Who are the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation?

Posted Nov 16, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown looks at Revelation 7:4



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Steve Noel posted a comment · Jan 25, 2019
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this one Dr. Brown. Replacement theology usually shows up here from historic premillennialists (Mounce's commentary). I was wondering how you would view this from a non-dispensational historical premillennial perspective that rejects supersessionism. For Christmas, my mother-in-law preordered "Not Afraid of the Antichrist" for me. I am looking forward to its release.
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texasaggie posted a comment · Nov 20, 2017
Could it be that the 144,000 are righteous Old Testament Jews with resurrected glorified bodies? Nowadays most, if any, wouldn't know what tribe they are from and are probably mixed together anyway.