings now.”

Is this the administration you want running America?

Let the voter beware.


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neptune posted a comment · Feb 24, 2020
These days, there's really no such thing as a "moderate" Democrat. But some are worse than others. And Bloomberg does appear to be among the very worst. In addition, he seems to have close ties with Hillary Clinton, who some think may have pressured him into running so that she could possibly get on the ticket.
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 23, 2020
Oreo oriphus - just think what might have been if trump hadn’t had to fight all the hate monger democrats since before he was sworn at his inauguration they weaponized House of Representatives: How the House's handling of the Trump impeachment hurts the American people ,The House has also made the American people the casualties in the process.
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 23, 2020
Kudlow blamed the Obama administration's slow growth and weak recovery on high spending, strict regulatory measures and higher tax policies. by Tom Rogan February 11, 2020 12:38 PM The unemployment rate is at lows not seen for 50 years, and minorities are benefiting greatly. Wages continue to rise, and those seeking work continue to find it. Productivity is also growing at the fastest pace in nine years. Fine. But I'll take Trump's dynamic and exciting economy any day of the week. I suspect many others agree with me. Another problem with the Obama-is-responsible-for-Trump's-economy mantra is that it flies in the face of what was being said just before the election. Assessing a June 2016 Moody Analytics report (written by a Democratic Obama ally), which predicted economic calamity under Trump, the New York Times observed that "[the report's] underlying assumptions about what Mr. Trump would do as president and how the effects of those policies would ripple through the economy are plausible, and squarely within the mainstream consensus view among economic forecasters about how the economy works." There are plenty of economist out there who say Trump has brought about an economic recovery on many fronts! Fact: Obama recovery was slowest on record! Sounds like a fail to me. Oreo oriphus your raging is 100 percent political hatred for Trump! Not rational. Four more years!
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 23, 2020
Oreo counterfeit like I said you condone candidates that condone baby killing ! That’s a Deal breaker... I cannot consider baby killers as viable candidates which is all democrats , also CNN is in it foall liberals they cook the so called facts you put forward ! They got the #fake news title because they cook the truth to fit the liberal narrative! They only cover what matches their bent ..... still not sure why you torture yourself reading Dr.Brown. Of course there is always the hope you’ll see the truth in what he says! And the truth will set you free ! One can hope!
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Oreopagus posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
B.W. was referring to this November 8, 2018 column by Ronald Kessler: The truth about the Trump economic boom *** It is now 2020: Trump says Obama left him an economic mess. Here are the facts Feb 17, 2020 CNN TONIGHT Aired February 17, 2020 - 22:00 ET [Catherine Rampell and Daniel Dale present FACTS to Rob Astorino, who serves on Trump’s 2020 campaign advisory board.]
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Oreopagus posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
The Russians want Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic candidate, because they know many Americans have been conditioned over many years to believe democratic socialism is the step before communism! Scary! But Americans should think of democratic socialism as "Capitalism Plus". There are aspects of socialism in America now: eg. social security benefits: Trump loves socialism: golf socialism! Lawrence's Last Word: Trump's golf socialism I think Sanders would lose to Trump, but in a Trump-Bloomberg matchup, Bloomberg would win easily... IF he picks Stacey Abrams as his VP running mate, who will appeal to both women and the black/brown communities. No Democratic candidate can win an election without the support of the black/brown communities.
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Oreopagus posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
B.W. ... I've provided information to show how Trump is allied with Putin. Please take a few minutes to refute each point mentioned by CNN's White House correspondent John Harwood. Good luck with that.
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
Not so fast “Former President Obama has been claiming credit for the Trump economic boom, saying he paved the way for President Trump’s remarkable success. Not quite. “Mr. Obama’s demonization of business and his constant swipes at entrepreneurship imposed a psychological restraint on American capitalism. “ The Washington Times opinion by By Ronald Kessler . I told friends that there was no confidence in Obama policy’s and that had a direct impact on markets and economic recovery it was slow and lethargic! In part that is why Trump won! Also for Christians Hilary Clinton was the alternative “NOT” she was pro abortion ! Game changer ! Hey (Oreooriphus counterfeit) you tolerate and condone killing babies God have Mercy! Father forgive them for they know not what they do! Forgive our nation !
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
Oreo “p” you are sounding more and more like the partisan deep state career government trolls that hate the spot lite ! And were outed as bad actors! We don’t know the half of it! I hope Trump wins another 4 yrs! You are all smoke and mirrors. Incase you didn’t know Trump won fair and square ! The liberal deep state lost, open borders lost, nafta lost, long accepted trade deficits lost, over reaching government policies lost turning a blind eye to Europe’s non participating in nato lost, your anti American manufacturing lost, unfair trade policy lost, l could go on and on but you get the point all your anti Christian anti faith anti America rhetoric you are a liberal media worshiper! Your copy/paste skills attest to that ! And it makes me very sad that used Oreo in your username .... TRUMP WON ! YOU LOST! Stop raging!
B.W. posted a comment · Feb 22, 2020
Oreooriphus -we certainly now know what you prefer ! But still working out what and why you are here! You really are triggered by Dr.Brown as I am by you, I must admit! Buying an election like Bloomberg as accused by all 20/20 democrat candidates! He gets your wave! Telling!
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Oreopagus posted a comment · Feb 21, 2020
Michael Brown asked: "Is this the administration you want running America?" Michael, do you prefer the Trump-Putin administration to run America? Russian Election Interference Putin's running mate The Last Word 2/20/20 Audio: The Last Word 2/20/20 "The president is a Russian operative." Begin at 0:00:53 mark "The president is a Russian operative. That sounds like the description of a bad Hollywood screenplay, but it is real. And it is Vladimir Putin’s greatest achievement. Decades after America’s victory in the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the president of the United States is now helping the president of Russia, help the president of the United States to get re-elected, so that the president of Russia will have four more years of the president of the United States who he wants in the Oval Office. This is one of those shocking news days, if you retain the capacity to be shocked, in the Trump era, by the Trump regime, which might be better labelled the Trump-Putin regime." CNN Tonight on Twitter CNN TONIGHT Aired February 20, 2020 - 22:00 ET [snip] DON LEMON: ... So, John, listen, how much faith is there that this president will protect the political process? JOHN HARWOOD, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: The president doesn't care at all about the integrity of the political process. Again, the president judges' events by whether they help him or not. So, if you have a legal process that goes against him, that was an unfair process. If you have an election that goes against him, he is likely to say that there was cheating, there was vote fraud or whatever. He signaled that before he was elected that he might not accept the results of the election. This is -- these are the kind of judgments that the president makes. And I think one thing we have to be clear on, the president is allied with Vladimir Putin. He was in 2016. He spoke favorably of Putin throughout the campaign. He had long-standing business relationships with Russians funding his businesses. He hired a campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who was allied with the Kremlin with his work in Ukraine. Paul Manafort, of course, is now in jail. And the -- despite, you know, some Republicans point to, well, he's been tougher than Barack Obama in terms of giving legal -- lethal weapons to Ukraine. That was -- that's true in a narrow sense, but that was in a different moment, a different time after the 2016 election. The largest goal that Vladimir Putin has is to weaken the western alliance, weaken NATO, weaken -- and divide the United States for the purpose of strengthening Russia. And actions that the president has taken are consistent with those objectives by Vladimir Putin. So, it's not surprising Vladimir Putin would want to continue that and help President Trump be re-elected. "This is a screaming red siren, but in the daily barrage of crazy, can we hear it?Trump is not only trying to rewrite history of Russia’s intervention in 2016, he is now using the power of the presidency to conceal their 2020 scheme to re-elect him.Dangerous!"​​ "We are now in a full-blown national security crisis. By trying to prevent the flow of intelligence to Congress, Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s."​