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War/ Terror /Crime

What Can Be Done to Stop These Tragic School Shootings? (May 25, 2022)

Should We Support Ukraine if Zelensky Doesn’t Share All Our Values?

An Expert’s Insight on the Invasion of Ukraine

Praying The Lord's Prayer Over Afghanistan

Son of Sam: Son of Hope

These Black Lives Matter in Nigeria!

Why Defunding the Police is a Crazy Idea

Miracles in the Midst of War Torn Iraq

Must Christians be Pacifists?

Seattle’s CHOP Was NOT a Summer of Love

Dr. Brown Differs with Emmanuel Acho About the Riots

Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?

Yes, Rep. Ilhan Omar Should Denounce Islamic Terrorism

A Righteous Response To The New Zealand Massacre

A Common-Sense Discussion About Guns and Gun Control

Former KKK Grand Dragon Now Pastor's Historic Black Church

How Should We Respond to Terrorism?

Chicago Violence and the Question of Gun Control

Workplace Violence or Islamic Terrorism?

Media Bias Against Israel Exposed!


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