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Revival / Evangelism

An Interview with Yesupadam and Monika from India

An Interview with Pastor John Kilpatrick on Revival (July 6, 2022)

Let’s Talk about Revival! (June 29, 2022)

A Healthy Church Breaks the Yoke

Holy Desperation

Essential Ingredients for True Revival

Paul Wilbur Talks About The Roar From Zion

Son of Sam: Son of Hope

Five Reasons Why We Must Have Revival

Around The World With Dr. Brown

The Urgency of Revival

Time For A Great Reset In The Church

Dr. Brown Addresses Larry King's Lost Faith

Miracles in the Midst of War Torn Iraq

My Passion Is To Make Him Known

How Jesus Saved A Lifelong Jehovah's Witness

How to Witness to a Muslim?

Tribute to a Courageous, Nigerian Christian Martyr

Why So Many Gen Z Atheists?

Where are the Evangelists?

A Tribute to Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

How Should We Relate to Our Palestinian Friends in the West?

Writing Music to the Glory of God

Interview with Todd Starnes on the Spiritual Condition of America Today

How to Engage with the Culture: Social Media

Are the Things you are Living for Worth Christ Dying for?

BARNA: Pastors Avoid Sin, Homosexuality, and Hell

Dr Brown Preaching

How to Stay on Fire for God

Is It Too Late for America?

The Error of Universalism

Why Don’t More Pastors Speak Out?

Revival Is Dangerous

It Is the “Progressive” Churches Which Are Dying

Multitudes of Iranian Muslims are Coming to Faith in Jesus

A Wonderful Call from a Buddhist Seeker

Why Are Young People Leaving Church in America?

God’s Victory in the Midst of Persecution

Jesus Heals Severely Burned Muslim Woman

A Missionary to the Muslim World Weighs in on James White's Interfaith Dialogue

Dr Brown Preaching

Go For Souls!


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