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What If We All Spoke Up?

The Threat of Gay Christianity - An Interview With M.D. Perkins

A Christian Response to Monkeypox

California Wants to Allow Medical Child Abuse?

This is Where Gay Christianity Leads

Teaching Your Children to Be Queer

Is it Right to Identify as a Queer Christian?

Let’s Scream Louder to Stop the Transitioning of Kids (June 14, 2022)

Is It True That Jesus Never Said a Word About Homosexuality?

Disney's Not-So-Secret LGBTQ++ Agenda Exposed

Why Did SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Refuse to Define the Word "Woman"?

Pastor Claims God is Non-Binary, Queer, and Autistic

A Female-to-Male Transgender Shouts a Warning About Transitioning Children

She Once Identified as Trans But Now This Woman Is Sounding the Alarm Part 1

She Once Identified as Trans But Now This Woman Is Sounding the Alarm Part 2

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. Interview about reintegrative therapy

Are God's Preferred Pronouns They/Them?

When Medical Science Replaced Biology With Ideology

God Called Her Out of a 15 Year Lesbian Relationship

Dr. Brown Responds To The Gay Men's Chorus

A Gay Activist Wants to Shut Down "The Pernicious Power of Prayer"

When Don Lemon Lectures the Church About Homosexuality

Did Bible Translators Invent the Word "Homosexuality?"

He Went from He to She and Back to He

Here Come the Gender Transcendent Mermaids

A Caller Defends 'Gay Christianity'

The Mother is Not the Father

Why I'm Not Celebrating Anderson Cooper's Announcement of Becoming a Dad

Katy Faust Reflects on Being Raised by Lesbian Moms

Why We Must Resist the War on Gender Distinctions

How "Trans Inclusivity" Erases Women

Biology Is Not Bigotry

LGBT Activists to Christians: "You Need to Calm Down"

Should Christians Attend Same Sex Weddings?

The War on Gender

Homosexuality and the Church

Debate: Is Homosexuality Consistent with New Testament Obedience?

Is It Right to Identify as a Queer Christian?

Can you be gay and Christian?

Her Daddy’s Secret Almost Destroyed Her Life


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