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Is Tithing a New Testament Command?

Were Adam and Eve Actually Cannabis Plants?

The Truth About Blood Atonement in the Hebrew Scriptures: Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Singer

Is God Depicted As Female In The Hebrew Bible? (June 2, 2022)

Todd White Talks With Dr. Brown About Jesus Becoming Sin

Dr. Brown Discusses Prophetic Integrity with Dr. R. T. Kendall (May 17, 2022)

The Coming of the Lord is Post Tribulation

Did Christian Translators Twist the Meaning of Isaiah's Words? Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Singer

Is Jesus the Angel of the Lord in the Hebrew Bible? Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Singer

Debunking the Latest Myth About the Name YHWH

Growing in the Word and Spirit

Responding To Your Pre-Trib Arguments

Responding to Serious Objections to the Bible

How Does Old Testament Theology Relate to New Testament Believers?

What Does It Mean To Be An Apostle?

Dr. Brown Talks With Scholars Episode 4: Prof. James Beverely

Understanding Israel and the Gospel

Dr. Brown Talks With Scholars Episode 1: Prof. Craig Keener

Dr. Brown Talks With Scholars Episode 2: Prof. Richard Averbeck

Why Is the Protestant Bible Shorter than the Catholic Bible?

Is Purgatory Biblical?

Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism

Dr. Brown and Dr. Leighton Flowers: Q & A on Calvinism

How Would LGBT People Get Help in Ancient Israel?

Young, Divorced, Living Without Sex?

Should Christians Tithe?

What About the Seventh Day Sabbath?

Burial or Cremation?

Should We Pray Imprecatory Psalms On Our Political Opponents?

Don't Let Anyone Threaten You With Prophetic Manipulation

Why Isn’t the Book of Tobit in the Bible?

Is Infant Baptism Biblical?

A Caller Asks How Jesus Fulfilled the Law

Debate: Does the Bible Teach a PRE-Tribulation Rapture?

Dr. Brown Explains His Eschatology

Are You In Danger of Losing Your Salvation?

Can We Know the Name of God?

Is This Rabbi Right About Covid 19 and Divine Judgement?

What Is Transubstantiation?

Does the Death of the Wicked Atone for Sin?


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