Why Have Jews Been Kicked Out of So Many Countries?

Posted Mar 12, 2020 by Staff


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Julzee111 posted a comment · Mar 11, 2022
It is not the Jews people have issue with it is the Kazarian’s that have infiltrated the Jewish society. Many times they were kicked out of countries for practicing black magic. This is exactly what the Kabbalah is! Esoteric black magic
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Antiisrael1 posted a comment · Apr 13, 2020
Mr brown, it is patently dishonest to say that jews have only been kicked out of nations for refusing to convert. If jews are even the ancient hebrews, which i have my doubts about, the fact of the matter is that they conspire to undermine ever "goy" government because the talmud tells them that goy are animals. Th In the entire western world it is jews behind the banking cartels, the fake news, all of hollywood, they run the entire porn industry, they run all the anti-Christian social media, they constantly agitate against all things Christian and pro-white people. They were behind civil rights, they overthrew rhodesia and south africa, they are behind womens liberation. They run the aclu and attack 2nd amendment rights. They argued that porn is free speech but that echoing american founders should be hate speech. They are behind the removal of Confederate statues and basically AS THE BIBLE SAYS "are contrary to all men". see realjewnews.com with the honest converted jew brother nat kapner and the tomatobubble.com with mike king and the occidental observer website w professor kevin macdonald or even dr david dukes site or dailystormer.name for endless factual material on this subject. Or read henry ford or dr martin luther(protestant reformer) or louis farrakans writings at the nation of islam, or charles linberghs writings or general smedley butlers famous speech, or general grants writings during the civil war or read the history of the slaughter kf the russian royal family and the rise of communism and the ussr. And last but not least you can read mein kampf by adolf hitler and see that what he said aligns with everything that jews are supporting and pushing here in 2020. Are there converted jews ? Of course. Brother nat foremost above them yet the reality of the jewish 5th column and their antlike teamwork in destroying host nations and those host peoples culture is not deniable. Just look at the rulings from the supreme court which has several jews on it now, namely the demon possessed corpse of ruth bader ginsberg the eternal marxist parasite. Etc etc etc. So if you are honest mr brown, as am american and a Christian you would follow the preponderance of the evidence and speak the truth on this subject instead of being the mouthpiece of the jews father the devil.